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  • Hi there,

    I have two men I really care about one is from my past and I have very deep (love) feelings for him still. I still think about him and see him in my dreams. His DOB is 10-29-78

    The other man I am currently dating (really care about him) but things are really slow moving with him. I think he cares but im not sure what his intentions are. I'd like to have more with him. His DOB is


    Help! What do I do? Who is better for me?

    Thanks - aries22

  • Do you really have a choice? The first man is in the past and astrology has predicted that there is no longterm future for you with him.

  • So is there a long term future with my Capricorn ?

  • Astrology predicts not. It says you two would make a great team work-wise but when it comes to domestic life, well, that is a whole different story. Interpersonally, your Cappy is a strong man but his authoritarian/bossy attitudes and need to dominate you will be hard for you to accept in the long run, should you two find yourselves living together. He for his part can become very critical of your imaginative schemes and at times dreamy attitudes. A marriage here may have direction and energy, yet still fail due to emotional conflicts. The only way it could work would be if you can accept your partner's need to call the shots, and for him to accept the extreme individuality of your personality without trying to suppress it. The relationship could actually work better if you both led separate lives, engaging in mutually exclusive activities - yet even so, power struggles will inevitably arise at home. On the other hand, since your partner has such a hard time opening up emotionally, your energy can prove invaluable in allowing him to discover and express his deepest emotions - if he allows it - particularly those concerned with kindness, love and acceptance. In this sense the relationship may prove curative, if not long-lasting. Some embarrassment or shameful beginnings may inhibit your partner from revealing himself completely and he may retreat into his shell at times when he feels like a fraud because of what he comes from. He might also find your frenetic energy and pace a bit too exhausting to keep up with. Earth signs love their peace and quiet after work.

  • Thank you

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