Have you heard from My journey ?

  • Sadly no. We may need to send out a warrent 4 her whereabouts lol

  • Hey I found the quiz it was cool but i don't know the definate answers to some of the q's so I guess that I'm just a normal person! 🙂 Good to see you guys are still crazy 🙂 Pass the shots, baby............

  • What shot has ur fancy leolight? i need to see if we have it on stock. Crazy keeps us sane n normal as can be hahahaahahahahahaha

  • CWB ,

    I have a graffiti artist im area using your initals i walked past a fire hydrant and it had in big blue letters CWB and on a fence i didnt know that you came to Australia why didnt you call in for a cuppa ? LOL;)

  • Ahhh had i only Living´, had i only! I´d LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE to visit Australia. Some of my fave shows are were Australian. Flying Docs, McLeods Daughters, Water Rats, The Aussie version of rescue police, forgot the name. I´d LOVED to visit ESPECIALLY McLeod land.

    Found some Aussie cocktails.

  • I would love some jello shots!! That is what I am going to have for Cinco de mayo yes my honey decided he wanted a party (amazing) so I will be cooking mexican & doing rum & tequila jello shots I decided I am going to enjoy myself tomorrow since those people at work are driving me nuts passing their errors on everyone else

  • jelly shots coming up hang on.

    here they are sweetíe.

  • Wow! Who the eff turned off the lights? Who the eff DARES to shut down The Nutty Nuts Lounge???? Why if I ....................... dark drinks???? There is such a thing?

    Naaahhh bring on drinks that glow in the dark n light some effing candles. LIGHT I NEED SOME EFFING LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Wow pretty lights

    How are you CWB and Shadow ? Long time no see , sorry i havent called in sooner i keep getting kicked off the computer which drives me nuts , so has anything exciting been happening ? not much going on over here same old .

  • Well i landed 2 months work of work , same place as the aprenticeship place , backs still a mess knees both caves in on me on off, sharp eff pain ..............

    ma on her do this do that mode, makes me so effed off i loose sleep n have night mares.

    man no much contact from ....................... ye im depressed pour me some

  • congrats CWB I am glad that you landed work!!! I am still waiting to hear about an interview for a part time job. If I land it it would be great!!! Have you tried the eucaslyptus oil for temporary pain relief?

    There is so much pressure in the air this am and my head is pounding hurrican season has unofficially started

  • My pains in lower back r close to be chronic. Knee pains will b sorted out come june 27th.

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