Am I going to get fired? Should I leave?

  • I was recently hired along with another woman in the same position, but the company is still trying to get funding so there is no office yet and they cannot pay us until they get an office. We are both working remotely as of now for them. We don't know if they will get funding and the boss has told me that if they don't have an office by next month, then most likely they didn't get any investors. There is no start date on the contract, just a basic NDA, which means it's quite possible they don't need to keep one or both of us if they get an office.

    I've been working on tasks that are quite difficult to get good numbers on and experiment by changing my tactics which cause more harm than good. I've been given the go ahead by the boss before doing so, but the numbers aren't looking so great and I'll admit I failed to pay attention to details when replying to one of his emails because I was so tired. He may think I am inadequate and may want to replace or rid of me. He asked me if I had time for a call recently (he has not called me individually since the screening process). I asked him about what subject, and he told me about using tools to optimize my performance. I think he may have wanted to grill me as well, but he did not have the time for it as he stated he was about to travel. Lately, his responses have been one word and he used to praise me. Also, he assigned the co-founder to oversee the work of me and the other woman, but I have a feeling either he or both of them don't trust me and it was a way to revoke my responsibility without singling me out. The other woman was assigned full responsibility of a new task without my help. The other woman does as she's told, and never any extras. She has made less mistakes because she does not reply to most emails or waits for others to reply before throwing in her input.

    My question is, will this company get funding and have an office by March? If so, how long will I be working there or will they fire me? I need to know if I should look for another job or if I should stay. Please help.


    I do feel that you already know that you will not be with this job for long. You are an independent person that likes to find answers on your own and will not want anyone over your shoulder. I also feel that they will not have an office until April.

    Look for another job and I see a building with green letters for a logo. Mark is a name I am to give to you to help you along the way.


  • Thank you Shuabby, you are truly a blessing in my life and I cannot thank you enough. May I ask how long before they let me go or when I should leave before getting fired? Also, should I add my bosses on LinkedIn and Facebook? They have a lot of connections and I think I may be able to benefit from it.

    Last year, you gave me a reading who my future husband would be.. but we are no longer speaking as of recent. Could you please tell me what I should do or what my outcome will be? I posted the question in the Psychic forum.

  • Ariespiscesacquarius,

    You will not get fired. You will choose to leave of your own accord. I feel in six weeks you will have another opt for a new beginning job wise. Yes, add your bosses on Facebook and Linkedin. The new job will not be far from where you now are within 6 miles is what I receive.

    Love life for you is like a roller coaster until you become settled in your career area your love life will suffer it feels like here. I see the image of a tall dark haired man in his forties as I see some gray tipping his hair. He has charm and seems to be an out doors type of man. Charlie is the name coming here to share , either his or a friend around him. He is a slow talking man and means what he says. He is rather on the quiet side, but has a lot of sex appeal for you.

    The man you are not speaking to as of recent will come around in a short while , however I do feel that you are changing and may want to just leave it as a friendship for now. You have bigger fish to fry and soon. Keep me posted and thanks for the feedback and kind words.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Shuabby, I'm sorry to bother again, but this has been stuck on my mind. Would you please tell me the alternative outcome if I tried to stay at this job for 3 years? I've been thinking about leaving the job as you've suggested and have no desire to work there anymore. But I also know that it is exactly what my co-worker(s) would want as I feel one or both of them are plotting to rid of me because they view me as a threat. If I stayed, would I work there for 3 years without being fired/laid off? I desperately need the experience and income more than anything, and am willing to settle for manipulative co-worker(s) as long as you can see me holding the position for 3 years. Also, if I choose to stay... how would that change my outcome in meeting my romantic partner you suggested above?

  • Ariespiscesaquarius,

    You have free will and can choose to stay at your present job as long as you like, with the knowledge you have of who does not like you, and that you need the experience and income is a very good reason to buck up and change some of your tactics to get along with your co-workers. I know you want to be the leader and with your Aries edge will push others out of your way to do so. Some don't push so easy is what I receive here.

    You will learn staying that you can be in the top five and be happy. There is a woman with an S in her first name that will be a good friend at work for you, and I feel you getting lighter and enjoying your environment more after meeting her if you have not already.

    The romantic partner will be there waiting for you no matter the course of job you choose to walk. In the next six months the wrinkles of life will be ironed out more smoothly for you and I really feel you will be much happier all the way around.


  • I'm seeing a big DEAD END sign. You will regret later after the fact not ending it sooner. I'm being shown two men holding up masks---so there are things not shown but believe that the hidden things do visit your dreams so write down your dreams---as you write them pay attention to "feelings" not just images. There is a female friend or aquintance that has a link to another job but you have not been close for awhile---pray for your guardian Angel to ask her Angel to whisper in her ear to call you or at least bring you two in conntact. In fact spirit says you are getting whispers but you are not hearing above the fear and over attachment to this whole job drama. Too much fear and worry. So if you can just breathe deep--let go and trust it will all work out and do not feel that anxiouse need to control--fix or please you will get intuition power back and the next job will fall into place. I get the name Michael or MICHAELS as a last name? A female name starting with a sh sound---sherry--sheila---. You have a tie to a place that sounds like fredricksville OR something hill. Someone on spirit side mentions a Boston connection. I'm seeing the government emblem---either you or someone close to you has worked in government or armed service. OR could be in the future--a man will enter your life and be tied to your love life--actually spirit says both are true. Someone from childhood--Danny or Davy? says hello. I see a white cat---thinks she's princess. Turtles? Someone was a big animal lover--always bringing home something. Someone made dolls. You have a lot of Spirits around you!! I'm getting bombarded by images. A favourite red sand bucket. Teddy bear with no eyes. Hope you can make sense of this. Biggest impression I get is you worry too much---spend more time out of your head when thoughts take over. Say time out and mean it. BLESSINGS!

  • PS--if the white cat image I got yesterday does not make sense for you---it came up TODAY for ME somewhere so it may not have been for you.

  • Blmoon - I don't know who to believe now... this makes me worry even more. Those two men holding up masks.. could those two be my bosses that I communicate with frequently? One is very charming and the other I just recently wrote an apology letter to for stepping on his toes. Am I being lied to and set up by both of them? My boss that I apologized to is still sending other people to email me instead of speaking to me himself and only communicates when it's absolutely urgent. He might have something else keeping him busy lately, or he may not like to communicate with me anymore.

    A male acquaintance took me to a job opportunity today, but I turned it down because it was not full time. When you say dead end, do you mean I will be fired soon? If so, when? When do you see them paying us, if at all? Do you see me working there for at least 3 years?

  • its always best to have a job when looking for another. listen to blmoon .... chill out ! your acting like a wired up aries ! lol ...... i wouldn't mess with the boss"s facebook friends unless you have been told the company is closing for sure and , with the boss"s blessings. again, chill and listen for hints of other jobs as blmoon says. if you keep acting so paranoid at the office you will loose your job sooner than later. put your feelers out there, keep your eyes open, its just a job ! you will find another. i bet there is something you could do on your own and do it well !.

  • Well said. Use this "event" to deal with a deeper issue than job security. The masks mean that this job with no pay is risky and requires a certien mind set to want to believe so yes your two men are not as open as can be---but they are as well treading water for a success that is iffy. They will shy away from too many questions and are mostly looking for people who do not ask much. It really is to your advantage they not get closer as you need to learn to TRUST your own GUT and wisdom and not put all your trust in what others say. Also, you can use this time to gain skills that use energy management. Careful what you fear most--you can actually draw that into your life. Spirit says COMMUNICATION is your challange. And no this job is not going to last----A part of you is not getting needs met and you will make it end. That's the part I'm not sure you are ready to see---that you do have impulses to do or say things that you do not connect to a hidden aspect of yourself. Desperation and fear take over and lead you away from clarity. It's not about changing who you are but being aware and managing that. We all go through a vulnerable stage of imagining hidden meanings into things other's do or say. Often we fear most when we do speak up or stand up for ourselves. Try just for a week or two to imagine the best or at least be nuetral. That will bring clarity. Step away from the situation--that will bring clarity. Get your mind on something else--that will bring clarity. Do you really want a job where you must please others? You want a job were others apreciate what you have to offer. Being TOO apologetic---too without boundries only attracts those who will feel that energy and take advantage. You can't be in the present and future at the same time----if you are always fixated on seeing the future you have to take your eyes off of the present--and you will miss important things. Mostly---just do your job---stop being a pleaser--stop trying to get into other's heads and stop being in a space of fear---it taints the perspective. This job calls for you to silence the emotions and listen with your HEAD. Actually, all this worry is worse than the event of losing your job----think about that---from the detached head---what are you losing, really? A dream? This is not the only dream for you. I pick up your greatest fear is always of "making a mistake"---that projects onto others that somehow you did something wrong---if you can grasp that it will move you up a great leap. You must not give power to mistakes--forgive yourself always---regrets are your enemy and serve no constructive purpose. You are too hard on yourself and so that is what you expect from others. Life filters through our own belief system about ourselves. You've heard it many times and now you must put it too action---we attract from others exactly how we treat ourselves. Stop being a perfectionist in an unforgiving way---next time you catch yourself saying silently---what did they mean by that? STOP. Say to yourself--oh I'm doing that thing I do again! Give yourself permission to learn something from this job---mistake or not and you leave empowered. Reevaluate the meaning of mistake. TRUST YOURSELF more. Interesting that you--a person who so needs security--finds herself in a job with no promises---do you see the spiritual side of this? We are drawn to situations that help us grow past issues that hold us back from full power. Step back. Detach. Listen and learn. You chose a gamble and this is what a gamble comes with---it's either for you or not----know yourself at the least. If you are a gambler than you must let go of worry. If you are NOT a gambler then what are you doing there? BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon - Thank you for being a breath of fresh air. I've taken a breather and detached myself a bit as you suggested and I do feel better. You're right - I am a perfectionist and failure is not an option for me and I don't give up, because that would be the easy route out and my life has never been easy. I am used to people being unappreciative of my efforts and emotionally abusing me so this would be no different for me if I stick with this job. My main focus is getting the experience and income so I can move up in my career and I am willing to put my feelings aside to achieve this. However, if you don't see them having an office by April and paying us by then, then I am in no way staying in this job. I am doing this job because I think the business idea is very unique and I truly believe it will succeed if we can get funding, but I refuse to wait too long without a paycheck.


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