I would like to share what I was compelled to write called (WHY)

  • Coming home from work , walking in back door a voice tells me to write a poem . Never having a thought or a clue of such , I write three , not sure its poetry but in form at least . Hope you can give thoughts to my writings . I DO BELIEVE BY THE WAY . Thank - You , This is called "WHY" .


    In this world we come to KNOW . To learn new lessons , to let the spirit grow . For this life we made a plan , remembered only briefly , sifted away like sand . We anger we sorrow just wondering why - why we chose a life of this ? Still we don't remember WE picked this place ., to struggle and puzzle ..... now... ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY !!

    Through this life we muddle along , we live we learn and time goes on . Every experiance a lesson , the soul on tour . we question our existence and sometimes we cry . As we search for answers , turning over every stone . We pray , we seek , but still we wonder and try . What is our purpose ...And... why is the sky so high ?? So many questions so few true answers . Events unexplainable , no words could describe . What good could be extracted from all this horror displayed ? Lessons to be learned from these terrible things . No earthly explaination ....now ... ONLY THE SPIRIT KNOWS WHY !

    The further we grow the more we know ,the souls only mission is to be like our maker . To love without judgement , to have true faith . Enlighten the soul so the spirit can fly . To feel worthy of looking GOD in the eye . To be the image from which we were molded . We quest to live up to the glory of the stories unfolded. To meet our maker proud and true ! All for the sake of proclaiming ....



    Written 11-11-11


    Feed back apprieciated , hope you enjoy .

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