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  • Barbeegurl, two cards fell out for you.

    One is the asteroid Klytia. Klytia indicates resentment, jealousy, or vengeful tactics when goals are not achieved. This can involve romance, but must also include all interests where deep passion is involved. Klytia suggests that those involved should or might only remember the GOOD things and be forgetting the bad when it comes to relationships. The key to handling Klytia is to recognise that the negative result of the moment is out of your hands and even if it makes no sense, you still must grieve and let go. Perhaps you find on later reflection that whilst you felt gutted, very little about the end outcome had anything to do with you. You were just on the receiving end of a displeasing decision. Whilst anger and desires for revenge, despair, or disappointment are natural feelings, for self growth it is required you learn how to respect the choices of others and rise above it. You must wait for feelings to pass or simmer down before deciding which type of action is appropriate.

    The second card is the asteroid Adrastea. Her influence relates to aspects of responsibility, that which is inescapable. Family history, parenting and cultural tradition are the focus for Adrastea. With her, there can be a feeling or reality that facts are being hidden. You may be feeling responsible or rebellious when it comes to your family or their traditions.

  • captain- can u please elaborate a little more for me?Im sorry but i am very new to this and would love 2 gain some of ur wisdom regarding the reading. Also, is it unusual for 2 cards to fall in a reading? if so what does it signify? Thank u so much for ur time. u r truly a blessing

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  • hello captain i have been a little depressed lately so I would like to ask what is happening with my love life? thanks

  • Barbeegurl, two cards just indicate there is more to the situation than one card can cover. The cards urge you to hold off contacting your relative until you know more about the situation. The cards suggest there are things you don't yet know about it.

  • Watergirl18, your card is the planet Jupiter which indicates that success and prosperity will come to you through expansion, change and hard work. You should follow your ambition and intuition.

    For further clarification of this matter, I drew another card - Hopi. Hopi indicates an area where you feel broad empathy with individuals or situations outside of yourself. This could be the obvious attraction of Native American culture, but it would also be wise to include any form of empathetic drawing to a society where you feel strongly there has been unjust treatment. Here, you are naturally attracted to an alternative culture/practice/style other than your own. Hopi indicates an individual who is drawn to more earth-based belief systems and environmental causes. It can be stated that the overall vibe of this connection is one of peace and of respecting other cultures. With Hopi, you may be drawn to or help set up humanitarian organisations that support those in need or environmental agencies.

  • Taurusbaby22, you card is the starsign of Pisces. Pisces is more a dreamer than a doer. It indicates someone who escapes into fantasy rather than living in reality. The individual doesn't see people and situations as they really are but tends to idealise them. This leads to letdowns and disappointments when everything turns out to have been just a dream. Pisces urges you to be more practical and discerning about your life choices and to get out and live your life rather than withdrawing into a world of fantasy.

  • Hi Captain.... New guy, new scenario..... Will it go anywhere with M n I this time??? Is it worth investigating??


  • Hiprincess, your card is the asteroid Hades. Hades is an unpleasant card - it indicates all that is useless, old, or deeply buried. Probably the best benefit is that it indicates that you will be forced to “prune” away the old you, whether you like it or not. Representing many of the more sordid or disagreeable sides of life, Hades is associated with waste, decay, illness, depression, sorrow, and want -- as well as anything that is vulgar, crime-related, or crude. Hades leads us to ponder our choices in life and recognise where we are circling back on old habits or on decomposing or destructive attitudes that should be long dead and buried.

    Hades reflects the ancient myth of Persephone - who represents the loving feminine energy - being stripped of all she owned and being dragged down to the Underworld by her kidnapper. Hades is all about domination and victimizing of women for selfish urges.

  • WHOA!!!!!!! Not sure if that card is for G or M tho?!?!?!!! Sure sounds like G... This one must be the same type - just in a suit!!!!!

    So I am staying WELL away!!!!

  • i have a question..

    what should i do regarding the next months??i will be unemployed,should i seek employment or is this a time for me to reflect on things??

    thanks captain.

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  • Hi Captain,

    one question please.

    how would have been like the relationship between me and R?

    thank you!

  • Sterilite, your card is the asteroid Psyche. Psyche represents psychology and is involved with the discipline of the study of the mind. Psyche encompasses the soul, the mind, and the self. She can tell us a lot about ourselves and our own journey. Delving into our innermost depths can take some time and reflection. The Psyche individual will continue to fight for the happy ending that they know is well deserved.

    Psyche symbolizes so many things - perseverance in love, connections of a psychic nature, the awakening of intuition, a soul seeking completion. You have the romantic, you have the dedication to the one you fall in love with, you have the running through hoops to prove that love, and you have the harsh feminine figure who is jealous and manipulative, a standing force of disruption on the path of love. Psyche individuals need to have the natural ability to see through the surface garbage with any new attractions. They are in search for ‘the’ partner, where the complexities of the attraction are intricate, where there are huge forces to surmount and toils to be dealt with to find that moment of pure, passionate love. Individuals can also misread ‘fate’ and continue to bash their heads against a closed to romance door. All in all, Psyche is a fine indicator that it is a positive thing to open the door to love, or to peel another layer off your present romance. It is a great time to connect with romantic others on deeper levels and to reassess the ‘love’ agenda – decide what aspects of your approach and expression need a breath of fresh life.

  • Art10, your card is the asteroid Hybris. In Ancient Greece, Hybris was a pretty nasty Goddess, symbolising insolence, violence, outlandish behaviour, and reckless pride. Hybris indicates an area of negative potential and shows where one might toss their sensible nature to the side and act completely out of character. It is an area where one could find extreme bad manners, violent outbursts or tendencies, extreme arrogance, and ridiculous levels of pride.

    On a minor scale, it can indicate a stubborn stance regarding personal opinion and also a hidden side that can be quite reckless. Whilst you as an individual may not even feel Hybris’s touch – you are quite prone to attracting those who do. This should be considered as a time to be aware and take more personal care. But on the positive side, it can be the arrogant snap needed to wake you up and get you motivated to move out of a demeaning situation.

  • Captain, I wondered if you could draw a card out for my future, what do you see? Thanking you lots as always for your help and guidance. 😄

  • Gosh Captain that is bang on. A very short and precise description. Thanks!

  • Good morning Captain, Any chance of our busniess selling soon? Soon has in this summer? :0) Thank you for your time and sharing your gifts so freely. Blessings always!

  • Captain, thank you for the reading! I asked about career and the cards touched on things I'm very interested in. Great reading!

    If it's OK, I'd like to ask another question. I've always been interested in self improvement, but easier said then done. It's been a long slow process, 2 steps forward, one step back. So What do I need to do to make sure I'm on the right path?

  • Hi Captain. u were so right on last night with ur reading that i felt compelled to ask u the one question that no one, not even me, can seem 2 answer. I feel a major, life changing event coming up for me, a hard lesson that i will finally learn. What is it? What will happen? Will I finally be the person that i should be? So far no one can tell me the answer

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