Need the talents the gifted AstraAngel

  • AA,

    You've graced me with your insights before and I can really use them again.

    I met an Aquarian male some weeks ago at a local spot where his long-time friend works as the chef. It started off extremely hot and intense, then I said something unfortunate and he has cut-off all communication with me. I've apologized and done what I could to clear the air and explain why I came to certain conclusions - but nothing. We agreed we wanted the same things, to date and to get to know one another. Now, I just don't know what to do. Should I just move on or wait it out? I like him; I feel I could grow to care for him even though in my heart I love another. The other person, another, younger, mixed-raced Aquarian, is not available.

    I feel like crap because I just got back into a good place with the younger one, and now things have collapsed with the elder Aquarian.


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