• Hi Captain,

    I was wondering could you help me ?, im worried about my husband he has lost so much weight , i feel at a loss what to do to help him all i am doing is worrying which i know is no good . Do you see any major health issues coming up for him in the future ? I would really appreaciate your insight

    Thanks Loap:)

  • Has he been to see a doctor? Though I am feeling this is more psychological than physical...fear of the future seems to be gripping him.

  • Yes he has been to a doctor and he told him it was stress related ,as he was going through work place bullying at his last job .

  • Yes i feel like he thinks his future prospects are grim. Is he working at the moment because he might need a complete break from work and life stress in order to fully regain his health? He also needs to reignite his passion for living, maybe through a new interest/activity/hobby/good cause.

  • He is working now but he is not very happy where he is . I know i put alot of stress on him as well as he never told me what was happening at his previous job , i just assumned he had a problem with me as he shut down altogether . things are alot better now but he is still losing weight he hasnt gained any . I have now done a complete turn around im am being more positve myself and trying to encourage him to do the same .

  • He is losing weight because he feels so vulnerable and unable to protect himself. He needs to feel a sense of personal safety before he will regain weight. He also feels so weak for not standing up to the bullying. You need to help him build his assertiveness and regain his self-esteem.

  • I am trying to Captain remember that worrying thread for the future i started ? I know now that i was tapping into his worrying , i pick up on other peoples energy and i think its my own . I am being more positive trying to encourage him out of this state . I am surrounding him in whitelight calling on spirit guides and Archangels , ive sent him healing energy in abundance . I am evisualising him putting weight back on . Do you know of any other techniques that might work?

  • He is losing weight because he is thinking less and less well of himself. Is he the type of person you could involve in a visualization? He needs to confront these bullies, if not physically then mentally and emotionally. You could guide him to go back in his mind and put himself in the bullying situation, then help him tell the bullies exactly how they made him feel and how bad their behaviour was - everything he never got to say to them in person but wanted to. Maybe he could write his feelings down in a letter or email to them. Whatever he does, he needs to work off the bad feelings inside him that are making him feel so unsafe and unworthy from that incident.

  • He does not believe in all this vizualization stuff but he does believe in tarot, thanks so much Captain i will give what you say a try , i really appreaciate all of your help .

    Love and light Loap:)

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