AstraAngel could you please do a reading for me :)

  • Ok, So, birthday is coming up, starting to feel I didnt accomplish all I could have ( my own fault) in these few years. One of them is university stuff and other (not really accomplishment) but finally meeting a nice man, yes I am feeling rather lonly, birthday after birthday of being single, putting a fake smile on my face to avoid the "oh he is out there" "oh you are still young" "dont worry, when you least expect it" and the least favorite " I got a perfect guy for you" from all my married or relationship friends.

    So dear Astra could you please do a reading for me?

    1. When do you see me graduatin and starting my intership?

    2. And L O V E, how much more will I be single, when will it come to me ?

    I feel ready to go a the step further with my life but just cant seem to get there ...

    Thank you Astra a lot!

    xx Fishy

  • Hi fishy!

    Okay I hear you... I love your honesty, you are speaking from your heart... I am certainly not going to candy coat it for you. I know that feeling of not accomplishing all that you dreamt of. I am still chasing rainbows and wondering why I can't seem to pull one down to the ground!

    Okay... question 1... according to what I can see from the cards, it looks like gradating in 9 months to a 15 months? I am going to say right around a year with the internship coming very quickly at that one year mark. Is that a lot longer than what you were thinking? Timing questions are tricky, I am still learning about that....

    Now, onto the really important stuff ha ha... LOVE!

    In this you're the Queen of Cups

    I drew Four cards before I came to your lover.

    The Judgment card

    The Devil

    The Two of Pentacles

    and the Page of Pentacles

    Then - at last - the Knight of Cups, and he appears to be your lover (pulled one other card and that was the King of Wands so that should help paint a picture of his personality and appearance).

    So. You have 4 doors or experiences to pass through on your way to find him.

    The first is Judgement, and that must be the phase you are in right now. Weighing out your life (you mentioned not feeling like you have accomplished all that you could have). That is reflected in this card. Judging ourselves is important, however it is not all there is.

    This then leads you into a Devil phase in your life, something a lot more fun and thrilling, something opening out that allows you to laugh more and be yourself! You really need that... so that seems to balance out this judgement you are dealing with...

    then the Two of Pentacles and that is a card of balance and mutually satisfying solutions. So this seems to come along to harmonize judgement and playfulness, Saturn and Capricorn. This could also be about the time that you first meet this man.

    Then the Page of Pentacles seems to be the voice or communications with him being actuated by the two of pentacles, I think somewhere in this two and page is where you first meet this man, and it might not be exactly love at first sight, but something about him will really stick with you, and that grows... leading to the Knight of Cups where your relationship turns the corner from Pentacles into Cups Love. That is totally what I see coming for you.

    Now, of course the question is WHEN? How long... well, let's see if we can figure that out.

    it looks like 3 to 5 periods of time before you first cross paths with him at that two/page energy. Is that days? Weeks? Months? Or... omg... years? I pray for your sake it is quick!

    Well, looking at the Judgment card, that is Easter - Resurrection. That is in April, the 8th. The Devil does show two people! And the Two of Pentacles is 2....

    I drew one more card to clarify and that is the King of Pentacles (so that is him in his "earlier" mode of aquaintance or friend). And that landed right in the midpoint, over the two of Pentacles, So you are definitely going to meet him at that two of pentacles "period" of time.

    Okay, April is two months away... the devil is card 15 and shows a couple... the Two of Pentacles shows two and pentacles usually refer to months/years. So (if I am reading this right) you are going to meet a man in right around easter or a little later. 2 months is what I am getting. The Easter card showing as the first card seems to be a strong "season" card, and the Devil is showing you relaxing, so I think these next couple of weeks you are going to be relaxing more, feeling very pretty and nice, and very attractive... (which you are!)... and as you are embracing yourself, loving yourself, (Devil), that energy sort of "goes out there" and signals your guy to come for you!

    It all really seems to be hinging on you learning to play more... and have fun with YOU... that seems to be where things are turning. It would be good for you to meditate on the Devil card and learn to be a little more "devilish" in your life, fantasize more, whisper to the men you see that you like, "Hey, why don't you stop by later? ha ha"... you see? PLAY with life more, and that in turn signals life to reward you.

    It is kinda like, BEING play and s e x iness alone, and THEN those energies come back to you. So you transition from "waiting" for Mr. Right, to becoming Miss Right! And that for you my dear fishone is feeling really nice about you, loving you, enjoying you, right where you are. So that means relaxing all of that Saturn "accomplishment" thing a little... and saying to yourself "okay, so what! So i doidn't accomplish it all yet... who cares! I am going to enjoy my life anyway and that starts with ME!" So... that means feeling really s e x y sweet by yourself, and then Mr. S e xy Sweet shows up... by the way, I think he is going to bear a striking resemblance to George Clooney. Would that be okay? A very attractive man! And he will be taken with you from the start... only he is also very self controlled (King/page of Pentacles). Probably dark hair, and quite successful with all of these Pentacles!

    It will not be long at all and he will be captivated by you, and the two of you will harmonize really sweetly...

    Some things you can do to accelerate this is to really create romantic moods in your own home, apt or where ever you live... lots of candles, incense, and especially when you bathe... you really want to visualize him already waiting for you in the bedroom! (dare i say that!) ... them, just let your energies go out there, whisper to him and imagine him with you every day... when you are shopping in walmart, feel him right beside you, helping you pick out the perfect tomatoes... feel his arm around you and every once in a while kissing you, right in produce! And he doesn't care who sees, he is that in love with you!

    Love begins in your own heart... life simply waits to see how well we can imagine, and then rewards our dreams... when you see him in your heart and mind, and don't wait for him to show up. You hold his hand NOW... everywhere you go... and he will be all over you before you know it. He will become so real that when he finally shows up "in person" you will simply know, know know that He is the manifestation of your dream companion, a guy who is everything you have dreamed of... and so much more.

    And I can promise you, it will be the kind of relationships they write novels about... deep and very intimately communicative and close... when we expect the best companion possible, then life provides exactly that! Why not see him calling you up tonight... write yourself a letter or email and send it to YOU from him.... dream how your perfect lover would love on you through an email...

    "Dear Fishy...

    Just thinking about you. And missing you like crazy.... can we meet again, down at the pier like last time? You are Heaven to me...."

    Love, angelo

    (I don't know what name he is! You can make up a name you like ! 🙂

    He is really a manifestation of your guardian angel I think... working with you to create heaven on earth in a relationship just for you!

    So, for you dear fishy.... lots of candles, and incense, and plenty of bubble bath! And the nicest nightgown you can find... and prayers to heaven so sweet, and see angels coming down and ministering to you..

    You will have a guy in your arms - a wonderful guy I promise.... before you know it. Could be even quicker than Easter why not! The more you love on YOU, and see him.. the sooner he will be there for you.... keep that s e x y mood alive around you... within you... that is the secret!

    Oh fishy, I hope that made some sense! You are dearly loved from above, and I am praying, praying and joining with you in faith to see this most wonderful man coming for you... I know he is right around the corner... and soon you won't be putting a "fake" smile on your face, you will be grinning from ear to ear with tears of happiness running down your cheeks... as you melt into his love, and the blessing and reward of God and angels...

    ..for someone as lovely sweet as you, oh daughter of heaven with your heart, an ocean of love....



  • Oh fishy... when I said " whisper to the men you see that you like, "Hey, why don't you stop by later? "... I did not mean literally, I meant in your head...

    I wanted to quickly clarify this before you ran out the door to start actually whispering to guys "Hey, why don't you stop by later".... ha ha....

    Although, come to think of it, that could fast-track this thing............ 😉

  • Oh Astra dear Astra why you do this to me, you make me cry every time ! You turn me smiling and cleansing my soul with the tears. You describe the man just as I feel I want him to be. I know sometimes i put pressure on myself about love and asking when when when, sometimes I know I need to relax and let it come, but its not that easy.

    I never know how to thank you, but I know you can feel I am honestly thankful of what you write and of your effort to pull me back to my happy spot.

    Even withe the university thing, I dont feel it will be that long, I hope it wont. I am halfway done with my thisies and I got one and a half of exams left, sounds funny this "and a half" I know but its just because the exams have many parts to it.

    Thank you Astra I pray for you too for light to shine on you each day 🙂

    Love and Light, may you be blessed even more than you are now. Angel is the right name you gave yourself, you are just that. An Angel on earth.

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