Can someone do a reading for me?

  • I've noticed that there are a few aspiring readers out there willing to do readings.

    My questions are about love.

    Should I forget about the relationship I just got out of? (I can't get him out of my head).

    Will I find the right guy ?

    And if so, when?

    If anyone would like to do this, I most certainly appreciate it.

  • I'll give it a go here bugss. As for your first question, the short answer is "yes", let him go. He is clearly causing you tremendous unhappiness (ten of swords - NOT a happy card) but you are well-prepared to move on and make plans for yourself without him in the picture. You appear to have everything going for you at this point in life, you're stable and confident and good at planning, so use those strengths to move forward now.

    I did a Celtic cross reading to get an overview of your love life (in response to question about will I find the right guy). What I got kind of surprised me because it suggests that you aren't just mildly affected by the man you just left...are you really still obsessing over him? The cards indicate that he is a stern man, a man of authority, more of a thinker than an emotional person..a bit cold perhaps? Your past disappointment is clear, you see that there were problems but you still hold out hope for some reason. You're a very emotional, loving person and it's obvious that you have much love to give but hanging on to this is going to keep your emotions swinging back and forth in extremes. Bugss, I hate to be negative, but what I've got here is that he is going to continue to cause you strife and worries. You are a really good person, normally calm and balanced, you have friends who care for you deeply and who can offer you support, perhaps even a particular male friend who you rely on? Are you afraid that you won't find a loving relationship and that's keeping you tied to thinking about this man? I won't kid you, there appears to be a time of "isolation", perhaps you're heart will be empty for a while, but you have so much going for you, and appear to have lots of loving friends surrounding you. You are perfectly capable of maintaining a happy, healthy emotional balance through all of this until a guy better suited for you comes along. You are good at taking a "long view" of things, and as I saw with the first question, you seem to be a good planner and probably more of a leader than a follower. You want a relationship where you can express your loving nature and that feels peaceful and balanced. You're not seeking drama or looking for too much excitment, you want calm and security. For whatever reasons, the man you just left didn't offer you that. In a nutshell, you made the right decision, try not to second-guess it and you're going to be better off in the long run. Just accept that there may be a period of waiting for your next relationship.

    As for the final question, the cards were really with you, because I got the King of Pentacles right off the bat (even I am still pleasantly surprised when the perfect card comes up for the question at hand). This potentially indicates a dark featured man, or a man with dark hair - although it can also just represent the characteristics of this King in someone's personality. Pentacles indicate money, material things, success. Good chance he is a successful financially or perhaps even someone you might meet through work. He's solid, steady, reliable and with a good heart. A good catch and based on your reading, the kind of man you really seek.

    As far as timing....well, not my strong point in readings. I pulled card 3, The Empress. Personally I associate her with summer because she's all about fertility and abundance, like the bounties of nature one associates with summer. Not sure if that means this summer or next summer though. Given that your Celtic cross reading suggested a time of looking ahead, and long-range thinking, I'm moved to go more with next summer. Meanwhile my best advise is not to worry over things and continue to know that you made a good decision getting out of the last relationship. Certainly don't overlook other possibilites that may I say the "timing" question has never worked well for me personally, nor has it ever been very accurate in readings done for me. I attribute that to the fact that we make decesions and events occur in life that can cause changes to the big picture. Tarot to me is more about guidance, not so much about final outcomes - more about showing what direction we are headed and influences, but we are always free to make choices that change where we finally end up.

    Hopefully this has helped. I'll hope that you get a couple other readings and see how they come out (because this would be educational for me in interpreting my readings as well). Thanks for the opportunity to read for you!

  • Thank you Jenever 7 for taking the time to do a reading for me.

    I suppose a lot of my confusion, angst etc... has to do with the lack of closure.

    He was a difficult man.

    I don't want to be with someone like him again.

    I'll keep a positive outlook.

    And you are right about having good friends and support. This is very true.

    I count my blessings every day that I have them.

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