Watergirl - can I get your insight please?

  • Hi, sorry I'm trying to cover all my bases as I am 100% unsure of where to turn next.

    i don't know if I should be forgetting the man I considered to be my soulmate. He very suddenly ended our relatinoship just before New Years and I am unsure as to why, the reason he gave me was different to the ones he gave his friends last weekend.

    I love him with all my heart. Howver if he is never going to return, I don't know what to do... Could you please give me some insight?

  • Hi Shorty,

    What I am getting is that this relationship was (as all relationships are) a learning opportunity for both of you. However, it seems to have resulted in a bitter lesson. I feel like there are family issues here - a son? Someone was stubborn and controlling - wanting their own way and possibly being overly manipulative to get it. This man you love has given his power away and is allowing others to make his choices in life for him. This has left you stunned, confused and sometimes even bitter. What is coming through very strongly for you is to release your grip as it is keeping you stuck rather than moving forward in life. I know you feel that you have been treated unfairly or even robbed of what is rightfully yours, but holding on to this feeling is causing only YOU to suffer. Holding on to any bitterness or perception of unfairness - keeping that tight grip - is what you must focus on releasing. Allow the sorrow to flow through you instead of fighting it so you can release it. I received the throat chakra card reversed as your best course of action as well as a "Listening" card reversed as the long-term potential of this relationship. It seems you need to cut off communication - that includes speaking to others about him to try to find out what he is doing or feeling. Let it go and focus on yourself. You to deserve to be happy and yes, at some point suffering does become optional. Embrace your future and the possibility of new love entering your life.



  • Oh Watergirl how my readings have changed 😞 A few weeks ago, they were all indiating he would come to his senses and return to me!

    In the past month I have not attempted to contact him in any way, not even through our mutual friends to find out how he is.... However I still feel he is my soulmate, is the one and needs to return back to my arms 😞

  • Shorty, dearheart, you know you will have many soulmates in this lifetime - not just one. Your reading showed a lot of strife over communication - are you sure you are not keeping tabs on him and his life through others? Your reading also showed that you cannot continue to hold onto the thought of him coming back to you as it is keeping you stuck in the mud. Honestly, in the rare instances where a reunion and reconciliation does occur, it is ALWAYS because the woman has continued to move on with her life and NEVER because she is sitting, pining, and WAITING for him to return. In the first case, the woman is happy and shining her light and attracting love to her. In the latter, she is suffering and her light has been doused. Be good to yourself!!

  • I have been certainly working on myslef and my own life - I only let thoughts of him creep in at night. I am not clinging daily to him coming back, merely hoping that one day it will be possible as there was nothing bad between us.

    His friends have tried to communicate their despair to him as they feel he has made the wrong choice, however I do not ask for this to be relayed back to me - I certianly don't look at his facebook or any other method of communication. All I hope is one day he will apologise and come home

  • I think you need to take a step back from his friends for a while. This is the communication that is showing up as something you need to detach from. Even if they have good intentions, it just leads to mental strife for you. Besides, it will tend to be other people's judgments and perceptions and not necessarily the truth. Say "no" to drama for now. If they bring him or the situation up to you just politely ask them to cease and desist as it is not healthy for you.

    I know it's hard, but you do not have any control over your ex's free will and choices. Do yourself a favor and make a concerted effort to change your thoughts to something else whenever you do start to think about him. The attachment keeps you in lower vibrational energies which is not good for you. It sounds trite, but you will feel such a weight lifted off of you when you surrender and release this situation to the Powers that be.

    Focus your energies on being happy - regardless of whether or not you have this or any other man in your life.



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