Lost Wedding Ring - Captain, any ideas?

  • well, i lost my wedding ring. i cant remember if i took it off at myparents' house or if it is at my house. any ideas? thanks!

  • Look at your parent's house, maybe it fell under a bed or something with a cover/fringe.

  • Of course, any lost item has a deeper meaning and the loss of your wedding ring after being contacted by an old flame and wondering if your wife would leave you or vice versa is significant.

  • I told my old girlfriend to stop contacting me, so I hope that is the end of that. Of course now another old love called me to see if i was better. She is a dr so she would check to see how i was doing. she moved away so i am safe. lol. she wants to date if things with my wife fail. i dont want things to fail but wonder what dr ex wants from me. i would never hurt my wife but i guess i just wonder why dr ex wants me now, but tomorrow she will change her mind and then back again.

    i hope i can find my ring as i love my wife. i looked at my parents' house but no luck yet.

  • If old flames are suddenly getting in touch, then maybe you are sending out certain vibes that say you are looking for something different in your love life or situation?

  • Hi Captain! No luck on my ring, but my mom found her watch. It was in a bag outside. It must have fallen in when she was planting. How are you? I am doing well. You were so right, I feel such relief and never felt this before. I've been travelling and going to do a few more trips just because I can. Hope you are well!

  • That sound so great - I am very happy for you PG. Life will only keep on getting better.

    And I am very well, thanks for asking! 🙂 Onwards and upwards!

  • Hi Captain!

    I found my wedding ring yesterday. It was in my drawer that my wife and i looked in many times. i opened it up and it was right there.

    how are you? i was telling my old nurse and her hubby about how cool you are on saturday lol i am doing well. life is great and things are normal...which is perfect.

    do u see anything regarding my love lfe, career, etc?

    hope you are well.

  • I feel big changes in your life coming as you adjust to a new state of health and attitude. As time passes, you will become more confident and the world will open up to you. Because you are becoming a new person, I feel that you will want to make these changes on every level of your life - love, career, etc.

    Seeing the ring that you had overlooked so often before means you are now ready to deal with your marriage and the changes it needs to match your new 'self'.

  • Little by little I am becoming more confident. I won't lie, I still worry about small bowel obstructions from adhesions and the need for an ileostomy again.

    Do you see my big changes in life being good changes? I can't imagine changes in my love life as I don't want to end my marriage. Plus I don't have many female friends lol.

    All is well here and I just need to start studying for my flight instructor rating. How are you doing?

  • All change is good for us in the end.

    Good to hear you are doing well - I am outrageously fine and dandy. 🙂

  • PS Stop worrying and start enjoying yourself - have some faith and trust that you don;t need to know what's coming, just that you can handle it whatever it is, good or bad. And really there is no bad, just learning...

  • I have always had a problem with patience and wanting to know what will happen. You have helped me relax when you told me my health will be fine. thanks so much!

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