Daliotlite - Should I forget my Capricorn "Soulmate"?

  • Hi there 🙂

    My partner and I were together and had a wonderful relationship - until he suddenly ended it just before New Year's. I believe it was his mother's interference, that is the reason he gave me - however he told one of his friends last weekend that we "wanted different things from the relationship". To his friends he is a compulsive liar - though he was truthful with me, always - and they aren't sure waht to thin.

    I was certain this man was my soulmate. We were incredibly happy together until his mother got involed towards the end. Can you shed some insight as to whether I should give up on him?

  • Yes, I'll do a general reading. I'll be back--may not be today.

  • Thank you so much!

  • Well, this guy surely was a soulmate to you. This is quite an emotional time for you as you saw him as "the one." However, he isn't "the only" one. Your present situation is pointing to exactly what you said. In your challenges position, you have high hopes and it's not panning out. I believe your already over the denial and are in the process of moving on. The good news is that you have tons of positive energy and the future looks very bright.

    Over this reading is the Fool. Embarking on a new journey. Free-will. Paired with the Chariot in outcome/Magician/Strength conquering and much success. You have quite a few life lessons to learn.

    A positive group of friends that will help you. Avoid battles with words/confrontations. I'm getting to remain low-key, if you can relate to that. There is going to be change esp. w/words confrontation. Turn-away and continue on.

    Shows you in present as getting in-touch with your emotions. A wait and see approach. This reading definately shows you on a different--better journey.



    present--queen of cups

    situation--10 of cups

    challenges--10 of coins



    blocks--7 of cups

    friends--6 of rods

    advice--5 of swords


    In your blocks position--all of your choices at present will turn out to be blessings in future!

  • I should be happy that it shows me on a better one, but I'm not. every reading I've had has pointed that him and I truly are kindered spirits and will be reunited.

    This is my ultimate dream and I don't know how to go about it and if I should pursue it..

  • My reading is for you, what's best for you. There is no doubt about the way you feel for him. This speaks volumes in the present. Reading relates a successful future. Don't relate a reconciliation. In fact, 5 of swords in advice points to walking away, avoiding verbal conflict etc. Do have some strong allies in friends. They will help. I'm getting to surround yourself w/ones who will help in future. Opposing forces. What you need to take away from this, I feel, is that this situation is in opposition to what's best for you. Believe in yourself, you'll be ok. Better relationships in future. Not now, not w/him.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Can you do a reading for me please I also have some concerns regarding a Capricorn man. We have spoken on the phone nearly everyday for 3mpnths now since we met on a night out was a weird encounter like we had an instant connection but we havent met up again yet. I have reservations as I know that he isnt looking for anything serious and although Im not really very good at long term relationships I am looking for at least more than a fling. I have told him where I stand and he still continues to call. We get on so well and I have never found it easier to talk to someone but should I leave it there if we want different things. Also sometimes he infuriates me I dont think I have ever been so angry over little things that he sometimes says. Feeling puzzled would greatly appreciate your input.

    Our birth details are as follows;

    Me : 2nd September 1987. 20:15 bury st edmunds, sufffolk, england, uk

    Him: 29th December 1986 birth time unknown, bedford, bedfordshire, england, uk

    Love and light,


  • Hmm! I am certainly surrounded by allies and basically walked away from him because I'm sick of his childishness after our split.

    I'm wondering, if he returned to his usual self (he has changed so much from family pressure, I barely recognise him) would that be considered new? I don't want him back in his current state but if he were to wake up and be that wonderful man again... Would it be worth it? He is amazing, and we have been friends such a long Time it would seem a waste to throw all that away forever

  • Shorty--You'll find a wonderful state. I'm bad w/break-ups myself. Is someone taking a new career.

  • I sort of am, yes but we are both studenst at university

  • Your cards and the placement of them could indicate travel. Especially in future events. You may already know what I'm talking about. After this period of growth, (Strength), things will take off for you.

  • Thanks Daliolite I really appreciate your time and effort 🙂 All I can do is keep working on myslef ad hope bub comes home (or someone better comes along!)

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