• Dear LivingonaPrayer,

    I am new in this forum and I have read some of your readings I find absolutely Amazing ! Would you do one for me?

    Thank you so much.


  • Hi Questforlight ,

    Welcome to the forum , thank you for your kind words , No worries i can do a reading for you do you have a particular question or area in your life you would like me to focus on .?

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Sweet LivingonaPrayer, Thank you!

    What a lovely screen name! I tried ‘SeekingLight’ but it was already taken… Sigh…

    Actually, it is every area:)… I am rather stuck and I would like to know if there is anything out there for me and some advice on how to go forward, or if I should just accept that this is it for me. I am not so young anymore, fifties! My marriage is over but not settled. I love a man who claims he loves me but has issues to deal with and the relationship is ‘dormant’, he lives in another country… No financial security either, but I manage… Please do not think I am whining… I am not a ‘victim’ and although I know I have made mistakes, I don’t dwell on them, I try to learn…

    I would like some guidance and I feel that the cards with your insight may provide it:) I look forward to your reading and thank you again.

    Love and joy


    This site is extremely slow today… it took me ages to log in !!!

  • Hi Questforlight,

    Thankyou for your kinds words i love your username as well, ok ive pulled a few cards for you asking the cards what you need to know and learn in your life right now regarding your relationship .The cards that came out were

    2of cups

    The world

    5 of cups

    With the 2 of cups this relationship could defently be a long and lasting one but with the world coming out inthe next postion i feel that you would have to be the one to move where your partner is and with the 5 of cups following this card i strongly feel that your heart is not in it , i feel that you dont want to move as you are very settled . I strongly feel that he will travel to see you but , thats all it will be as he doesnt want to take the plunge and move either . With the 5 of cups i feel alot of sadness around you , i feel you want to be with this man but fear is holding you back its not just about moving , i feel there is family that you are worried about i feel its one of your kids or a young adult , i could be wrong but i am going with what i feel , you are always going to find an excuse to move , i feel a daughter figure around you and you dont want to leave because of her i also feel there is a baby involved i dont know wether you have a grandbaby i feel your heartstrings tugging , listen to your heart follow your intuition it will lead you on the right path with this situation .Does this make sense to you at all ?

    Sorry i will consult the cards on whats in store on life in general for you i will be back.

    Love and light Loap 🙂

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer,

    Thank you so much for your reading. Much of it definitely makes a lot of sense. I am so happy that you so strongly feel that he will come to see me. That is something I have been hoping for for so long and you give me new hope:). Do you feel that he really loves me, even if he went into hiding?

    I know that I would have to be the one to move, he could not even if he wanted to because of his work – unless that changes - and he is very attached to his house. I am not all that settled since I have temporary living arrangements and will sooner or later have to move somewhere else, unless life have something unexpected in store for me. I do want to be with him so much, but there is indeed an element of fear. I don’t think I would like it where he lives and would feel isolated. I have never been to his place though. If I could make it my home, I think I would be prepared to move. Do you feel that he still wishes it? And yes, I am very sad about this separation and having practically no communication. I don’t know what is happening with him, he says he is depressed and unhappy in his job.

    The young adult is my son. We are very close, he is my joy in all this sadness. I would miss him, but it is not so far and he could come and visit. And he will soon be going his own way, he is very advanced in his studies. Any new light after this ?

    I am puzzled about the baby. There is no baby at all in my surroundings. What can be the meaning of this?

    You are an angel to do this for me. It must be dreary to read all these relationship problems.

    Much love


  • Hi QuestforLight ,

    I strongly felt a baby around you but not as in your own child so im not sure it might make sense to you later on down the track , now i am strongly feeling that you will never be divorced i feel your husband doesnt want to sign on the dotted line for some reason he is holding back . I also drew the 6 of penatacles along with the hanged man and the king of swords , I see you giving out alot of your money to other people, i feel that this could get out of control you have to nip it in the bub , if you are sending your partner money you and you are making to many sacrifices in this relationship , you need to stop and put yourself first.take time to think is this what you really want and are you truly happy ? Only you know the true answer to that question follow your heart ,. The King of swords is a good indicator that you will be able to make wise decisions and be in control of your future , he is also a very intelligent man who will be able to help you i dont feel this is your partner it is someone else who will be coming into your life within the next 6 months to a year .. Im sorry i feel your partner is in some sort of legal trouble i feel it was his own actions that have led him to this point its going to be a long while before this issue will be resolved , You are stuck because of the hanged man its meant to be this way, the hanged man is your( WHY) card it represents why all these issues are taking place in your life right now , i feel he does miss you but there is to much going on in his life at the moment for him to fully focus on your relationship . I hope this helps

    Thankyou for your kind words

    love and light Loap:)

  • Dear LivingonaPrayer,

    Thank you so much for your kindness. I wish there was something I could do for you in return…

    This is getting more complicated than I had imagined. It is quite worrying and I am rather confused. Could it be my partner who has or is going to have a baby? He has expressed regret about not having had children. My husband is definitely not in a hurry to get a divorce, he is quite comfortable. I am spending a lot of money, rent and cost of living are very high where I live and I am supporting my son but he is very frugal. I am not sending money to my partner and never have given him any. One of his worries is financial difficulties and that he cannot give me the life he thinks I want. Could that be what you are picking up? I don’t know about any legal problems but he has been very secretive lately, so anything is possible. I hope that your first feeling about his coming to see me was right, it would be a chance to talk. Interesting that king of swords, I was not expecting him. My partner is very intelligent too, pity it is not him. But I shall be open to welcome him, he sounds like a true friend. I am not sure I understand your meaning about the hanged man, if it means it is supposed to be this way, there must be a purpose. Do you mean all I can do is wait? Do you pick up any advice for me?

    Thank you so much for your help and I am sorry I am so confused.

    Here is something for you, I hope it helps. I read on a thread that you would like to get your tummy back into shape after the birth of your children. I have a Weider Crunch Tainer and it is really great. It is easy to use and takes very little space. Maybe you would like to check this.



  • sorry, it did not work. For some reason this site replaces a v with ****. If it happens again, try just a deleting the **** and typing a v !!!

    Good Luck

  • Ha! ha! ha! Unbelievable! What if your name is Victoria? Her Majesty would not have been amused!!! Oh! I have just noticed that it accepts capital Vs !!! How picky...!

    My Blessings livingonaPrayer

  • Hi QFL,

    Thankyou so much for the video but it didnt work unfortunatley , i have trouble as well posting some you tube links .The baby i feel is around you not your partner , i still feel it strongly around you .Things are meant to be as they are , Look up the meaning of the hanged man on this site it might give you more of an nisight . Is you partner an air sign by any chance Gemini . libra or aquarius ?

  • Hi LOAP,

    Try googling Weider Crunch Trainer. I have found a number of results. Also, if you go to You Tube and enter Weider Crunch Trainer, there are a couple of videos. I am posting a picture for you so that you know what it looks like. It comes with a manual and a video. If you decide to buy it, make sure you get the original. Copies don't give good results. I hope it works.

    Thank you for getting back to me on the baby thing. I am so glad it is not around him! But it is really strange. Not only there is no baby around me, but I don't know anyone who has or might be having one.... If you feel it so strongly, it must be important. Do you feel it in connection with my relationship or is it another aspect of my life? My partner is Scorpio, I don't know his rising sign or his birth time.

    I checked the Hanged Man and it seems to say that there is nothing I can do. Who or what does the HM represent in your reading? Is he in connection with my relationship or my entire life ? I thought that in tarot readings there was always some advice of how to get out of a situation... Does this mean that the advice is to accept the situation ? Does it mean I will always be helpless ? Or do you see any change for me in the future, any chance of happiness ? Sorry to ask all these questions. I am looking for something that may give me a spark of hope....

    Thank you so much for your time and kindness, I really appreciate it.



  • This should have been on the post.

  • Hi QFL,

    The Hanged man is a major acarna card in the tarot Major acarna cards represent major issues that are happeing in our lives right now and they are why cards, i feel that if you want to pursue a relationship with your partner you will have to make major sacrifices life changing ones for example , upping sticks and moving to another country leaving your son behind ,even though you can keep i touch through the internet it still wont be the same and i get a feeling of sadness around you resulting from this. i dont go with meanings from textbooks anymore, i go with what i feel and i feel the hanged man is telling you to wait dont make any radical desicions just yet . Now i have to tell you i feel the baby is your sons i know you are going prob say no way he is to young im not saying its now but i feel in the near future im seeing the number 20 around him so im assuming this is how old he will be when the baby is born . I could be wrong i hope im not freaking you out or anything . The king of Swords i felt is a new love interest coming into your life .This man is going to be a god send he will help you get all of your affairs in order and you will both be on the same wave lenght , you will know straight away that he is the one for you no questions asked . Check out this site for more detailed reading on the hanged man revelations the hanged man &source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCgQFjAA&

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Sorry forgot to add Thankyou for the Weider Crunch Trainer info. .

  • Hi LOAP,

    Thank you so much for your explanations. At this point I don’t know if moving would be an option, I don’t know if he still wishes it. If I were to move, my son could easily come visiting on weekends, there are direct fast trains which take less than three hours. But it is true that I have always wanted to be near my grandchildren if and when I have any. My son is too young, early 20’s, and I hope he will finish his studies, and above all that he will be very much in love before having a baby…! At the moment that does not seem to be the case. I will definitely let you know if I have any news of this baby.

    Your feeling about not making any radical decisions at the moment sounds right and I am going to follow the Hanged Man’s advice and wait. Even if sometimes it gets very heavy, I seem to have been "waiting" for so long and not knowing what for....!

    Since you don’t go by text books and you are so positive about this King of Swords, I think I am going to trust him. I checked the reading on the site you sent me the link for and he doesn’t sound like a very nice man... But what you feel is good and he does sound like the kind of man I need. I don’t know if I dare hope he is affectionate… it would be nice! Was the reason why you asked if my partner was an air sign to see if the King of Swords could be him? Could he not be of a different sign?

    I shall keep you informed of any developments… Please tell me if you think of anything new.

    Let me know if you buy the WCT and what you think of it.

    Much love,


  • Hi QFL,

    I felt that it wasnt your partner i just wanted to make sure , this King is more of a thinker than a feeler but he has his feet planted firmly on the ground , he is total oppostie of what you would normally go for in a partner but it will be a good combination Yes please do let me know when and if the baby comes into play for you . . I dont think that i will get the WCT due to my ceasarean scar hurting from a similar device but thank you very much for recommending it to me anyway . I hope it all works out for you .

    Take care love and light loap:)

  • Hi LOAP,

    I am a bit concerned about that King, that is what I had thought about my husband, that he had his feet on the ground, etc. but he turned out to be very much like the King of Swords and I was always miserable with him. I certainly would not want another experience like that one !!! Is he definitely an air sign? No question about that?

    I will definitely let you know if there is any sign of the King as well ! I might ask you for another reading in a little while, if I may.

    Pity about the WCT, but I did not know about the ceasarean... I'll let you know if I have any other tips.

    All the best


  • Sorry, I did have another request. Would you do a reading for my partner? I am still wondering about him, I know he loves me, I feel it! I have been debating if I should write to him just to say hello and ask how he is doing. Do you feel that would good?

    Thank you.

    Much love,


  • Hi QFL,

    I will but you will have to give me time it is so hot where i am and i am suffering from nausea so it might take me a few days . . I think you should follow your heart if you want to write him do so ,

    Love and light Loap xx

  • Hi LOAP,

    True, you are down under... I am looking forward to spring, but it is coming soon. Whenever you can. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I am sorry you are not feeling well, take good care of yourself.

    Much love and a big hug,


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