Reading please: are they more than just friends?

  • i have been with this guy for several years now. there is a girl who he says they are just friends. there are a few reasons for me to think that they are more. i have discussed this many times with friends and others and some say just friends some say more. some even say wife. im really not sure and confused. please please can someone do a reading for me as to what is is. i have asked him many times he still says no they are just friends. please help. thank you so so much.

  • The best way to tell what is going on is by actions, not words. Ignore what he has told you for now. Has he made definite plans to move forward with your relationship - a relationship of several years should now be moving towards a firm commitment of engagement or marriage - or else splitting up. You cannot just hang on forever with false hope. Does he seem eager to spend as much time with you as he can - or are there long periods when he doesn't contact or see you? Does he always treat you well and seem interested in you and your life or does he talk more about himself and his life? is this relationship with him as satisfying as it was at first or are you getting more and more disappointed in it and maybe feeling ignored or neglected? Do you feel real love coming from him for you?

    The answers to these questions will be enlightening as to your true situation.

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