• Quest no i thank you for being open to this Oh Bless him how sad yes that makes sense now , sometimes i actually feel their pain but he was showing me a satin pillow instead how lovely of him,. He is telling me the name Tony does this makes sense ? I feel that Tony could be in spirit as well as he telling me we are together .

    Lov eand hugs Loap:)

  • Loap, My sister seems to remember he knew someone called Rick or Rake, she met him once and she thinks he also died... Tony does not ring a bell either. The person he wanted to be with when he died was out mother... he had dreams of her coming to get him... My sister confirmed the white satin pillow and the fact that he was propped up in his coffin.

    What I find really strange is that he should want to tell us that he is with someone I don't know, I don't see in what that could be important... I wish he would have a message or something... Is he happy?

    Love and Hugs


  • Quest ,

    Yes Ricki is important to him , he is smiling at me now he is not alone on the other side there are others he is saying , he is saying the words what sounds like To Me To me To me over and over i am asking him what this means and he is showing me himself dancing does this make sense at all ? His energy is not very strong today i feel he is satisifed thathe made a connection . Is the name Tommy relevant by any chance ? Sorry i dont want to seem as if i am pulling names out of thin air its the To me he was saying i think it could be a name .

  • Again, Tommy does not say anything to me.... Yes, I suppose it could be a name... He liked dancing very much and he was a very good dancer. Unlike me !!!

  • Quest ,

    I am glad you can relate to the dancing , im sorry his messages are coming through muffled did he like the jacksons at all ? He is showing me a double story house or flat and the living room is down below he is pointing to what looks like a yellow couch he said he sits here and listens does this make sense ?

  • This could be my flat... the couch is a pinkish beige... he could listen to my (rare) discussions with my husband about divorce for example... or something else when I ma not here. I am not here often. What does the living room look like?

    I don't know if he had developed a taste for the Jackson but off hand I would not have thought so.

  • Quest ,

    Ijust want to say you are spot on he has been listening i feel he is with you sitting couch , i dont know if this makes sense he is showing magazines all across the floor like someone is laying on the floor reading them and iam seeing a tartan blanket on the couch. I I am seeing stares to my right from where the couch is .i feel he wants you to know you are not alone , and you will if you have not already feel his presence .

  • Loap,

    I have not felt his presence. The magazines don't make any sense... Although I own a couple of tartan blankets, they are not and never have been on the couch...

    Do you mean you see "stars" ? To your right, are you facing the couch?

    I imagine he wants to help me, but in what way?

  • I have also had classical music on quite a bit in that room but I have not been sitting there apart from the three times I tried to discuss things with my husband and yesterday evening when I was talking with a long distance friend on Skype for well over an hour....

  • Dear LinvingonaPrayer,

    I am desperately in need of a reading. My ex husband (09.06) and I (07.20) divorced in January 2012. I was definitely very hurt by this as I loved this man with all my heart. However, when issues surfaced, he did not do anything (literally) to redeem the marriage. We did not even sit to discuss resolving the issue (he cheated on me and I found out). He moved out of my residence in January 2012 after which he and I never communicated again. Then in July, he texted me wanting to know if I will sign a Power of Attorney for him to renew the tag to a truck I gave him as part of our divorce. I was very kind to him and gave him what he needs (car, laptop and money) to move out. I told him to send me the truck title to sign it over to him so that he can get the truck registered in his name. Anyway, the exchange was direct and short. Then last week, he said he was coming back to town (he left the State and is now 19 hours away - driving), ,and would like to know if he can see me. I said ok. He also said he would like to pick up any mail for him that has accumulated at my residence. Then he asked again if I will sign a Power of Attorney. I said no. He then text me to leave his mail out in the mail box. I did the morning before I left to work. He did indeed pick up the mail that day so he was in town. Never heard a word from him.

    I need the reading to tell me the following:

    Has he really moved on to where he is not even reconsidering me in his future plans?

    What does my outlook on a relationship look like? Am I doomed in the relationship department or is there hope?

    Please help me!


  • Quest

    Sorry I meant see stairs not stars , I will leave it at that for now if you want to ask him to show me something please do anything ive said that doesnt make sense might come in the future. I just want to let you know i was chatting to a freind on skype and experienced paranormal activiity . Strange noises were interefering with our conversations ., she went to make a coffee and there was this loud vaccuming noise i literally jumped out of my seat it was that loud ,when she came back she said except for the kettle nothing else was on in her house . .

    Have a good Sunday

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Loap,

    If you are facing the couch, the stairs are behind the couch but yes, to the right!!!

    At this point I can't think of anything I would like him to show you... I would just like to understand his message... if he contacted you, it must be for a reason... and an important one at that. ...

    My Skype conversation with this friend was mostly about his separation process from his wife and my own situation... He is clearly looking for a relationship with me and I am not at all sure of that... I am still in love with my infamous Ex... no news from him!

    Thank you so much for all your efforts. I hope we can somehow make sense of this...

    Sweet dreams


  • Loap,

    My sister confirmed that he did like the Jacksons especially Mike...! Why did you ask?



  • Hi Quest ,

    He was showing me Michael Jackson dancing wearing a white suit and hat as well like in Michaels smooth criminal filmclip . I am not seeing him now i feel he just wanted to let you know he is around and looking over you all . Here is a link to Michels video that is how he described his suit .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Dam i cant do it if you google it you will see the white suit sorry

  • Thank you Loap. No worries. I see the suit. I don't understand the relevance of all that... In a way it would be like him... all sorts of seemingly unrelated things, but I would have thought that if he went through all this trouble, he would have some specific message... it is worse than interpreting one's dreams... 🙂

    Hope you are having a nice day and your children have not killed each other over the weekend... We are having a heat wave here...

    Love and Hugs


  • LOAP, please let me know if you are willing to look into my request for help. Keep coming on here and don't see a response from you. Please help! Rosie

  • RosietheCrab,

    You should start your own thread for LivingonaPrayer. I am sure she will answer you.


  • Thank you. I appreciate the direction. Blessings to you too!

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