• Hi Quest for light ,

    You are welcome where abouts are you from?

  • Up over? Europe that is. All the Aussies I know are wonderful people. I even had an Australian boy friend once... when I was young... !

  • Thanks for your kind words about us aussies we are really laid back well most of us are anyway , now i havent done any cards yet as i am so flat out so where abouts in Europe are you i feel a spain connectioin around you an you relate to this ? I understand if you dont want to say .

    Also i am still happy to another reading for you but feel you ask the Captain for a reading on your partner as she is psychic intuitive , maybe she could help you more as she is very good st what she does .

    Love and hugs 2 u LOap:)

  • Wow! That was good! I am not exactly in Spain now but I was born there and I do have many ties with that country, lots of connections. That is amazing!

    If you would be so kind, I would rather you did the reading for my partner. The Captain is no doubt very good, but her style does not attract me at all. Maybe that explains her screen name... I was drawn to you because you are compassionate and I trust your sensitivity. I thought that your feelings and the tarot would be a good combination. But if you would rather not, don’t worry, I understand.

    I hope you are feeling better now and not suffering too much from the heat. I find that when it is really hot and I don’t have a pool to jump in, having a cool long bath helps lower the body temperature and it really helps. It has got much warmer here but there is little light.

    Love and hugs,


    Some lovely flowers to brighten your day/evening...

  • To Livingona Pray

    Hello and how are you doing. I have not been able to get on the site it would not let me on and the other I tired and it let me on. I have a question about a five card spread I did. The question was about moving. But some of the cards have me a little confusued. Can you please help me.

    Card 1. The Moon

    Card 2. 4 of Wands

    Card 3. The Lovers

    Card 4. 9 of Cups

    Card 5. 2 of Cups

    Ok I no there is no pentacles and no swords. There are two major aracana cards. Those are major cards that I should look at. The moon to me means there is something that is not right like: there is a lady that as been calling me about a apt and I have not when to go and see it because I have had surgery and my nephew killed hisself. So I just have not gone. But I think that some of the things she may be saying could not all be true because of the moon card.

    Then the 4 of Wands I know that this is a action card meaning something in the making very soon. like a sense of commetment so this is a good card. Then the lovers there is going to be a choice i am going to have to make. Then the 9 of cups this is the wish card a very good card like my wish is going to come true. And the 2 of cups is the one I have the trouble with I know it means emotions and to mean it means like a relationship.

    So the whole story is saying that there may be something that I need to pay attention to they may not be telling me the whole truth about the apt like saying it will be there when I need it and it really will not be available and I will have to make some kind of choice but things will turn out really good for me. I will find the place that I want. But now the thing that I don't understand is why did I get two cup and the lovers card when I was talking about moving because they really don't have anything to do with moving. THey have more to do with relationships

    Can you please help me to understand more thanks so much Illona

  • Blackladydiver,

    I see that you have been very busy on this forum in the past few days and have started several topics. Since your question is unrated to this topic, why not start your own topic if you are looking for LivingonaPrayer's attention. I am sure she would answer you as everyone else has.

    Have a nice day

    Quest for Ligth

  • Hi Livienonaprayer,

    I hope you are feeling a bit rested today...

    Love and hugs


  • To Questforlight

    I do apologize I did not realize I thought i did sent it too her

    I apologize


  • No problem, I am sure LOAP will answer you 🙂

  • HI QFL ,

    Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you i have been flat out with one thing and another , I have decided to take a break from doing readings for a while as my energy is low and i am unable to focus properly on them .. I am really sorry i will not be able to do the reading you requested . I just wish i was able to focus my energy fully on tarot but there are never enough hours in the day , i have need suffering with nausea on and off as well . Thankyou for the beautiful flower picture and your kind words ,

    Love and light Loap:)

    I hope all is well

  • BLD,

    You must have confused with someone else im not sure what you are talking about , but i am not doing readings for a while as my energy is low . Im sorry to hear about your nephew . My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Dear LONP,

    I am sorry to hear you are not feeling better and I am very sorry about your sister. I understand how terrible it must be for you. Don't fear for your children, give them love and trust that they will be fine. I pray that peace and joy will be restored to you soon.

    Love and Hugs


  • Hi QFL,

    How are you ? Thankyou for the lovely flowers and your kind words about my dog who is back to his happy and healthy old self i really appreaciate it .Sorry i havent replied sooner .I hope all is well

    Love and light Loap:)

  • HI LOAP,

    How sweet of you to check on me. I am fine thank you, sometimes a bit sad. Nothing much happened since we last spoke. Life goes on and my situations is the same. How are you? Have you got your energy back after the great heat? How is your beautiful dog? I hope things are overall much better for you now. I like your new picture, the same as mine but much prettier!

    Nice to hear from you



  • HI OFL,

    Yes our avatars are very similar i think that yours is much better as it stands out , thats one thing that has aways annoyed me about this site you cant see the avatars clear and the ones they have are horrid . Im sorry to hear you are feeling sad , did you end up hearing from your partner ? I do feel much better thank you but i havent taken up reading again ,i just havent had the time with one thing and another . My Dog is a lot better but whatever this was it knocked him for 6 , he is not the same , he is eating ok but he shivers alot yet he is running around fine . He is such a good dog Beagles are good natured . do you have a dog?

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • HI LOAP,

    No, I have not heard from him and I wonder if I ever will. No King of Swords either so far :), but I would prefer the King of Cups! Strange, several I had the loveliest little Yorkie until recently. She was so intelligent and had a really strong personality, very bossy! She was 16 and had a bad kidney condition. I miss her very much. I hope your dog will be alright, he needs lots of love now! Dogs are wonderful animals.

    Love and hugs


  • I am married to a water sign a scorpio and i would prefer the king of swords at least he is straight forward and cuts to the chase .Im sorry to hear about your dog how sad (( hugs)) , after my dog goes i have decided that i am not going to have anymore pets its just to heartbreaking if anything happens to them . Its not only that its the expense as well it cost me $600 when Doogie was sick and the vet couldnt tell me what caused this to happen to him . dont get me wrong im not a miser or anything but it is hard enough trying to bring up 3 kids in this day and age and its only going to get harder .

  • I see what you mean, one thing you cannot say about Scorpios is that they are straight forward. But as you said on the other post, the King of Cups sensitive, kind and caring . I could do with some of that but I am open to the King of Swords provided that he is not unkind, I have had enough harshness already. I know exactly how you feel about another pet, I feel the same way myself, it is just too heartbreaking! I try to think of all the funny things she used to do, all the times she mad us laugh. She was very special. Three children represent a great deal of responsibility, but they are so much joy. I wish you and them all the best.



  • Hi QFL,

    Yes they are so much joy except for the constant arguing all the time which can be a real energy drain .They have just gone back to school after a 2 week break and they are all cranky and irritable . I feel the same actually ., I am so happy its Friday i just hope they sleep in tomorrow . Thankyou for your kind words .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • The arguing I agree must sometimes wear you down... you may try to channel their energy towards sports, they may be quieter after running and sweating. I wish you a peaceful weekend.

    Love and joy


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