Tarot cards and death

  • When my mom was in her late 20′s, she was playing with tarot cards with my aunt. I wasn’t sure how they were playing with them, but it seems like they were rotating/exchanging cards. For some strange reason, my mom told me about how my aunt kept getting a certain tarot card depicting a ‘black heart”. No matter how or how many different times they shuffled through the deck, she would always find the black heart tarot card in her pile. My mom told me that a couple of weeks later after they played with these cards, that my aunt died from heart problems or possibly a heart attack.

    Is it possible that tarot cards are linked/can predict death?

  • The death card on its own is not a portent of actual death, but of a complete change of your way of life. There would have to be several other cards with it to indicate a fatality. But no decent tarot reader would tell you if they could see when you would die, anyway.

  • On occasion it represents an actual death but most readers do not take it to represent that. I've pulled the card as an outcome on people as I was reading about them and they actually died shortly after. I had not taken it as a literal meaning but it was literal on the person.

    The Captain is correct on how a tarot reader would perceive the Death Card and she is also right, no decent tarot reader would tell you that.

  • Yes I once did a Tarot reading for a friend who was seriously ill in hospital and no Death card was to be seen - just new wonderful beginnings and fantastic opportunities - it was one of the best spreads I had ever seen. She died that very night!

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