AstraAngel, May I get a reading please?

  • Astra, I am so lost and confused and hurt. My ex boyfriend (cancer july 10th) and I (libra sep 25th) have been broken up for about a month now, he told other people that im a whore and i won't leave him alone and that im a psycho *****. I reacted by attempting to get a restraining order against him...

    He's telling other people he doesn't want to be with me, he wants nothing to do with me..but when i ask him..he's quiet about it and won't tell me what he's telling others.

    I wanted to meet up on saturday and talk about what happened in our relationship and see if we can make it work again, he agreed..two days later called it off then told me to keep his shirts.

    I wrote him a letter today, telling him i don't want a relationship atm and I just want to be on good terms because we aren't really friends right now. I asked him if we can talk in person so we can be on good terms and he won't give me an answer.. I don't know if I hurt him by getting trying to get a restraining order but im just confused..please help

  • LLL

  • Hi Glitterblow

    OKay, lets see what happened here! And what is going on with you and him... it does sound a little intense...

    I will ask a series of questions and see if we can pinpoint where things are at, and where its heading...

    1. Where the relationship currently stands - JUDGEMENT - so nothing much is going to happen until this energy clears out. I think this is a sign that you both are being kept apart so that you can reflect on your choices and see how you might have handled matters better. So everything is in this holding patter while you judge yourselves.

    2. Your current feelings for him - Knight of Swords - You see him as a rather impetuous man, can be hot headed and he swings that sword around a little too carelessly. This seems to show that you see him as a deep thinker, or at least as a very intelligent man, guarded at times, but whatever he believes he is firm about. This could be part of the challenge in the relationship, a certain inflexibility by him?

    3. His current feelings for you - Seven of Wands - a block. I think he feels you have blocked him or have resisted him on some level that did not suit this guy too well. He sees you more as an adversary right now than a friend, and that is something he will have to work through. I don't think the whole restraining order thing was helping him. I do think he was frightened by that.

    Six of Cups - deep down though he really really is find of you, and would like to see matters settled, forgiven, forgive, make up, calm down and get back to something harmonious.

    4. What the short term outlook is for the relationship - Ace of Swords - Very soon, very, very, very soon - you two are going to be brought back together for that "heart to heart" you both need to

    Clear the air


    Ask forgiveness

    Cry as need be

    Hug, be friends (or whatever you want to be with each other!)

    This ACE is a very strong sign that Heaven is working to move you two back together in some way, I would be very sensitive and let matters evolve on their own. Until you start getting the signs of this, just be quiet and patient and let the angels work it out... and no more restraining orders unless he is actually doing something wrong... until then, give him the benefit of the doubt. Wait is what I am getting...

    5. Long term outlook - Two of Pentacles - Fun is the first thing that came to mind. At least it is a happy looking card to me! Juggling, balancing and play... I think this is a nice sign for a relationship where you have both experienced some VERY painful things, and yet you still come out in a harmonious way with each other, a real testimony to how amazing heaven can work things out when we keep the faith!

    So over all, I see a wonderful moment soon coming where you both are going to have that heart to heart, there will be tears, and then begins a rebuilding on a new foundation. Mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual caring for one another. Is it only as friends... or something, um... more?

    It will be fun to see what direction it goes!

    I hope this helps you some Glitter... hang in there, I have prayed that you two be reconciled in a sweet way, so you are in good hands in heaven right now.

    love, astra

  • OMG thank you sooooooooooo he messaged me asking if we can talk as everything that's going on is stressing him out and he would like to come to some tomorrow we are going to talk at his place about everything that has happened..I have no idea what's going to happen but I hope it turns out good..

  • Oh may I also get a reading on what he's hoping to gain from our heart to heart tomorrow?

    Do he still have feelings for me? Is he hurting as much as me?

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