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  • Ineedtomeditate, your card is the asteroid Proserpina. Proserpina indicates an area where you have no romantic control. You are completely at the whim of others and there is little to no consideration for your feelings or wants regarding love. There may be a dominating partner who is determined to cause problems within your family and fails to see beyond their own wants. You may feel like a relationship puppet, a non contributing entity whilst those on the external rim of intimacy pull at your heart strings. Females need to consider and determine if it is time to seek a more passionate union. Proserpina manifests as an energy of innocence and ignorance that learns a very great deal by (often hard) experience. She shows you tend to take the line of least resistance, to be passive or helpless, and teaches you the consequences of such unaware or unassertive responses. She points to what you learn through the various transitions of life, which may or may not be painful, but which always entail a letting go of what has ceased to be viable. She shows you that altered states of being can help you to open up to all the stimuli of life, assists you to adapt and change in response to your environment, and even helps you to cultivate psychic perception. You need to be still, and quietly open, to access Proserpina and work with her successfully. Ignore her altogether and you may find yourself plunging into situations you never expected or wanted; honor her and she will help you to find a way through the dark, a guide for your soul who aids your inner journey and ultimately, as a result, your path to individuation in the outer world. You become mentally and emotionally strong by accepting challenges, asking for what you want, and standing up for yourself in every situation.

  • maybe I should preform a question..I don't know how to form.

    I just want to know ,what future brings to me .Love specially. thank you

  • Littlemisslove, your card is the planet Saturn. Saturn is associated with restriction and limitation. Although the themes of Saturn seem depressing, Saturn brings structure and meaning to our world. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, our fears, our responsibilities, and our commitments. He makes us aware of the need for self-control and of knowing our limits. He is associated with toughness, austerity, discipline and limitation. He describes hurdles, lessons to be learnt and ordeals to be undergone. However, he allows the individual to grow, to acquire a good thinking process, and to gain a strong sense of responsibilities. Saturn is associated with the elderly, the wise, and all people who can help us overcome an ordeal such as priests, medical practitioners, grandparents, the elderly, scientists and knowledgeable persons.etc.

    Saturn is also associated with fathers or father/authority figures. Is this the type of person you are attracting in your relationships?

  • Yes, saturn ''fits'' to my situation right now.Also I looked at my saturn in natal chart, to figure some things.

    Saturn is also associated with fathers or father/authority figures. Is this the type of person you are attracting in your relationships?

    Yes ,maybe i am,maybe because of my father absence during the childhood.

    Can I ask one question,it's little bit offtopic,but saturn will next year start to transit my 5th house.I read that that can bring some older partner, 7i5 year older.Is that true.?

    Tnx for answering.:)

  • Littlemisslove, that is indeed one interpretation.

  • ok.,if you just tell me this

    I read that saturn can bring some older partner, 7i5 year older.Is that true.?

  • Hello Captain,

    Can I please have a reading for me and mister B.

    What kind of connection is gone be in the future??

    God Blessings to You!

  • Littlemisslove, I just told you that that is indeed one possibility but certainly not every one.

  • Arsia, your card is the asteroid Fortuna. She is Lady Luck and indicates good fortune and abundance for you regarding this situation. Whatever drama unfolds or intense upset threatens, Fortuna IS by your side – so keep your heart and your mind open for surprises that turn in your favor – especially if any other parties involved are operating with negative intent.

  • Ok ,thank you.just wanted to hear if that possible ,nothing else.:) I know this not topic about astrology ,and I don't want to bother you.:))

  • Thank You Captain!!

    wonderful news! love and peace to you 🙂

  • Thank you! thank you! Thank you!

    This clarifies so much of what I have been going through, and yes it is I who has become rebellious. Recently turning 40, I feel like the 24yr old who has not lived life to full. (sometimes I do feel guilty and keep questioning myself). The last eight months has brought me to a point where I realise that our marriage won't last. Which brings me to the Question:

    What do the planets have for in mind for my journey ahead? Is there a future with my aquarian friend?

    thank you!

  • right on captain, thanks. dont know yet, got a couple ideas but let ya know if i figure it out.


  • Tka194 asks "What do the planets have for in mind for my journey ahead?"

    Your card is the asteroid Kronos. Kronos was the original ruler of the gods. Kronos symbolizes all figures of authority (both heads of state and heads of households), and anything that is similarly "superior," "high up," or "at the top." Issues of independence (being one's own boss), parenting (becoming an authority figure in the family), fame, publicity, competency, and success (making it to the top of one's profession) are all Kronos-related concerns. He can also indicate a close relationship with an authority figure like a boss, a celebrity, or a well-known person in the community. His keywords are - mastery, ability, perfection, the professional. superiority: the highest quality attainable; the ultimate in authority; standard of excellence. Whatever you do, do well with the highest of intentions.

    " Is there a future with my aquarian friend?"

    Your card is the asteroid Aphrodite. Aphrodite represents impulsive love and attraction, love inspired by fated events, animosity turning to magnetism, charisma, a dynamic drive to mate and to consummate sexual desire with a specific partner at certain times. This can be about intensely emotional sex. There is a strong desire to connect with others even if one is a loner. Aphrodite seeks true love, passion and sexual companionship. But a caution is given here. Using her magnetic energy, Aphrodite can either affect an attractive force between people, or she can turn away and create a repelling force. The ability to stir love and arouse erotic impulses in others but not to take responsibility for what one has awakened can set into motion karmic causes which yield the future experiences of being rejected in love.

  • Hi Captain,

    What does the cards say the future of my current business? Thanks again! I appreciate

    your insight.

    Blessings to you,


  • Mariplatnum, you have already asked here about your business.

  • Hi Captain,

    Sorry for being a nuisance but there has been changes since I've asked you for a reading.

    Thought maybe the cards would say something about the future of the business with

    some significant changes and happenings with the business. Thanks for your patience.

    I appreciate your help.

    Blessings to you


  • OK Mariplatnum, your card is the planet Neptune. Neptune relates to our dreams, ideals, and hopes but also warns that there could be a situation of illusion, confusion or even downright deceit involved here, whether your own self-deception or that of others. Neptune advises you to be very cautious and to check the details of your situation, especially when they sound too good to be true. there is a danger that you will get so carried away with your dreams that you will fail to see what is really going on. You must be really grounded and focused at the moment and, if need be, get someone practical and hard-headed to check things over for you.

  • Hi Captain,

    Whoah....really. Ok I have my sister to do that she's very meticulous, organize and odc when it

    comes with everything w/the biz. She's my other pair of eyes. I'm a bit cautious with the new

    investors I brought on as well as my current partner. My current partner is hinting of people

    wanting to buy the business whereas my new investors are a bit indecisive or a no show at

    certain dates we need to meet to talk things out. I know you told me to face this with

    my amazon in me but mygosh... I'm walking on egg shells. Captain I love all your threads

    I don't know if its right for me to ask I saw on the latest discussion about photo readings. Saw

    your photo there (your not only gifted but you're gorgeous sister ! 😉 Where can I send you a

    photo without posting it here. Also are you going to go through your thread on the ideal

    partner one. I know your sooooooooo busy. So many questions and there is only one you.

    Is it better that I start a thread on my own to ask you all my questions. I'm really sorry for

    repeatedly asking you about my business... loosing it could also mean loosing the roof

    over my head. Thank you.... You don't know how much I appreciate your help.

    Blessings to you,


  • Yes it might be better to start your own thread if you have more questions, Mariplatnum. I can't give you my email address to send your photo to because admin doesn't allow it and will remove it.

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