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  • Hello Captain, My question is am I on the right path? Thanks! :0

    P.S. Preg test was negative, did not do an Ultra sound though.

  • Hi Captain!

    Thank you for aiding your fellow brothers & sisters by interpreting what is trying to get across to us. I totally respect and love you for it. good job 🙂

    I have a question -

    My entire goal for my life is the acquisition of knowledge & understanding and reaching levels of mental and spiritual growth. The problem is I'm overweight and feel like my health needs attention but I'm stingy with what i invest my energy in, and losing weight seems unworthy of my time..but i don't want to miss out on a level of growth because my body isn't balanced with the rest of me.--- How would i go about the battle for the balance of my mind+spirit+&BODY?

    Thank you - sorry kind of long, thought was necessary to understand question. Peace.

    and BTW Congrats!! on your very own created deck, very cool

  • HI Captain,

    Thank you again for taking the time to do this for me. I know all of us here appreciate you. I have a questions about the second card you pulled for me as follows:

    "Your card is the asteroid Zeus. Zeus suggests the need for affirmative action, not a retreat into study. He is a leader, a person who is willing to be assertive and aggressive if need be to achieve the goal/dream/vision. For a woman, it is the "Amazon" stereotype - being a gutsy warrior. Zeus represents high creativity, versatility, and the use of innovative ways to get projects off the ground. He blesses owners of their own businesses and urges them to forge ahead with drive and enthusiam. He has a sense of duty and responsibility to those he employs but isn't afraid to ask others to supply ideas for his business. Highly motivated himself, he is excellent at motivating others to do his will.

    I have recently brought on investors for my business. What does the cards say I should approach my new partners in business?

    Thank you for your insights.

    Blessings to you


  • thanks for the reading captain,but are you saying there is a harsh female influence in my life??

  • Intrigued, your card is the planet Neptune. Planets indicate something of primary importance. Neptune is a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, spirituality, intuition, imagination, spiritual enlightenment, and all things subtle. He represents all things unreal and incomprehensible, as well as faith, religion and mysticism. He is also associated with feminism, mercy and compassion. This card suggests you should be able to rise above the demands of the ego in the areas of Neptune's influence.

    But Neptune also rules illusion and confusion. With Neptune, everything is slowed down, blurred, nebulous and shrouded in mystery. Under this influence, you may be too gullible or dreamy. Use your intuition to tell you when to give your compassion, love and help to others and when to withhold it from those who would abuse it. Your situation may be often colored by fantasy and dreaminess, and you may have a vulnerable nature that is susceptible to disillusionment.

  • Millcab90, the cards cannot give a 'yes' or 'no' answer. Can you please rephrase your question to begin with something like "What or "Why"?

  • Barbeegurl, your card is the asteroid Aesculapia. Aesculapia can indicate health concerns. Other possibilities regarding this card can involve the more magical and mystical relationship with healing and health. It can indicate internal instincts and life events (especially regarding your health) that are swept to the side in order to maintain a tidy facade or ignoring deeper, even darker matters, to keep up an orderly and upbeat front. If you don't examine this aspect of yourself more closely, if you don't become more authentic and be yourself, Aesculapia warns that your health will be afflicted in order for you to understand what must be learned.

    Aesculapia can indicate prophetic dreaming, strong desires towards natural healing, deep compassion for the dying, medium connections with those who have passed over and a natural leaning to metaphysics in general. She can indicate health matters that need attending, a time to intensify your present preventative health regime and a heightened connection with the ‘otherworld’. She can also indicate a time when your strong intuition or intention is shot down in flames by those close to you or those in charge, so stay strong and trust your deepest instincts.

  • Poetic555, the cards cannot answer 'yes' or 'no' questions so you can rephrase your question to start with something like "What", "How", "Which" or "Why"?

  • hi Captain, i have created a separate thread and earnestly requesting your help


    please do have a look and help me out. i'm at my wits end 😞 😞

  • ILoveFlipper, your card is the Vertex conjunction. This indicates you have reached a turning point, a time when your future success hinges or how you react or think or act at this moment. It may seem that things that happen to you come out of nowhere and you did not expect them to happen at all but this is only 'on the surface'. Spiritually and consciously, you needed these changes (sometimes even a crisis). It calls for a complete change of attitude, a reversal of thinking. When deep inside we feel we need to change (though we may not be aware of it) the a Vertex situation or person comes and works as a catalyst for that change. But it urges you to work towards inner change yourself because the external changes may not be as gentle or loving as you can be on yourself.

    In your case, it indicates a health crisis unless you act now. The body manifests what you think or feel and cannot and should not be excluded from your growth lessons. You say "losing weight seems unworthy of my time" but overweight is much more than just an annoying fact of life. It indicates that you are using body fat to hide or protect yourself from some fears you have - of being attacked either emotionally or physically, or trying to hide your sensitive side for fear it would be unacceptable to the world, or that you don't care enough about yourself, or some mind block that is hindering your emotional and spiritual growth. Outer fat is just a manifestation of a deeper problem. Mind, body and spirit are interlinked and none should be ignored because they all depend on the health of the others.

    Speaking from my own experience, I tried every diet in the book and exercised all the time but I didn't lose the weight until I realised it was body armour I thought would protect me from angry men like my father. Once I understood why I kept it on, the weight began to fall off without me making any huge changes to my life. It's about loving and respecting yourself so that you want to be healthy in every way.

  • Mariplatnum asks I have recently brought on investors for my business. What does the cards say I should approach my new partners in business?

    Your card is the asteroid Sappho. The Sappho person is extremely individual, passionate with a strong devotion to equality and artistic expression. Sappho calls you to face others as an equal and to be strong, but also consider other people's desires and ideas. Women who draw this card should not back down from men or be afraid to speak their mind, and men should listen to women and ask their advice. Sappho asks you to allow yourself freedom of self-expression without any fear of negative ramifications caused by others' judgments.

  • Sterilite, that is only one meaning of this card and it is for you to decide whether it applies to your particular situation or not.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for your offer! here goes;

    I am presently taking care of my young family, but hope to restart a new career next year when we emmigrate. Any advise on career direction?

    Also struggling with a hubbie who is suffering from depression, I feel exhausted trying to motivate him and help him feel good about himself. How do I help him.

    Many thanks from Ireland!

    LOL, Caz

  • ahhh and meant to say L&L not LOL!!!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Captain, thank you so much for your reply. Mmm, I am vulnerable to disillusionment and the rest! It was very interesting. Take care Captain 😄

  • Hi Captain,

    What is the best way to make myself feel mentally stronger?


  • Cazmayo "I am presently taking care of my young family, but hope to restart a new career next year when we emmigrate. Any advise on career direction?"

    Your card is the asteroid Pandora. Pandora represents a woman delving into other people's business or territory, or traditional male professions. She is curiosity, adventurousness, a desire to make a difference or a splash, the urge to "be all one can be," unintended consequences and a process of change, and often indicates many abilities. Pandora calls for you to have the courage to move beyond your comfort zone into unknown (but perhaps long dreamed of) territory. By bringing her feminine insight and gentle female touch to traditional male-dominated areas, Pandora releases new hope into the world. She "stirs things up", where someone has a tendency to relax and slip into a rut. So periodically they feel quite restless and dissatisfied with the way things are, though often without knowing why. The urge to do something strikes them, and they often find themselves thinking "I wonder what would happen if I....?". Finally they take some action, and the results prove to open many different avenues for them, often unexpected ones. Pandora will lead a person to make frequent new discoveries, and so Pandora is an asset to a person involved in research. But overall Pandora has a lesson for the person who draws this card: learn to have hope.

    There are a number of similarities between Pandora and Uranus. But as Dr. Lehman states, "Pandora shows a process, while Uranus may not." This process: to take some action which results in a multitude of new paths and ideas; to choose to follow one or more paths, hopefully to their conclusion; to learn from them, and make them part of one's life, and if possible to synthesize whole new parts of the self from a fusion of the oldand new.

    "Also struggling with a hubbie who is suffering from depression, I feel exhausted trying to motivate him and help him feel good about himself. How do I help him."

    Your card is the asteroid Lucifer. This card indicates a person who feels they have done wrong or evil in the past and cannot forgive themselves. They think they have offended God. It shows how through guilt someone brings a whole load of self-inflicted drama and fireworks into their lives in order to punish themselves for their (real or imaginary) misdeeds. Lucifer also tells us about a person’s relationship with the notion of a higher power. Lucifer is the bright shining illuminator of truth. Each of us has an internal goodmeter that’s a part of our makeup as conscious beings; it’s the part of us that is the God nature. Lucifer represents the voice of doubt in each of us. Lucifer has us questioning ourselves if we are doing good or bad. In the best cases, it's a natural voice that can help us keep ourselves in check - in the worst cases, it can drag us down with guilt and depression. It's important to realise that life is all about choice. Yes, we may have moved toward doing bad things deliberately or accidentally, but we can also choose to move towards good again. The way to repay the bad we have done is by doing good deeds, not castigating ourselves and brooding over our mistakes forever. That is just another mistake. Lucifer states that there is no one so lost that they can't be found again. There is always a chance to redeem ourselves - making mistakes is necessary to help us learn and understand how to do the opposite. We just have to decide to do better, that's all. Lucifer is all about putting the past behind us and making a fresh start with new resolve to try harder to do the right thing.

    Allowing ourselves to restrict living in the here and now because of memories of having done wrong (and so being defined as bad, or evil), is a self hate that does no one any good. This healing work is about recognizing how the energy of evil, the move away from good, can be turned around with understanding and some heart-opening, forgiveness work to become the energy of the light bearer Lucifer, the servant of good/God. The healing opportunity offered by Lucifer work is the healing of the relationship with God.

  • Alenabrz, your card is the asteroid Thetis. Thetis represents the over-protective or pushy parent, or the child who suffers from the high expectations put on him/her. Thetis can indicate a time when the parental expectation is brought to mind in either a pride or disappointment sense. She is all about maternal expectations, insecurities, performance anxiety, pattern continuance, feeling inferior, parental rebellion, aims to achieve just to please the maternal, proving oneself. Drawing this card asks you to look at the ways in your life where you are trying to live up to parental expectations rather than find your own methods of fulfillment. You may be living your life trying to please your parents instead of doing what you really want to do. But the only person you can make happy is yourself. Live up to your own standards and expectations, not others, if you want to find real lasting satisfaction in life.

  • Will I find a somebody to love soon?:) tnx.

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