Taurus in love with a Leo, HELP!

  • I'm a Taurus girl (17th of May) who happened to fall in love with a Leo (11th of Aug).. At first we just chatted online because he didn't have time to meet up because of studies, but recently we had our first date and now I just can't stop thinking about him!! He's been quite straight forward about his feelings for me, and always kept asking me to tell my feelings for him. In the beginning I wouldn't because I felt too shy, and he got really mad. That was before we had even met properly, which is why I couldn't really say what I felt about him. But now, after we met, I'm sure about my feelings and I want to let him know but it seems like he's ignoring me. I tried chatting with him on my phone, and I could see he was online chatting with others, but he wouldn't reply me.. What does that mean? If it's true that he's ignoring me, does that mean he dislikes me after our date? I just want some advice on how to understand him.. On our date he asked me to hold around his arm and we took pictures together and he was being really sweet. He also asked me a lot of questions about me, and I felt like he was really interested. Please, can anyone share their opinions or experiences? And I don't know if Leo's would usually ignore the person they're dating like that, as this is my first time dating one. Tell me what you think please!

  • i am in a similar situation myself.

    at least your leo took you out on a date! haha ummmmmm i think he's playing it cool for a while but judging from his behaviour on your date it seems he could be scared to open up. I heard leos contemplate and think things through before getting stuck in but i dont know im also confused by a leos behaviour. they are a mystery!

  • I would like to lurk in this thread, only bc 2 of my children are Leos and I am a Taurus, and let me tell you this...I am so connected with them. I have never thought about it astrologicaly before, but I may or may not have some things to offer you here.

  • Thanks for your replies! I just got in contact with him yesterday and he sort of explained why he hasn't been replying me. It's because he felt like I was just dating him for his money, as I didn't pay for the dinner and didn't have enough coins for the bus home (which was nothing but an accident as I for some reason was unable to take out money from the ATM, which I also told him this at the time). I explained to him that I'm not that type of girl and that I would like to buy him a dinner to make it up to him, but he hasn't replied since that as it was quite late. T

    Today though I read that most Leo's would enjoy paying for their date. It seems he might be another kind of Leo, one of the Leo's I've heard of who have some different traits than what would be usual. Or perhaps he's just worried I have some sort of attitude problem...

    I also told him that I still think he's great and that he can contact me again whenever he feels like it, and I hope that he'll forgive me as I can totally understand why he feels what he does..

    I just can't stop thinking about this guy.. He's perfect in every way, and more than anything I just want us to meet again and talk it through!

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