• Hello,

    I understand your situation and gave you your 2012 reading a short while ago.

    You have some deceisions to make and a reader can not make them for you. Readings are for guidence and to help you make informed deceisions, however you have to take responsibility for your life and the choices you have made in living it.

    You seem to be standing still in fear of making any deceisions at all. If you need help you should seek it through the proper channels and start to move forward. Divorce

    The man I said you will be meeting is a new man that will walk through the door of your life soon.


  • Hi shabby,

    Sorry to intrude on this, but you had done a reading for me back in may 2011...can you give me a follow up? I will bump that thread to the top. Thx.

  • This post is deleted!

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