• Hi LeoLight

    You go to quizfarm and look for what clair abilities do you have. I form it like this as admin has a strict no other link policy. let me know if you found it.


  • HI CWB ,

    sorry long time no see , i havent been on the pc much do to a shoulder injury and my dog has been really sick it just never ends ,. I hope all is well .

    Lightand light Loap:)

  • sorry i meant love and light ROTFLMAO:)

  • Hi gurl Living

    I hope you´re doing better as well as ur pooch. Im again struggling with back lower back pain. a nuisance n i dotn fully know wether endo has come back or if its back as spine issue. i wont know till may bc i dont trust my docs anymore. they dont take me seriously n im sick to death of that. all they say is take ur painmeds go to physiotherapy n all is cured. EFF POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways i think ill have a row of cosmo´s n mahattans.

    by the way do ya still read people? im lowkey regard that these days lol

  • Hey Cwb,

    Im sorry to hear about your back pain its a right effing pain in the a** insnt it .I have still been in agony but the pain seems to be diminishing slowly thank god . I havent done readings for a while i have had to take a break from it i have had so much going lately I cant seem to focus on anything properly my energy is scattered . I am waiting for the next full moon so i can write down every thing that is bothering me and every worry i have so i can burn them all and hopefully it will bring new positive energy in my life .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Sound like a plan. I´ll have a manhattan on that n cheer ya on.

    regard back pains have i invested in a sportsbra n joined fitness world to strenghten my lower back n some weightloss. I get a program on teh 14th when i begin. Ive also invested in shapeshoes, which means the shoes are shape so you excersize when you walk n stand. you cannot walk wrong in em as it forces your body to move in a specific way. much like a ma sai tribe member. i do feel my butt has become tighter n slight smaller haahahahaahahaah

    on reading peeps ............. ive been too busy taking that jobsearch course n finding a 4 week aprenticeship which i have by the way

    THAT AINT saying i STILL dont wanna work with for my retired fireman gone rental condo bizzman at all noooo nooo nooo NO! I want it more than all else. EFF! lol

    Ok mahttans it is.


    ps luv luv LUUUVVV ur new icon

  • heY cwb,

    hOW YOU DOING GIRL sorry for the caps effing computers drining me nuts again , how is everything i hope all is well .

    Love and hugs 2 u living 🙂

  • Hi Living

    Im doing fine sorta 4 a change. But it has been a hassle. I´ll line it up 4 ya.

    1. course on jobsearch again 4 which number time, ive lost track hah hah

    2. starting an aprenticeship this coming Tuesday n it will last till May 11th

    3. Backs still the same , doc again said not much can b done until it has calmed down n i ought to consider strenght training in a gym.

    4. bought my 1st sports bra n will join a gym, first time April 14th

    5. The puter i got from my sis n her man died on me after only 1 days use.

    6. my Sony laptop also went up n messed up, i sent it in for repairs

    7. fixed my old lg laptop but it wont let me play any games onit, which sucks BUUT it let me get on facebook which is great

    8. thought easter would be a free time relaxing n not much running around doing all kinds of tings. not so .....................................

    9. wonder what too often what future will bring ............

    10. ponder how legit my gifts are, how strong thery r n what they r. without being tempted to ask someone who charges 350 to tell me ............. EFFF that!

    so ye all is all sorta okay lol


  • Okay no one wanna pary with me but hey only fun ya have is what ya make lol SOOO ill have fun, if ya wanna join me come on in

    drinks r on me

  • Hey girl im here with a bottle of plonk from aldi listening to usher omg oh oh oh oh oh . Have you got your dancing shoes on girl where is the rum ?oh yeah i can see it omg oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh .

  • Hey CWB lets start a new thread called the pub lolLady Gaga is playing now

  • You can start that one. Im not a big fan of lady gaga, unless its a place called a place to gaga as in she is crazy ....................... n to whine n grrr over moron skanks n mongrel guys.

  • i meant lets call the new thread the pub no lady gaga it was playing on my ipod .

  • The pub? as in beer stench testosterone .... or the pub puppies all over ????

    im confused lol ..................... oh damn lack of sleep n stupid neighbors. line me up 4 tequila shots thanx

  • i was going to say the ladies lounge but will anyone be intereseted most people have left this site in search for greener pastures , not many golden oldies left .

  • I know why they left or took breaks from here. can´t you guess??? ladys lounge`??? im no lady living lol it would b rude of me to mention say n hint i am bc i know i aint lol

  • YYAAAAYYYY I GOT HIRED!!! Ok only for 8 weeks but STILL I got HIRED!!!!!

    Drinks on me!

  • good on yougirl cheers!!!!

  • And stay here as well. I hate if it got deserted yet again lol

    Tequila sunrise for all and let´s start with some serious mai tais!

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