• Dear Daliolite

    Richard(Pisces) & Heather(Cancer) are currently separated now. It was him who wanted the separation. Will they ever get back together? If so when more or less.

    Thank you so much & many blessings

  • Friends or you--these people.

  • Dear Daliolite


    Thanks & many blessings

  • OK probably by tomorrow

  • Dear Daliolite

    I know my daughter is stubborn and a bit controlling. I wish she would tone those down.

    I dont know if she has tone it down now?????

    Many blessings and thank you again.

  • Well, I'm sorry, lost the future card. Will relate what I can out of a 10 card reading. In past, shows someone (R) as walking away from situation. Emotional time for everyone. There's a stabilizing person in the present. Don't know exactly who. There are some financial difficulties over this reading. Is your daughter staying w/you presently. Your daughter has youthful emotions. Immaturity. Someone is definately not opening-up. She's shown as not moving past this emotional state. Does she want to move past? Emotions are at a peak at present and in near future. Because emotions are so high, may not know everything. Avoidance as coping, maybe something learned from past.

    Their interests, free time are not in-line. Their friends are definately NOT helping situation. I feel there has got to be a definite shake-up for situation to improve. A lot of this is not her fault. Inevitable.

    I didn't draw any cards that are strong indicators of his (R) personality. I believe it's mainly you and her right now. If they can overcome these outside influences and be more like minded w/their time there is an indication that things will improve. There's some financial difficulty over this reading, as well. There is an indication things can improve for the better. She is able to ignite a spark of romance. But, there are issues that need improving that she's avoiding. Could be her stubborn attitude which will have to change. I see that he would be willing to reach out.

    above--5 of coins

    present--king of coins

    below--page of cups

    situation--4 of cups

    past--8 of cups

    challenges--ace of cups

    blocks--5 of rods

    friends--10 of swords


    outcome--10 of cups

  • You wanted to know when, really depends if she can open up and there's a change in their whole foundation/conflicting interests. I'm also getting maybe jealousy

  • Dear Daliolite,

    I guess no one is saying anything to her because they all know how she is. Everyone knows Richard works hard and we have seen how he treats her nicely and tries to give her whatever makes her happy. But of course no one knows what happens behind close door.

    Time will tell I guess. We can only do so much.

    I thank you so much for the reading and many blessings to you and loved ones

  • What is it about the friends--that might hold some clues for you. He is shown as King of Coins, the stabilizing one. I think he'd be willing to work w/her.

  • Dear Daliolite

    They are just not saying anything to her is what she said.

    I'm kind of surprised on that but knowing her thats probably why they donot like to comment. I know her friends thinks she got a good husband and they both look happy and then all of a sudden he wants a separation. So everybody is in shock.

    My daughter said she is in shock. She doesnot know why he has decided to do that.

    He said he just wants to be alone and work things out by himself??? For a while he didnot want to talk to her. If they do its very brief and nothing is resolved. We all know Richard and have seen how he treats her so what can you comment on that. When all you see is a hardworking person. Richard said he likes to talk to her next week and discuss things about them. So hopefully

    that meeting will turn out alright. I have a feeling my daughter is hiding something from me but I'm not going to force her on that. Just hope there will be a resolution to this meeting. I mentioned to her that all relationships have to be worked out and you cannot take things for granted. At least try to have a good communication.

    Many blessings

  • Will glance over some cards pertaining to him. If anything seems stark--will let you know.

  • Nothing sinister in his cards. I think the meeting will bring the two of them together. At this point, he's really assessing the situation. He knows that whatever he decides at this point will definately decide the future. He is a hardworker and that shows as well. He's also somewhat of a creative type. I think he misses your daughter. They really need to think and talk it out--you know.

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