Help with interpreting a reading?

  • I did a self-healing potentials reading to get more insight into my personal development that I've gone through last year. This is what I got:

    1. Self (your needs, feelings, hopes, motivations) - 10 wands

    2. Situation (general environment, the set of influences that surround you and affect your relationship with yourself) - 4 swords

    3. Advice (offers guidance on how you relate to your personal path of healing and spiritual development) - 3 pentacles

    4. Family Patterns (points to some kind of inherited talent or resource you can draw upon for your personal development) - 10 cups

    5. Personal Issues (reflects unresolved issues that could cause you to unconsciously undermine your personal growth) - ace wands

    6. Challenges/ Opportunities (reflects how you can use creativity and skill to turn spiritual challenges into growth opportunities) - 7 cups

    7. Potential (gives a hint of your healing potential) - knight pentacles

    Can someone please shed some light on the meaning? Thank you!

  • Hello:

    I went over your cards and this is how I read them:

    10 Wands: You are struggling with several important issues in your life. Things are hard. You sometimes feel like you can’t see your way clear. You need focus. Bad things do come to an end. Try simplifying your life.

    4 Swords: You are waiting for something outside or far off to happen. In the meantime, you are not moving forward. You are stuck in one place. Yes, there is hope for things to start moving along but you have to start taking action

    3 Pentacles: Become the architect of your life and how you would like to be. Develop your own “brand”. Start writing down or journal how you would like to be after all this internal work. Create a vision board. Learn visualization techniques to manifest how you envision yourself as you wish to be.

    10 Cups- You may want to emulate the happiness you have witnessed in some families. They may embody what you would like to achieve – happiness in relationships and prosperity. Document the details of this idea, putting in all into your own words. This will clarify what you wish to see take place in your own life

    Ace Wands: You may have many new ideas and not follow through. Select the one thing you would like to accomplish where you feel you can invest the most of your time and energy. Rely on tools to keep this dream invigorated and it will be successful with all you put into it.

    7 cups: Become more grounded in reality. See life and people for what they are. Do not be envious – “all that glitters…”. Create your own foundation based on reality. People may be happy but everyone has their own set of problems. Everyone has their own way of dealing with things and we never know what goes on behind closed doors. This may be filled with clichés but is real life. See it for what it is or you will always chase after the non-existent.

    Knight of Pentacles- You have the tools you need, now it is time to move forward. You need to give yourself permission to do so. Be brave and take action.

    I think the Knight of Pentacles says it all. You have done a lot of internal work over the past year. You are ready to start putting all that work into action. Create a clear and real vision for yourself and start moving forward. The time is right.

    Well wishes on your new path.


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