Life changes , advice welcome

  • I am going through what seems like a very strange and spiritual time at the moment , my life life has changed over the past yr and a half.. I feel like im waiting in limbo for the new one to start.I feel like im trying to find my true self and deal with my emotions, mistakes of the past and try and be a better person . Also a lot of things concerning , home , moving , new job.. these are all just thoughts im taking things a step at a time it will be a big upheaval and im not even sure Im heading in the right direction with things.Im a typical Piscean and decisions are hard for me ... my birth date is 17th March 1965.. and was born at 8.15 am . Can anyway give me any insight , I want to make big changes but not sure wether i might regret it or be able to cope.

    Thankyou in advance for any replies

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