• People, I screwed u0 somethign fierce with this man. We had a huge arguement about a year and ahalf ago. Shattered my world. I did somethings that were not nice and was hurting from a and made some bad choices. He was my best friend for 3 years. We had a huge fight.

    Well about a couple weeks ago I messaged him..and he actually responded so I guess thats a good sign. I want us to me together and knwo it will take time but I need to know what to do to bring his heart back to me. I didn't realize how much I was inl love with him until he was gone.

    I am a sagattarius female and he is a gemnini man. Im pretty blunt and brutally honest but have been told I have to kinda play the game concernign him.

    He todl me he ahs a girlried now buit i know he is lying. I knwo the girl he is talkign about and she is no where near his girlfriend good friend but she is engaged to antoher man and lives in a different state. My gut tells me he is doing this to protect himself.

    I want him to trust me enough to open his heart again. When we split he reacted in a way that was 'just firends' anger so im a little confused.

    I know it will take time but it seriously hurts on a deep level that I cant tell him that Im in love with him and how he feels about me. I just want him. 😕

    I miss him so much any pointers as to bring him back around on a romantic level?

  • Once a gemini is hurt they're hurt - we do forgive and rarely hold a grudge but we do not revisit a relationship once its gone. Geminis don't mind a bit of bluntness & honesty ...we don't like people playing mind games though. Your Gemini has forgiven you and he doesn't bear you a grudge but you won't be a couple again. The "I've got a new girlfriend" scenario, whether its true or irrelevant ,is his way of telling you "its over" without being too callous or hurtful. He is getting on with his life and you should be getting on with yours. I know you're hurting and all that, but you really need to respect his wishes now and you will meet someone who will set your heart on fire. Look to the future, learn from this relationship, and savour the best bits as a delicious memory. Your hurt will fade in time.

  • I can only give you insight to Geminis. I'm a Gemini woman and sometimes we put up a brave front and may try to seem unemotional even though inside, we're overflowing with emotion. Remember, Gemini's are dual (at least, usually there's more than a couple) personality. So what we're feeling inside and showing on the outside may be complete opposite. It's possible your Gemini guy is trying to project only a friendship vibe because he doesn't want to get hurt by you again. We're a lot more sensitive than most people realize. You just have to take it a little slow and win his trust again. Prove to him that you are his friend and truly care... but don't come on too strong or he will back off completely. I know how I am... if someone pushes me too much, I withdraw. Personally, I don't like games... I don't play them well... but I do like honesty. Show him that you are his friend and you care, but don't come on too strong. Good luck!!

  • Hi DragonFly,

    I am in the same situation. I am a Sag with a scorpio rising, capricorn moon.

    My situation sounds exactly like yours. I had a really nasty argument with my gemini friend back in early May. We didn't talk for the rest of the month. I finally contacted him for his birthday June 5th and ever since then we've only spoken briefly on the phone whenever I called him.

    We were never in a relationship, but we were very close like a relationship. He was my best friend. I feel like I messed everything up, because things are not like they use to be.

    The only thing I can tell you is to pray everyday and meditate on all the good qualities of your gemini. Ask the universe to allow him back into your life with lots of love.

    This month, I've only talked to him once and I told myself that I'm not going to keep making the first move to call. I'm gonna wait and see if he will call. If not, then I may call next month to check in with him if I feel like it.

    Geminis are very sensitive and they can spot someone being fake. So if you are really in love with him, just tell him and then you back away for a while. Let him come to you.

    Good Luck.

  • Dragonfly ,i think it is wise not to push as has already been suggested by the folks above. As much as it hurts you to let go, it is true that if you love somebody set them free.

    I would like to make a suggestion and if it doesnt work you must be strong and move on

    i would like to suggest that maybe you write a letter, dont just go head long into the i love you part take the time to explain to him your thoughts and feelings across the board of course you will tell him how much he means to you thats obvious but dont come on too hard.

    My parents have been back together for 10 years they split before i was born and i am now 38 so some things are meant to be and not always at a time that you want them.

    You need to give him time to trust you if he ever will again.

    Whatever happens keep a smile in your heart for all the good times , never regret and be bitter life is too short.

    Best of luck to you x

  • Yeah we were never in a relationship but I believe there were feelings. I know I hurt him bad but there was a thrid party involved with our arguement so he got information that was twisted and didn't know who to believe. He believed this person over me, someone he had known for three years versus three that is what I am dealing with.

    I am trying though. I'm just waiting for the right time to say anything. I'm kinda giving him his space and it seems to work ok for now. I'm not where who I was a year and ahalf ago. Him not being in my life really made me thankful for the things who he really was and that just made all my anger go away and fall right bakc in love wiht him. He always hinted at having feelings for me and I did the one thing that you shoudl never do to a Gemini..How much do you love me how much do you care for me blah blah blah so that was my boo boo.

    I think he knows the way he acted was wrong concerning how the fight started believing someone who was untruthful with him about me so i think he is doing the lay back and see what happens and he feels like a jerk. He kinda already admitted that.

    I respect him. I know it will prolly never be the same but I do care about him and my most biggest concer is his happiness thats all that matters. But all Ithink about is him and I am very intuitive and cant help but feel we arent finished yet. I have done countless readings and they say its just a matter of time before he realizes what I feel for him. I remember him making a comment about us being one jokes around about that and when i lost his friendship I felt I lost a piece of myself.

    I believe what you said. I asked the goddess that if he wasn't meant to be in my life to please just take the aganozing hurt away and keep him from responding to my email. The next day i checked my email..he wrote me back kinda venting why he was so angry with me and I was able to vent my frustrations as well. So at least that is a start and if he didn't at least care what was going on with me he would have never written back I believe.

    What I have learned about Gemini men is that they clsoe themselves off into themselves when they are debating with themselves or thinking. Sometimes it could take weeks or months to respond. they are men of very little word but when they feellike talking you cant stop them. the best thing to do wiht your gemini let him have his space. Its annoying I know IM a Sag 🙂 It bugs me but you have to keep the mystery..for once make him wonder what your doing. Gemini men always have amotive for their actions. So says some of my gemini friends..keep the faith and if you care about him just keep positive and all things comes to those who wait.

  • from a gem who's loved a sag. and always will, just tell him that you still like him and think about him, but know that you messed up and have learned a valuable lesson about yourself and relationships tell him you are greatful for that and just to remain friends. Don't tell him you still love him until you are sure he's feeling the fire again or he will just gloat at your return. Let him know how you feel (kinda) then play hard to get. IT DRIVES US CRAZY WITH CONFUSION AND ONCE WE CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU WE KNOW WE MUST FEEL SOMETHING TOO

  • Back when we had our fight, i told him exactly how I felt becasue I was so angry with him and he did just that. made it sound like it wasn' that big of a deal to him that he was losing my friendship which hurt you have no idea.

    I'm afraid to tell him anything to be honest. Over the past weekend he had an accident. I tried joking wihthim because I was so worried that's how I deal with stress I joke and he totally like wigged out. I told him I knew he was worried and that he was scared but he didnt have the righ to take it out on me. The next day he said he had no recollection of what he said and that he was sorry. I didnt have a chance to respond to him right away and with in a hour he contacted me again apologizing for what ever he said.

    I honestly don't know if I would know the signs if he was even feeling anyting for me in 'that' way. I'm oblivious to things like that to be honest. I like to be up front and honest but I know that being that way with himi will just close him off and he will seperate himself from me. It's really frustrating.

    I did learn a lot about myself after I lost him. I can honestly say that he is the first man i have been in love wit in a very long time. Imet a gentlman after our fight but not liek till almost ayear later and it didnt work out and then he came back into my life. I cry myself to sleep at night most of the time becasue I just miss him so much (my gemini) I feel stupid.

    I don't have the 'balls' to say anything to him now except the little talk we do talk. Imjust happy he is talking to me again but still doesn't lessen the love I feel for him inside. Its frustrating.

  • You know what, I just text my Gemini this past weekend and simply said: "I love you." Then I backed away and said nothing else. A few hours later he text me back asking how I was doing? So my point is just be honest and up front, then back away.

    Do this and let me know what he says. Just simply say " I love you, (name)" Just text him and see what happens. Trust me it works. But only do it if you truly feel this way. Like I said earlier, Geminis can sniff fakeness.

  • I truly do, I am just scared. Afraid of being rejected. I will think about it though. And let you knwo the out come 🙂

  • DragonFly, I am a Sag female having my first relationship with a Gemini man. It is different than any I have ever experienced. He was the one who initiated everything from the first contact to the saying I love you part...anyway, we been a couple for about 7 months and had a really big argument (he wasn't clear what the argument was about) it was about distance and spending time together since we live an hour & 1/2 apart...and when we finally talked a couple weeks after the argument I basically told him that I wasn't sure it was going to work and he left it up to me to make the decision...I opted to end it and just remain friends (sags are famous for that lol) we text each other once in a while with basic everyday stuff and then about 3-4 weeks later he called and said he rearranged his schedule and would like to make it work, and we are giving it a shot.

    the basic of this scenario is that I gave him his space after telling him how I felt and let him marinate in it and figure out what he wanted to do.

    but like I said this is my first Gemini man so this may not work for all of them...also I guess it depends on the level you two were on before all this happened

    I know my Gemini is forgiving and communicates well but will not forgive certain things (infidelity is the one I know of because he won't forgive his ex or talk to her)

    I agree what the others were saying that Gemini's are sensitive and as blunt Sag's we should take care not to speak before we think or act...

    I think its good advice to go on with your life and if he decides he wants to open up the friendship/relationship again he will and that will be the added bonus

    either way I wish you the best

  • I myself am a pisces who is falling in love with a gemini. I met him alitttle over 8 years ago and we have always been really good friends there has always been an attraction but neither one of us has ever acted on it til the other night now both of us are single he has been for alittle over a year now and I have just got out of mine 2 months ago so naturally I dont want to just rush right back into a relationship just yet even though I have honestly wanted to be with this gemini for quite awhile I did express this to him the other night just to be honest and upfront like we have always been with each other I basically told him I want a realtionship without the relationship you know going to the movies, hanging out, maybe an occassional sleep over now and then and I told him I only want to be with him but I'm also going to wait my own space from time to time even though he said he wanted the same his eyes and his face said different I do want to be with him but we have been friends for over 8 years and well let me just say that hes a fucking player so I dont want to get hurt or be treated like he other girls and at the same time I'm worried that if things dont work outwhat about our friendship? I just know that I did see a different part of him that I have never seen before gentle,sweet, just adorable but I cant help but wonder if hes charming me to get what he wants this overall is a hard one for me bacause never in a million years would I have ever even seen myself even kissing this guy let alone sleeping with him. I just need some advice on what to say and do so I dont end up ruining a friendship or rushing a relationship because I have wanted to be with him but up unti lthis point was never possible someone please help out this fish I'm a fish out of water at this point .........

  • Well I emailed him 'Just wanted to let you I was thinking about you and that I care about you. Hope your healing fast and feeling better.' He responded that he didn't want me to think anything was wrong but he was kinda out of it and thinking about what people are saying (? not sure what that means) and that he was being put to the test (again not sure what that means either lol) but at least he didnt wif but Im not writing him back though Im gonna let him have his space.

  • Well Gemini's males tend to have an eye for beauty so they will look regardless if they are attached. Not all will cheat but they do appreciate a beautiful woman. Gemini men are known for their charm and sometiems even manipulative ways.

    My Gemini man is very sweet, incredibly attractive even though he as the 'I am old and baldheaded issue with big ears' (he is ten years older than me) But for a man his age he is very good looking and very sweet. I feel lucky and privelged to have met him ont he level I have not so much as a friend but on a spiritual level, and emotinoal level. He has his moments where I would liket obeat him with a spatuala but I get over it because the minute he make sme laugh all the anger dissappears. He is the only one I feel I can be myself around.

    lately though becasue of our past issues I'm kinda learning to be a lot more gentle with what I s ay and how I say it becasue if ya'll knw Sag's O.O we are blunt little buttholes. BUt honestly I think he repsects the fact that I hold my own and don't let him rollercoaster over me and I think he appreciates my independace and the fact that I am 'real'. I am hoping things will get better between us not so much being the same as they were but hopefulyl a closer relationship one that is meshes well.

    I have a lot of hope becasue I truly love this man. I just hope he can see that in time. I never was unfaithful to him becasue we were never together but I was dealing with a bad divorce and things got all crossed and a third party was telling him things abotu it that wasn't true so it has been a difficult ride.

  • gemini pisces is a rough combo.... it can be done... i've done it for 30 yrs ! help!!!!! lol

  • LISTEN TO ME!!!! Do NOT tell this man you love him HE ALREADY KNOWS!!!

    Show him you love him and let him work, worry, and wait for your confirmation, I KNOW GEMINI MEN!!! They laugh at emotion and weakness because it's GAME OVER (you loose). We have to loose to love. Be strong have faith we love sag's (every gem has a sag love of life) make him laugh keep it fun and let him loose. Then you will have him.

  • Gemini's are not THAT sensitive, we like a good fight from someone who can take it as well as dish it out. I miss that about my sag ex we would yell and scream then make up and make love neither of us remembering what was said but both of us feeling glad that everything was out in the open, there for over. If a gemini pretends that they just can't forgive something you said, they're full of it. Sometime when we just aren't "feeling it" any more we'll act out in a way that will begin a fight, setting you up to end the relationship and only have yourself to blame it on. "No I don't want to be with you because you said.....". I've played that trick seen it played, and never fall for it. Just don't say "it's over" or "f you" or any thing too final. Then when they try to put words in you mouth (like we always do) you say "I never said that, what's really going on"? Forcing them to have to speak their truth or continue in the relationship.

  • Nah I haven't told him I love him. I'm kinda giving him his space and see what happens. We did have alittle tiff the past weekend casue of somethign he said so I told him like it is and said he didn't have to take it out on me. Man did that have him sorry real fast.

    After the things I have experienced I don't want to tell him anything about my feelings becasue I've been burned to many times. I haven't heard from him in a week but I figure when he wants to talk to me he will. And it will make him wonder why I haven't got ahold of him.

    Its just frustrating is all cause I have no patience but I will work on it becasue I want to be with him so bad. I'm 28 years old playing high schoool games it seems like but I do love him. To be honest we have had more goods times then bad and he ALWAYS brings a smile to my face becasue his sarcasm is freakin' awesome. Plus now when we do argue or hav a tiff I'm not afraid to say what I think to him and I say it then dissappear that kinda puts him on edge I think. I dont mean to do it but either I take my space or im gonna tear him a new a hole lol.

    I know it takes time to build trust but like I said I just want him 😕 sigh but MORE importantly i want him to want to be with me for me and be happy not just because I want him to be.

  • This post is deleted!

  • If it's anything I have leanred over the past 9 months it has defintely been that you have to let go and just live your life and then when you least expect it there he will be. I have finally just let go and said I dont care anymore I'm tired of trying to figure out these geminis I'm a pisces myself and I find that I do have alot in common with geminis the only problem I have is they learn and love just alittle too late for me I have had this happen to me twice now where I actually just gave up and moved on and then the geminis in my life show up everywhere and call all the time just last night I got 2 private call in a row so I pick up the phone and said absolutely nothing and mind you this is 1:30 in the morning so I picked it up and listened and then hung up and not even a minute later I get a text are you sleeping from my gemini that I was exclusive with last month but was stuck in a love triangle so I let it be I havent called or texted in alittle over 3 weeks and then this morning he hits me up but at 130 in the morning stop this is not a open all night kitchen come and grub as you please the kitchen does close at a decent hour so I never responded back to him and never called him back and I wont just like I will never get what I want from him which is loyalty, honesty, and love and affection. So I wish you the best in your situation but it all honesty your better without them then you are trying to hang out to something that wants to me let go.

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