Captain..oh please help :(

  • I've been crying mentally for days now..

    my ex ( cancer 7/10) and I (9/25) have not on good terms for about a month reasons been

    • he said he doesn't care for me anymore

    • he's over me

    • he wants nothing to do with me..only because I confronted him when he started spreading horrible rumours about me earlier in January

    I'm deeply hurt, I care about him alot

  • Sorry but I feel you are the one at fault here. You over-reacted bigtime to what was only a very short relationship (seriously - a restraining order after only a month of being together?)and he lost all respect and trust in you. He won't be back for a second time as he found you too demanding. Once he loses respect for someone, he is gone. Learn the lesson to be a bit more objective and less critical next time - and move on. Otherwise he might turn round and take out a restraining order on you.

  • thank you so much but I don't understand..

    the week after that I asked if we could meet up and talk about everything and he said sure but two days later cancelled because he thought I wanted to be with someone else.

    That same week, thursday something can up and I need a place to spend the night so I called him and told him and he said sure. We ended up having sex til 4am..unprotected.

    He told me that he wanted me to move on as there was someone that was better than him for me..

    we don't talk anymore..he ignores me and I the same..I ended up writing him a heart felt letter about how I felt and why I reacted the way I did..he never replied but he looks at me sometimes like he wants if he still so confused 😢

  • note: ...maybe restraining order is the not our school we have sort of an administrative directive which tells the other student (him) to not talk about someone (me) anymore, that was my only option left because he was hurting me with the horrible things he started saying about me and I wanted it to stop

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