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  • TDSMITH0928, if there is no chance your partner will begin to treat you better, then you have only two choices. One, you can stay and take the abuse from him and his kids and lose yourself and your mind in the process, or Two, you can leave him and be alone but have a chance at finding new happiness and a new sense of self-esteem..

  • Intrigued, your card is the planetary body the Moon. The Moon governs the subconscious, dreams, psychic and metaphysical matters like hunches and intuitions, our deeper motivations, habitual behaviours and prejudices, art, letters, and creative work of any kind. She symbolizes all feminine figures such as the mother, the wife, etc. She is a sign of fertility, femininity, imagination, and memory. The Moon is the night star. Therefore, she is associated with subjectivity, moods, the past, and nostalgia. Anything associated with the Moon will be especially beneficial to you and your studies at the moment.

  • Lovingsilverwings, your card is the asteroid Eros. Eros governs the reproductive system and sexual organs, and the heart.

  • Art10, you asked how was your marriage situation, not what you should do about it.

    The card for the second question is the asteroid Hera. Hera represents someone who is a bad or unsatisfying wife or mother, or someone who is in a dissatisfying relationship. Hera made lousy choices in relationships - buying into the games and gossip, plotting revenge and playing the victim. She just chose the low way. She symbolizes where we can experience a marriage or intimate union that is dissatisfying but there is a refusal to let go and move on. She indicates where we can feel trapped in a relationship that is not progressing. It can also signify where we are dumped with responsibility that we are not willing, or wanting, to take on board. The message with this asteroid is that it signifies a place in us where we experience deep rooted jealousy or anger, and where we can stoop super low in our search for vengeance. Resentment can breed and discord ensue if Hera is drawn. Best watch the communications and monitor the karma factor if you DO speak out regarding a love friend or intimate other who is not pulling their weight. Hera indicates wanting to escape a mundane life to find excitement elsewhere. But she cannot make the choice of what to do for you. If you think you can work through what she represents, then try it. But if it really is a bad irreparable situation, then leave it.

  • Songofsharon, your card is the asteroid Artemis. Artemis is a female warrior, a hunting and Moon Goddess. She symbolizes the cycles of the Moon – the birth, the life and the death of a situation, your attitude towards conflict, and your innate, competitive nature. One important consideration regards Artemis is related to sex. She was a fit, active woman, who was aggressively protective of her virginity. It was her choice and one she fought valiantly to maintain. Artemis can indicate your attitude towards sex in general, timidity for one thing, or being the dominant partner for another. Business can also be brought into consideration with Artemis, as chasing the financial is certainly the modern day hunt. Your approach and competitive edge, especially when in the firing line of another’s aims - are you being called in to protect, perhaps even attack? However impartial her intended symbolism may be, Artemis was a proud Goddess, so it is not beyond her to lash out through jealousy or spite. Keywords:- competitiveness, aggression, connection to sexuality, importance of sexual intimacy, business acumen, birth, life, death, protection of animals, ambition, the outdoorsy type, possible vegetarian link, pride, spite, emotional aloofness, detachment from intimacy, womens’ rights, wildness, animal instincts, survival/hunting instincts.

  • Cyw39, your card is the asteroid Nemesis. This is a tough one as it not only deals with your own shadow self, but also with negative individuals who are a continual attraction for you. Nemesis indicates energy influences that tear you down and apart. There are battles with the ego brought about by external individuals/influences and a lack of balance. An individual who draws Nemesis is literally a mouse in a wheel – attracting negativity and bringing about their own downfall due to their denial.

    However, as with everything, it is not all doom and gloom. Where there is work done, there is reward. Nemesis is mostly about balance and accepting responsibility. Whilst projecting and parental issues are valid psychological reasoning for behaviour patterns, they also easily become an excuse. Nemesis calls for responsibility and acceptance of the shadow self. Note your weaknesses and embrace them. Accept that you are flawed and take note of how many times you have experienced a downfall due to your flaws. Take on and embrace ‘your’ role in the negative events and move on from resentment. When you look towards others, what do you envy? When difficult situations happen, not events or tragedies totally out of your control, but when life events happen, how do you dish out the blame? Another element of Nemesis is the element of praise. Do you give credit where credit is due? Do you over-value your input in relationships and situations? Do you expect credit and praise but are lax in returning in kind? One element that is hidden here, that is equally as important, is the complete back-swing of this ie. the role of the martyr. There is no one more hard suffering than the individual who takes on ALL of the blame. They are so wrapped up in their shadow self that they forget that there are other parties involved and fail to also hand over the responsibility where it is justified.

    Nemesis indicates a time when you will come into contact with your “Nemesis’ type individuals, or behaviour patterns. How to deal with Nemesis is acceptance, tolerance and learning how to find balance of blame and responsibility, ego and true achievement. It is all about distancing yourself from external opinion and working with what is right for you - not even necessarily the input from the intimate environment either, just you and what is essential for your survival. It is tempting to avoid digging deeper, avoid standing up for yourself, protecting your own opinion and desire. The goal is focusing the soul on the broader picture and to remove the emotional intensity from any decisions made. It IS a time to move forward, but with balance. It is all about the precarious element of balance.

  • Cocodd66yahoocom, your card is the asteroid Atlantis. Here we can see a heightened sense of all that ‘we’, as human beings, stand for and desire. This is the 'fight or flight' or 'stand and protect' instinct – natural influences are intensified ten fold. The inbuilt instinct to achieve all that ‘I want’ and all that ‘I desire at all costs’ is increased to 'domination or bust'. It also indicates the choices one must make between seeking riches and expanding on a ‘kingdom’ or seeking a simpler way of living. What is the ideal Atlantic kingdom?

    Atlantis was a military driven nation that has been romanticized into this glorious civilisation that was all about peace. The Atlanteans had a gorgeous island but they wanted more. They fought for more and they dominated other countries until they met their final foe who ultimately brought about their destruction. The symbolism of Atlantis is the perfect home. That home life, that kingdom of our desire that once achieved, we will protect fiercely. This is the realm in which we are the King or Queen, our domain in which we stand proud. However, we can become greedy and want to over-extend. We want a bigger home, fancier home, we want to be the envy of all. We stop appreciating the beauty that we DO have and go above and beyond, entering the ridiculous. Atlantis represents our ideal home, the roost we rule. It also represents where we will daydream about the ideal home and aspire to acquire new kingdoms. Atlantis sets its eyes on the home kingdom and we want people around us and intimate with us who suit that ideal. It also makes us more aggressive about the financial, more pedantic about security and overall stability. Our aims ARE emotional to some extent, but more inclined towards the long term ability to be able to provide for and maintain the inbuilt Atlantean desire.

  • Tonib3741, orbs are not all bad - they are just souls who have passed over but not yet left the earth plane for some reason. The reason indicated here by your card of the asteroid Harmonia is that the orbs are having such a good time there in your home in Florida that they don't want to leave. It's a party of orbs, all just having fun. Nothing to worry about.

    Harmonia represents a place that is very agreeable and where you seek the company of agreeable others. It is a peaceful happy place, with love flowing freely. There are problems here though in that the spirits may become so contented that they don't want to move on into the light, and for you it is a problem because they alarm and bother you. The best thing to do is to ask them loudly but politely to move into the light. Seeing as they are such intense party-goers, you may have to ask several times in a firm voice. But they are certainly not there to hurt you.

  • Taurusbaby22, your card is the asteroid Hebe. Hebe symbolizes a youthful element where we feel we are to serve through duty and age. Hebe knows what she has to do and simply fulfills her duties without fuss. Her actual symbol is that of a wineglass, mimicking her position with the Gods. However, she removed herself from the position as cup-bearer to tend to her new family. This can be likened to how the hardiest of clubbers will move on from drinking and parties once they have settled down. She represents someone who struggles hard to grow up and take on serious life responsibilities but who eventually matures enough to do the right thing by those who depend on them.

  • Thank you once again Captain. I really apreciate everything you tell me.

  • Thank you Captain

    The card Artemis that was chosen for me is a very accurate representation of me. I'm still working on my survival/hunting instincts when it comes men!!!!

  • Many thanks Captain - the Moon, that makes sense dreams, intuition, and the past. I really appreciate your time. Take care. 😄

  • What type of careeer should I consider or go to school for in the future? I know I will not be working where I am now within the next 8 years.

  • Thank you Captain, this explains a lot. I feel I have been seeking balance for quite a while and that changes are coming. You are a great help.

    Much appreciation 🙂

  • Hi Captain, sorry I shall rephrase my question. What do I

  • Hi Captain, sorry I shall rephrase my question. What do I

  • ...oops I pressed wrong key. What do I need to concentrate on to improve my chances of having a baby. Many thanks

  • Thank you Captain for the reading. Interestingly enough I may come across as too positive to many people. I'll think about this in the next interview..


  • thank you a lot Captain! You are so very good in what you do. its amazing!

    In fact my marriage is no good at all and soon I will be leaving it. you predicted this some time ago, too. it is dragged for so long out of fear to making it alone. blessings!!


    Blessings and thank you.

    The heart is one of the area we have been working on, Most tests are indicating the heart is fairly normal with just some slight abnormalty. There is a history of heart disease in the family. Also, through testing, the DHEA and cortisol hormones are out of balance.

    loving silver wings

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