Moving to new address would like guidance

  • my new address is 2611 North Main Street #3 my birthday is 9-20-1983 im recently out of a terrible relationship and truly trying to find my way through it all and come out better than ever. i have two small children that have delays and I am hoping that with outside help and inner strength i can help my babies get over these hurdles. Any help will be appriecated. I just spent fifty dollars on a bs psychic and not very happy about it so if someone can truly give me help I would be trulu grateful

  • What exactly are you asking - will the new home be good for you and your children? Or something else?

    How does this new place make you feel?

  • Haven't moved in yet but it makes me feel like I have a place to call home, or maybe I am just hoping it will be. Will this year and this new place be a healthy new change for me and my kids? Do you see me returning to school? And employment? After the last four years i have endured a lot and sacrificed many things including myself to make a man love me that will never see me more than a doormat, someone to use and abuse, will i become mentally healthy and secure?

  • Whether you become mentally healthy and secure is entirely up to you. You will have many issues resulting from your experiences in the last four years and must heal them by confronting and understanding them. Fear of history repeating itself may trap you and stop you enjoying life and from seeking new experiences and relationships. Once you figure out what got you into bad situations (maybe you romanticize or idealize people and situations and don't see the reality or maybe you use your emotions more than your intuition or logic, leaping before you look?), then you can avoid them. You need to start your new life with a positive healthy attitude. Your life and future is totally up to you to construct. So work out who and what really makes you happy - and go after it with courage and determination.

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