Leo man Pisces woman Confusion! Please advice needed

  • So I am Pisces sun, rising sag cap moon. Leo was born 5/08/1982 not sure about his time of birth/

    I would REALLY appreciate some advice please.

    I am seeing a Leo man, who said upfront at the start he is in no rush to be in a relationship having not long (3months) come out of one. he says he ended it but I have my suspicions.

    We are just a bit of fun at the moment have been seeing him almost every weekend since December. When we are together its like i'm his girlfriend just for the eve/night we share icecream, long chats, make eachother laugh. I decided to try and make him jealous by telling him i was dating someone else he did seem a bit jealous but said i should go for it. After 3 weeks of him not asking to see me and shunning off my attempts to meet we finally met last night as usual at his. He asked me if i was still seeing him and I said no. I've told him i missed him and we do txt almost every day, have done since we met.

    he calls me his love, and we are very affectionate with eachother. Now it seems he is flirting with girls on his facebook and its making me upset as I really falling for him. is he doing this to get me back? is he trying to make me jealous? or does he not care about me at all?

    He has been rather distant by not replying to my texts he usually txts back but he hasn't and i'm not sure why. I am no full on, clingy and i've been playing it cool acting like im okay with just being fun buddies but I don't think he likes me and i would like to know if it looks like his feelings are growing for me and maybe he's holding back because hes scared of love? ive told him he was cold once and he got defensive and said he acts like that to 'protect himself'

    Do you think its likely that we will ever be together or shall i stop seeing him because he told me not fall in love with him and i said i wouldnt. i am considering the Softly Softly catchee monkey apporach.. or shall i end it now?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated please.



  • pleaseeeeeeeeeee someone help

  • I emailed him and I asked what was up he messaged on facebook and said 'hey u nothing not ignoring u but i cant send messages

    sis is here now we are going to nandos

    my phone cant send messages atm i mean, its playing up'

    then he went..............i am in love it hurts i wish someone could give me some unbiased advice please 🙂

  • it seems he is not ready for relationship, still into his ex

    try to see other people in the weekend, take your mind off him and see how he takes it

    you said you have your suspicion about his previous relationship

    I'd suggest you listen to it. I used to have the same suspicion about someone's story and it's proven right.

  • Thankyou Leoscorpion. That advice has given me the perspective I needed. I totally agree. He's not for me. Thanks again

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