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  • Hi Captain, will I be able to have a baby? x

  • Hi Captain.

    this is such an great invention of yours.

    my question is: how should I go with T? should I hope for a union in the future or no?

    thank you! brick

  • Zephire, specific questions like "Where, when or who' or questions that need a 'yes/no' answer cannot be answered by tarot cards. Rephrase your question if you want an card reading.

  • CoffeeGem, I believe the card was referring to the healing that is needed to be done between yourself and your sister.

  • Robin5215, regarding your financial situation, the card I drew for you is the asteroid Hopi. Associated with this card is the strong desire to change or apply another’s beliefs to that of your own. Are you applying your own beliefs and ideas to improving your finances or are you simply doing what everyone else does or what you have observed works for others? Hopi implies failure unless one follows one's own instincts. Make sure that what you believe in is valid and realistic to your core and that you are not simply conforming to society's rigid standards of belief by doing the acceptable thing. Hopi also covers issues of environmental causes and living a more simple natural way of life, free of material clutter. Hopi is about discussion to resolve differences and finding peace through mutual respect and compromise.

  • Dmick59, your card is the planet Venus. Planets represent important messages. Venus represents two main areas of your life: love and money. Basically she says you will make money by doing what you love so make sure your heart is in the venture as well as your head. Venus rules our sentiments, what we value, and the pleasure we take in life. Grace, charm, comfort and beauty are all ruled by Venus. Through Venus, we learn about our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, and what makes us happy. In regards to your business venture, you must ensure it has beauty, charm or attractiveness to succeed, whether it be with an attractive business proposal, charming investors or business partners, dealing with/selling beautiful or valuable objects, or anything associated with beautification of people or places. Venus also counsels you to look your best when approaching clients or partners about your business. The more appealing you can make your venture appear to others, the more success you will have. Looks will count in this venture and a comfortable but beautiful office space or shop will be vital.

  • Lovingsilverwings, the cards cannot answer 'yes/no' or 'when' questions. Can you rephrase your question?

  • Amused59, your card is the asteroid Ixion. Ixion is about suppression, manipulation, tyranny and the exploitation of women. He suggests a relationship full of broken promises and karmic retribution, deceit and malicious and deceptive power-plays. Such a relationship is unhealthy and must be reinvented or adjusted, but if that is impossible, then it must be ended so that a lust for life can be refound.

  • TDSMITH0928, regarding the state of your marriage, you card is the asteroid Echeclus. Echeclus is about daring to be true to oneself, no matter the consequence; that freedom is defined by one's ability to assert oneself authentically. It's about regaining your essential self that has been lost, of not putting on a false front or fake smile, of discontinuing doing the 'right' and proper thing by everyone else and instead doing what is right for you. It suggests that the two of you have lost your original spontaneity and fun and become weighed down or changed by the responsibilities of life and looking after a family. It suggests that there is hope for the future of the marriage if you two can regain your former less serious and less inflexible selves and just lighten up and stay young at heart. Look at where you need to make more time to relax and play.

  • LOANLADY1, your card is the asteroid Hephaistos. This card shows that you may feel very unworthy and self-doubting, and encourages you to make an extra effort to project confidence and poise. He warns that your internal suffering or negativity is coming across to others and making them doubt whether you are right for their business or company. Hephaistos indicates that you must put more thought into your image and to boosting your confidence, to how you project yourself to the world. Do you walk around with a smile on your face, your shoulders back and spine straight or do you hunch over and look miserable? Are you neat and tidy or tired-looking and messy? Presentation is vital in a job interview so examine how you can improve your self-image and change yourthinking to the positive so that you can project the aura of a desirable potential employee.

  • Tonib3741, can you rephrase your question because the cards cannot answer 'yes' or 'no'?

  • GorgeousGal, can you rephrase your question because the cards cannot answer 'yes' or 'no'?

  • Brick1, in regards to the union between you and T, your card is the asteroid Niobe. Niobe asks you to question the people that you ‘worship’ in your life and cautions that this could lead to an open wound and a point of lifetime grieving over a fantasy. She also stands for pride or wounded ego, which may be stopping you from letting go of an out-of-date situation. Niobe asks you to put your faith in something with substance and reality. Something ’you’ believe in, rather than what is expected of you. In taking action with these desires, you move outside of the pattern and you lose the uncomfortable connection with a lot of negative energy attached to the separation. However, you gain independence from something or someone that was boxing you in, forcing you to live a reality that you disliked. From this disconnection, you then move on to create your own environment. The lesson to be learned with Niobe is to choose your battles and partners wisely.

  • Hello captain this is another great one. 🙂

    Will I feel more satisfied with my relationships ?

    Thank you for your kind offer

  • Cyw39, the cards cannot give a 'yes' or 'no' answer so can you rephrase your question?

  • I will try again.

    Will my relationships become more stable?

  • I was puzzled to read the answer. there is a lot of truth in it. however, it is mixing in my situation so can I ask : therefore, how should I proceed with T from now on?

  • Cyw39, that is a yes/no question again. Try starting with What or How.

  • Brick1, the card asks you to decide first if it is the fantasy you like about T or the real person because it suggests you have unrealistic expectations which will mean the relationship will not have any chance of survival.

  • How will I go by making major decisions in my life for the next 2 months?

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