• Hi quest ,

    I have been really sick over Christmas it is the stupid climate in where i live that is causing it ,Overall i did have nice peacefull christmas with no crap from the inlaws . How was yours i hope you had a nice one and a happy new year as well

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Hi Loap,

    Sorry your were sick over Christmas, but glad it was peaceful and you had your mom to look after you. Mine was ok..ish, it is a strange situation being at home and my husband is around a lot.

    I have been pondering your reading, You seem quite sure the Knight of Pents is the who still has my heart, could it not be my husband? He is still playing a very big role in my life, even I wish it were over. Once the house is sold, I'll be done with him, the divorce is just a formality, but it might still take a while to sell. And that of course, triggers other worries. I need some good news! The coming year looks extremely uncertain from all points of view. I feel rather down at the moment.

    Wishing you and your family a shower of blessings in 2013.

    Love and Hugs


  • Hi Quest ,

    I am sorry to hear you are feeling down you need a time out from your mind these worries i know that they seem never ending and i so wish i could chat with you as only today i had to let go of thinking about some worries, and go outside and sit on my 3 seater swing shut my eyes and let them go even though they are still there if that makes sense . I to am glad 2012 has gone but still feel uncertain about 2013 i feel as though i do not want to move forward yet i cannot stay in the present either . I will do you reading reagarding what is in store for 2013 , i just want t let you know the knights in the tarot also bring messages as well and the knight of pents message is regarding finances, promotion or a new job offer . The knight is a good sign sorry i will have to re read my reading i done for you again as to where this knight fits in .

    I hope your spirits have lifted i will pick you an angel card as well .

    Sending you an abundance of love and hugs and Blessings for 2013

    Love and light Loap:)

  • That's a thought! Maybe we could talk on Skype some time. Not easy though, because of the time difference, but it can work once in a while. I would also love to chat with you.

    That makes perfect sense! Don't force the 'moving forward' bit, sometimes you can move forward staying in the present. Perhaps there is something you can change in the present that will allow that?

    Thank you for your offer, I would appreciate a reading very much. And thank you for the explanation about knights, this one was reversed, which I suppose means not so good news.

    Love and warm hugs


  • Hi Quest

    I would love to chat with you on skype as well but i dont feel comfortable giviing my skype address on this forum , i wish there was another way we could go about it are you a member at acclectic tarot .com ? as i am and they have a private messaging system if not what other sites are you a member of ? Ok i have done your reading and i feel you are worrying to much about finances(5 of pents) you are thinking the worst before it has actually happened, (9 of swords )you are not sleeping so good i feel your worry and anguish , dont despair please dont worry there is no need as most of these worries are unfounded and are taking over your life not in a good way . there are new opportunites regarding finances coming into your life (Ace of coins). all you need to do is wait for these opportuities to come they are a result of all the hard work you have been doing (3 of wands ) There is also a new love interest coming your way who i feel will be perfect he will be a match made in heaven for you(2ofcups) and he also has kids and your families will blend in well together (10 of coins ).

    I will pick you an angel card from my new deck

    The angel of service has come out for you the message is

    We might not all be able to save lives or do other heroic deeds , but everyone can play a part in society by willingly sharing their talents . The angel of service encourages you to give your capabilites , knowledge and time to help inspire others , and this makes a difference in the world . Call on the angel of service to support you as you serve others in your own way .Ask her to show you the people or situations that most need your aid . If you need money. resources, ask her to help you attract it . whatever you do for others , do it for warmth , for the higher good of all . If there are any task that you dislike , ask the angel to help you accomplish it with gladness and good grace .

    I hope this helps Quest

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Thank you so much for the reading Loap. It looks great, nothing bad good cards, apart from the first two and if that is just me worrying, I'll try to stop it :). It seems impossible though, seen from where I am. And a "love interest too", this card indicates it is reciprocated and there is only one man it could be at this point, I wonder if I am supposed to meet someone new. Hard to imagine such good fortune. When it all comes to pass, I'll share some with you, promise!

    Last summer someone did a birthday reading for me, month by month and several cards are the same as in your reading: Two of Pentacles, Two of Cups, Five of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, and Three of Wands. There were also The Lovers and The Sun. Funny enough, the Two of Cups was for the present month and the Lovers is already past 🙂

    I have just registered with the same username, hope I am accepted, I'll know withing 24 hours.

    Hope your year started well and that it continues even better. Nothing new in mine, nothing but uncertainty in all fields.

    Love and Joy


  • My membership has been confirmed!


  • hi i just sent you a pm over there 🙂

  • quest i found you on skype i sent a freind request 🙂

  • Lovely! Request accepted. Chat with you soon 🙂

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