Psychic insight please! Have I met my soulmate in dreams?

  • Hello,

    I am aware of the theory that we all have many many many soulmates in life (and I do agree!). I'm referring to the kind that is meant for a romantic connection here. I have had a few dreams in the past year or two about this young man who I know in my dream is a romantic partner. I have a sense of his energy, I can see his physical form up to his neck but nothing above, I know who he is to me but I don’t know anyone like this.

    In the most recent dream (last april/may), I saw us walking down an aisle of some sort, my family members are on the sidelines watching. He’s holding my hand as we walk together towards another man who sort of feels like some kind of authority figure…

    I had this knowing that he'd chased/courted me, was very assertive and driven about it, and now we were together. I knew his ethnicity, some general personality traits, and that he's The One in a sense...then I'd wake up. I can't remember the other two dreams before it anymore, it was a while ago. But right after this third dream, the same day/night, I thought to myself and asked my guides to show me his face because I was so curious. All I ever saw in dreams was me standing next to him and the scene above my head was essentially cut off like if a camera lense were just focused on me (which means I never saw his face since I think I'm around his shoulder level)...

    Soon after I started meditating on this thought, an image of a young man's face/neck/shoulders flashed in my mind for a few seconds with a name spoken by a voice. I don't know anyone by that name and anyone who looks like him right now.

    My first boyfriend (already broken up recently) had the same name but as his middle name, the ethnicity was different though (however, in the vision...the ethnicity appeared a bit mixed which was surprising). I remember something told me to ask him what his middle name was and I was so sure it'd be the same one, and it was!

    I just would like to know if I made this guy in my dreams/waking vision up? Is it somehow related to my first ex-bf or was it a coincidence? Around the time that I had the dream, I had a knowing that I'd meet someone special when I would be between the age of 23-24, someone through a mutual friend, someone from out of state originally, a few years older than I, and I ex. So...I'm not sure what to think about the whole thing.

    Anyone have a message for me about this?


  • I think it's a spiritual message for you esp since a dream. Myself, I'm very face-oriented. So, for me it would be kinda frightening. I get a feel that your concentrating on the ceremony, you're already there, everyone else but the other person is incomplete. That's all I have.

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  • Daliolite: Oh, so you feel that it's more of a message about my own spiritual path as opposed to the dreams pointing to an actual person I may meet when I'm awake? The other person is incomplete meaning he's not ready to meet me or the person I'd envision for myself isn't quite solid yet (ie: I'm figuring out what kind of partner is best for me in life)?

    I have a tarot deck at home actually...but I don't think i've ever used it in regards to this...for some reason.

  • I'm really attracted to people's faces it was odd at first that I couldn't see his in my dreams. Even more weird to me when I got such a clear view of it when I asked (but haven't been able to get Anything since then!!)

  • Yes, I think it's regarding your own spiritual path.

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