Spiritual input needed

  • Sometimes when I pray often seems like I'm attacked spiritually. Yesterday morning before I got up, had this vision in my head of 3 rings w/ no stones in them. That eve went to the Sat vigil mass at a church I don't normally attend but is closer to me. During the first gospel reading my cell phone went off. I thought I shut it down. It rang again. The priest addressed the situation by saying the way he liked to turn one off is with nails and a mallet pinned to the wall. This was just too much for me so I left and went to my church.

    I did call the church and said I was sorry, I forgot to turn it off. He returned my call. He said that he didn't say nails. He said he was thinking how to kill a vampire and he said with a mallet and stake. I, in turn, asked him if he had a demon. He, in turn, said he had to hang up. He did say that he was joking. How wierd. To me, seemed ironic he would use mallet and stake in church.

  • Spirit was saving you from this 'priest' and his church by using your cell phone to get you out.

  • Yes, I was too much in shock mode to even see this.

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