AstraAngel - may I ask a reading from you please

  • Astra Angle, I have read quite a few of the threads and very impressed with your insight.

    I met a quality guy after my heart was broken 2 years ago by cancer guy. All the time I haven't dated, this was the first fellow to catch my attention. We have such a great connection but with my past I fear to hope for too much. Could I please get your insight in my situation.

    1. Is there any hope for this relationship?

    2. How is he really feeleing about me?

    3. How should I proceed?

    His date of birth are October 8 1959

    Mine May 4 1962

    Any insight that you can give me will be very very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance

  • Hi Sweetdee47

    Sure thing! let's see...

    I selected two court cards to represent you and him. He is the King of Wands and you are the Queen of Cups!

    I am going to draw two cards to the first question and we'll go from there.

    1. Is there any hope for this relationship?

    Justice and Ace of Pentacles! Both upright too. Whew!

    You know what I see? Justice for you is saying you have paid some kind of price, and she has been watching over you! To repay you for keeping you hope and belief in love! So many have given up you know... don't want to trust or even try anymore... you and me though, we are a different breed Sweetdee 🙂 You still believe... however you have been hurt so you know what those thorns feel like in the rose bush... so you are guarded... that is justice too... waiting... to make sure. Should I open my heart to him fully? I hear you asking. Well, the Ace of Pentacles is a very powerful sign of love, of this card Waite says "Perfect contentment, felicity, (which means GREAT happiness!) and and... and .... ecstasy! Wow! I can't think of a more encouraging indication of hope... well, the Lovers card would have been nice, but I think heaven is asking you to use your faith some too! 🙂

    2. How is he really feeling about me? Nine of Pentacles (rev) and the Tower. Oh my! What is this saying? Well, here is what I am getting. YOU have this gentleman falling apart inside for you. Consider... the Nine of Pentacles is a card of success, materially... very self-confident and sort of a one-man-band kind of energy. Alone though. And the Tower shows the collapse of that self-confidence. I think he is feeling some fears with you, a little of the same kind of hesitation you are feeling about him! Meanwhile, I think his emotional world within is going through an upheaval as he comes to terms with something new developing romantically. This can be very shaky ground for a guy! So, I would say his feelings for you right now are swept up in this sense of his own world collapsing... he wants to be one with you, however that requires him to abandon all of that self-centeredness, self-reliance, self-everything. I think patience is in order with this man.

    3. How should you proceed? Eight of Wands (rev) and Justice (rev). So we see justice again in the reading. So right away I am getting that justice, calm, centered, deliberate energy is called for. And the Eight wands is usually a card of Swiftness however in this position it seems to be saying the opposite - take your time. So the advice I am getting is: TAKE YOUR TIME with him, continue to be patient and let matters evolve in their own way slowly. He will soon take some steps with you to indicate he has worked through a lot of that Tower collapse and he will be ready to fall in love and be swept away with you... and Justice... (which is connected to judgment) seems to say you both are due for your reward... you both have experienced pain and heartache and arent about to step into something too fast.... so keep going as you are... be patient... gentle and tender... let heaven guide you into each others arms...

    That is what I see. You have something very very nice developing here. He is going through pure he11 inside as he wants so much to have something with you... he has to process all of that past stuff... he must have suffered something devastating in love himself...

    I hope that helps Sweetdee... you have a lovely spirit, all will work out nicely for you... blessings!


    P.S. I also looked at your charts and see the following:

    Your sun and moon are in Taurus and he has a great void in that area of the signs. Matter of fact he really has nothing all the way between Aquarius and Cancer. Your chart on the other hand is very much centered in those signs! So you two are like two interlocking pieces of a puzzle is what I see. He brings a lot of emotional balance (sun and Mars and Mercury in Libra) and some very erotic energy that probably drives you wild ha ha... Venus and Pluto in Scorpio oo la la... 🙂 - I'll bet this Libra (who is normally very calm and collected in the daytime... well, when the lights go low... well, I am just surmising :)/// His moon in Cap also adds to that (daytime anyway!) emotional balance for you...

    You provide a LOT of warmth and flexibility to the relationship... Taurus, and Gemini energies with your Sun, Moon, Merc and Mars in those signs... so as Libra he really likes rthe Gemini Mars in you which helps him see different sides of situations...

    I can see you two having conversations like...

    Him: I see it this way...

    You: Okay well have you also considered... this... and looking at this aspect... and seeing these options too?

    Him: No! Wow, I never saw that before! Hey Sweetdee you really see life in some nice ways that I don't always get!

    So you provide some wonderful viewpoints in the relationship that drives him wild. You have this guy really wild about you, you know? You are like a missing part of his life he has searched high and low for...

    Him: Jupiter in Sagitarius. I hope you like to travel this guy is probably going to want to take trips everywhere with you! If you two don't already have your passports GET THEM! 🙂

    You: Jupiter in Pisces. VERY intuitive and that adds to that whole Gemini "seeing life from different angles" that he loves about you. Keep tapping that Pisces energy in you follow your intuition and that will keep you on path with him. Also, don't be afraid to voice your heart (intuition) when you sense something about life with him... be gentle, but be VERY communicative, he needs to hear it all from you.

    You both have that Neptune energy in Scorpio opposite your Sun/Moon in Taurus... this says expect some intensity at times as you are challenged to be willing to explore the darker aspects of life together! This can venture into some exotic territory, psychic things (which you are strong in) and even your s e x ual experiences are going to be very very liberating and "midnight temptations" is what I get. So your Taurus earthiness which tends to be very grounded in practical love and life, may be asked to ascend to these dark and sylvan waters quite often. Enjoy it , it will be good for you, and it will send this Libra guy into outer space ha ha.

    Do you two have a good spiritual/psychic interest together? That would be something to explore with him because of that Neptiune Scoropio energy.

    Okay, that's about it... I hope you enjoyed this Sweetdee and it was my pleasure... thank you for asking for a reading!

  • WOW... You are fantastic!!!

    I believe he does have some fears, we live far from each other and of course with his history with women he's not sure if he can trust me. His very first question were if I am a one man women.

    A bit about his past, been divorced for 8 years, he has been heartbroken for a very long time, don't want to go in that details on the forum but he suffered a lot...after that he had a lot of relationships... and I mean a LOT, in his own words worthless relationships. To cut a long story short he got dis fellowed from his church/religion... because of women in the past, smoking etc. The announcement were made today. His children not allowed to talk to him for six months and that hits him pretty badly... so yes, he have some stuff to work through... of course of all this had an effect on our relationship too. That's the reason for my questions.

    Thank you so much Astra, i especially love this part

    " He brings a lot of emotional balance (sun and Mars and Mercury in Libra) and some very erotic energy that probably drives you wild ha ha... Venus and Pluto in Scorpio oo la la... 🙂 - I'll bet this Libra (who is normally very calm and collected in the daytime... well, when the lights go low... well, I am just surmising :)/// His moon in Cap also adds to that (daytime anyway!) emotional balance for you..."

    It's so correct almost unbelievable.

    I am very intuitive, also say what I feel or think... I'm just that kind of person LOL.. not everyone can stomach that.

    The Neptune energy also spot on...

    I have really enjoyed my reading, this is the best i've ever had. Something tells me you going to hear from me again.

    You're a special person, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing yourself with so many of us. I know how much emotional energy it takes.

    Love and light dear Astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Is it possible to get a follow up on this specific issue??


    Love and light

  • Hi Sweetdee thanks for being patient

    I have been tied up on other things and away from the forum...

    How has it been going with him? I will create a relationship spread for you and see what is going on...

    I am using this "potato tarot" deck I made 🙂 I will create two "figures" that represent you and him and we will see what is happening... like little people!

    You are the figure on the left, and he is on the right.


    Head - Queen of Pentacles - you seem to be doing very well in the material home/security aspect of your life. Shows physical / material competence. Stability materially is very important to you.

    Heart - The Two of Cups - this is showing the strong love connection you have with him, your heart is all about a harmonious and lovely relationship, this is so very important to you.

    Feet - This shows your steps in life and this is the Page of Cups which is risking something emotionally. You could be wanting to take some steps/actions with him that are a little different to somehow move matters along.

    Your hand to him is the 4 of swords which is "acting on what you think" and in this case it is a sign you are really reaching out to him and acting on something you think is important. You could be thinking about expressing yourself to him in a new way, or opening up more. This is a communication "action card".

    Your hand (behind you) shows some hidden aspects of the relationship, for you it is the 3 of swords which tells me you have really been "planning" out this relationship in your thinking. Perhaps you have entertained some dreams or ideas of what the two of you could be, do, share, express to each other. You may be fantasizing about something related to him in a good way.

    Now, Him:

    Head - He is VERY well matched to you intellectually as he has the cyclical and very stable Six of Pentacles to pair off with your Queen Pentacle material maturity. It seems you both see eye to eye on a lot of important physical/security issues. No problems there.

    Heart - The King of Swords - Ahh... now we get to some differences! Where you are 2 of Cups "all about a lovely relationship" he is dealing with releasing and old lifestyle still. Could be this stuff from his past is really weighing him down still and it could be taking some time for him to let it all fade away. You seem to be there offering love to him in the process.

    Feet - how he is acting and steps he takes - The Ten of Cups which aligns with your Page of Cups. This ten for him is a card of "hesitating" in love. He is trying to decide whether to move ahead to the Page (where you are at) or go back to the 9 which is where matters "were" between the two of you. He struggles to embrace you in this way, and something is holding him back, a fear perhaps.

    His hand to you is the Seven of Swords which is "mental flexibility" and with your 4 of swords (ACTING on what you think) this seems to be a good match. He brings some variety, imagination in thinking to the relationship. You are acting and he is imagining. I see this as another indication that you are wanting to move forward with the relationship however he is still in "thinking and pondering" mode, dragging his feet (10 of cups).

    His hand behind him, a hidden aspect of his relationship to you - the Ace of Wands. This is a card of a new identity so this seems to be what he needs to actualize. A new "him". Free of the past, and trusting love to take care of the two of you. He may still be working at this. It is in the background.

    I then drew a card that connects the two of you (connecting your hands together) and I drew the Ten of Cups which is hesitating in home and security area of life. This seems to be the energy that you two are contending with in order to move the relationship along. A CHANGE physically is considered, perhaps a move, physically, together or somehow more physically close to each other. This is hanging in the air between you. This 10 is also reflecting that 10 cups as his feet, so there are some "hesitating" energies around the relationship. In these situations you can only be patient and let him work through that.

    I also drew two cards at the top to show "what you want to say to him" and "what he wants to say to you" and you are saying TAKE A CHANCE with me on that material, physical level. Let's move in together, get closer, touch more, embrace... this seems to be your response to the 10 Pent hesitating energy crossing the two of you. You are really wanting to say to him "LET'S GO FOR IT!" and it is interesting his response back to you... he is AGREEING! The Two of Swords is an agreement card, so I believe he is on the same page with you there. It is just that there is something holding him back and he hesitates... waiting until he knows knows knows the coast is clear... and you are saying "don't worry about it, let's GO!"

    So, I hope that gives you something to consider?

    Nice to hear from you, I am going to try and get back to some sort of more regular schedule being on this forum, hopefully!

    Blessings Sweetdee...


  • Ooops - correction - the card that connects your hands together is the Ten of Pentacles not the Ten of Cups as I stated!

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