• Ok, I have a question, please don't think I am crazy, but I have had three different psychics over the years tell me I am clairvoyant, but they have also included that, most all people are, most people just don't know how to tune into it. However, I had one psychic say that if I exercised my abilities, I would be able to tune in to my gift. I wish I could remember exactly what was told to me. Its been some years.

    Some things have been going on, that has brought these past conversations back to the for-front of my mind. So I guess what I am asking is, how do I know and what are the signs that I might have this gift?

  • The psychics were right - everyone has the gift of psychic vision but few chose to consciously use it. We are all born naturally psychic - children have it very strong. But because of this ability getting a bad rep, people toss aside their gift. Like a muscle in the body, if you don't use it, it atrophies. Revive it by practising trying to pick up other people's vibes and feelings and if you feel comfortable, ask them if you were right. Or practise in other ways like trying to feel who is on the other end of a unanswered phone call or unopened letter etc. Practice makes perfect!

  • And look up all the other types of psychic ability on the web. Clairvoyance is only 'seeing' things, there is clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), mediumship, and many other ways psychic ability can manifest.

  • I have always shrugged off this feeling that something is about to happen, way before it does. When I say shrug it off, I don't explore it, to see if I can tell what is about to change or happen. It's is almost a dayshavoo feeling....

    I have sight in dreams....I think...

    I have felt the presents of those who have passed on.........

    Where do I go from there, I wonder?

  • Practice, practice, practice using your ability - and ask people for feedback to see if you were right.

  • Mediation & practice will help you. Always ask for assistance from your higher source. Do you see shadow people? Is there paranormal things going on at your home.

  • I have seen shadow people. I have had paranormal experiences, I have even experienced an entity who has used me to hide in, I know that all sounds crazy, it sounds crazy to me as well. I don't talk to people much about this stuff, because the few times I have, I have gotten negative feedback and so I keep it to myself.

    I have also seen an actual manifestation of an earthbound spirit. I have heard a spirit call out, make breathing noises and whimpers.

    Heavy feelings in my upper respiratory, meaning having difficulty breathing, a heaviness on my chest, when a presents is near, like my energy is being drained.

    Again, I know this all sounds crazy.......

  • I guess you haven't read some of the posts on this forum, then. 🙂 We often discuss the very things you say sound crazy and many of us have experienced such manifestations so frequently in our lives that they seem commonplace. You are not alone and you are not crazy - just sensitive to what is going on around you. There is so much more to this world than many people realize but they are too wrapped up in their own concerns to notice - or too afraid.

  • Which forums would I find these discussions in? I hate feeling like an outsider and I do want to understand what I am experiencing and what I have been experiencing since I was very young.

    My house isn't the only place I have experienced things. It has been in the middle of a walk in a town square, at an abandoned house in the middle of no where. Things have came to me in dreams.I've visited friends and came up with names and situations that have happened to someone who has passed away and are now earthbound. There are so many things and some I have forgotten, due to pushing it aside, because I didn't want people to think I was crazy.

    It seems though, since the death of my husband 4 years ago and the fact that I am letting go of what others think, I am finding my experiences more frequent and vivid, to what they use to be.

    Yet, I still get side ways glances and disbelief from anyone I have tried to talk to about such things. I do and have always believed that there are things in this world, besides the physical that go on. Of course I have always believed in God and all that means, but I believe there is more then that in which we have been taught in Sunday School.

  • Aries,

    You are not crazy! You are not alone, you have a gift and the spirit is trying to communicate with you.Im not sensing you are in any danger, I feel that this femal is trapped and is trying to communicate with you. She needs to be crossed over but this can be sometimes a tricky thing for the enexperienced .I want u to know you are not alone, I have seen and experienced things as a small child. Currently, im on my phone & its not making it easy to reply to you with more in depth conversation, as soon as I get to my pc tomorow I will add some more info for you. Always vision yourself in a bright white light

  • Look in the Psychic section for discussions on this topic.

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