Scorpio Woman. Guidance Please?

  • Hmmm. Well I've been researching astrology and numerology quite a bit over the past year. I know I am special, I don't mean this in a conceited way at all, I want to help people. I know I'm here to do that. My birthday is 10/27/1990

    I've had lots of supernatural experiences, I have a strong intuition. I want to develop and grow more though. If anyone thinks they can give me a reading or advice?

    I already know about my north node in aquarius & south node in leo.

    I have a master number 11 life path

    I have a 7 destiny number.

    I just want an actual human beings guidance in their own words, not something anyone else with the same numbers can read. I would like something personalized to fit me. If you think you can help in the slightest, please don't hesitate. Thank you 🙂

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