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  • Hi folks just a quick hello from me, busy with real life atm with all its' ups and downs and ins and outs, I am not online that much as it was becoming a bit enslaving and I can put the time to better use doing other things like taking my youngest just turned 3 out to splash in the puddles till she is soaking wet.

    Hope you are all well too, I have tonnes of questions but none of them are really important and I know most of the answers anyway.

    Happy Valentines to those celebrating and belated greetings to those a day further. Did you know the date is based on an old Roman ceremony ( or earlier) - they used to put the names of all the single ladies in a pot and the single men pulled a name and that was their future wife. A fertility celebration. St Valentin was martyred in the 5th century AD and he has nothing to do with love. Info care of Wikipedia.


  • hahaha thanks Paddi!! it's great to know! just saying Hi too! glad you're enjoying the time with your kids! enjoy it it goes by so so fast! and it's so much fun!!

    Much Love, HD!!

  • Hi Paddi! Playing in puddles...I love it 🙂 Is this the same little darling that wished for a puppy at the New Moon?

    With regard to Valentine's Day, this is what I learned...

    Originally, February 14th was designated a feast day by the Roman Catholic Church to honor Christian saints (at least one of which was named Valentine) who were martyred by the Roman Emperor (I think it was Claudius). Although there isn't much love and romance in that part of the story (LOL), the reason Saint Valentine was beheaded was that he continued to marry young couples even though the Roman Emperor forbade it (he thought married soldiers weren't as good as single ones!)

    Take care,


  • enjoy jumping in the puddles the little ones can teach us how to have fun!!!!! I still send my youngest to play in the rain sometimes (he is 15)

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