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  • Danielleissmiling, only a false friend is nice to your face and then badmouths you behind your back. She needs a short sharp shock. Have it out with her and see what she says. If she denies it, drop her from your life.

  • Hi Captain,

    What do you see for my relationship with P? Normally always setting goals for our future, but feeling blocked.

    your feedback is always appreciated.

    kind regards


  • Cazmayo, your card is the asteroid Artemis. Artemis is the huntress, the wild warrior of the chase. Business and material matters can be brought into consideration with Artemis, as chasing the financial is certainly the modern day hunt. She represents your approach and competitive edge, especially when in the firing line of another’s aims. You are being called in to protect, perhaps even attack. Artemis is a virgin who strongly protected her chastity and this card can speak of withheld affections, emotional aloofness, strained sexual relations, or a detachment from intimacy. She is a part of the self that seeks to retain a healthy psychic autonomy, whatever one’s relationship or sexual status. It has to be acknowledged though, that when this gets out of balance towards the protective end of the spectrum, she can become a hurdle in relationships by limiting the capacity for true intimacy. Also, she is a proud Goddess, so it is not beyond her to lash out through jealousy or spite. On an inner level, she is a protector of what is wild and natural inside us against the confines of civilising influences and suppression. This part of the self needs a lot of space, the more psychically purer the better; given the freedom to run and to roam and regular, healing access to the natural world. Artemis represents an access point to a level of freedom which is wild and untamed, to our “inner adolescent” and she describes our connection to this freedom and our ability to retain it as we grow older. She is part innocent, part warrior, part mother, part daughter and our inner and outer worlds would be an even greater mess without her.

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  • Thank you Captain!

    My question is similar to Mymissymoo's.....

    What is my best approach to help with my daughters weight issues?

  • Hi Captain,

    Love your insights! Here's my question: What is going to happen with my business?


  • Mymissymoo, your card is the asteroid Fortuna. Fortuna is the symbol of the old maxim “what goes around comes around” and she shows us how we can be up one moment and down the next. Fortuna reveals to us how we feel and how we respond to the issues she represents - in this case, physical health and well-being. She suggests your daughter's viewpoint towards food and her health is very much influenced by how she feels at the time. You can pretty well judge how she is feeling by what she is or isn't eating. She is more likely to eat what makes her feel good rather than what is necessarily best for her diet. Chocolate of course is a major comfort food and in small doses can actually help your daughter by causing the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that make her feel good. We crave chocolate or some other food like icre cream, cookies, mashed potatoes etc. that has sugar and fat to help bring the chemicals in our brain back into balance. Also foods like milk, spinach, salmon, sunflower seeds, wholegrain pasta or bread, tofu, and fortified cereals will naturally lift your daughter's spirits. So, when she is not feeling good, nudge her towards food that will raise her spirits and balance her metabolism.

    Fortuna also suggests the need for a greater variety and choice of foods in the diet as the person involved may have more exotic or unusual tastes than normal and may feel bored if presented with the 'same old, same old' every day.

  • Cali4niaGirlz, your card is the asteroid Nessus. Nessus represents a very sensitive person who feels the need to protect themselves from an abusive and frightening world. He speaks of anxiety and fear of our peers and perhaps some sort of bullying or rough treatment. Carrying extra weight is one way of keeping people away and 'armouring' onesself against pain. Nessus is also associated with jealousy and envy of those who we perceive as being more beautiful or lucky than ourselves, such as movie stars or models. He represents family groups and asks us to examine if these self-destructive thought patterns of negatively comparing ourselves to others and a need to protect ourselves from abuse may have been subconsciously passed on down through the generations. Nessus relates to issues of self-loathing and low self-worth and suggests seeking some form of counselling or open family discussions for these issues.

  • Rimgal, your card is the asteroid Admetos. Admetos represents being stuck (either physically or psychologically) in one of life's frustrating traffic jams. Admetos describes inertia, slow motion, and things that go around in a circle like phonograph records. He relates to anyone involved in an endeavor that requires repetition and frequent practice. Admetos is the brick wall: steadfast, stable, immovable. He advises the need for shrinking or narrowing things down to a sharper focus - specialization. But he also suggests terminating circumstances that go round and round for a long time with no escape evident.

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  • Fanaa25, your card regarding love is the asteroid Thetis. In mythology, Thetis was a sea nymph thwarted in love by being prevented from marrying the person she wanted and forced into a loveless marriage to please the Gods. Thus, Thetis can indicate a time when the parental expectation is brought to mind, in either a pride or disappointment sense – and, if someone is trying to find love, Thetis calls for an evaluation of the past and an assessment of the present expectation to see if one is living by parental expectations in love and marriage values.

    Alternatively, one might be rebelling against parental authority by choosing mates who are totally the opposite of those of whom the parents would approve. Thetis represents maternal expectations, insecurities, performance anxiety, pattern continuance, and feeling inferior. Thetis asks you - are you anxious to please your parents or to prove yourself as a good child by choosing someone your parents would approve of, instead of someone you really love? Are your choices in love relationships made by the maternal/paternal voices in your head - or as they should be, by your heart? Until you resolve this issue that may be holding you back from finding true love, all your future relationships are in doubt.

  • Hi Captain,

    Reading seems to be right on... due to my divorce... I may lose my house where I run my business (like a B&B but a womens retreat). I seem to have been beating a dead horse, as they say, for quite awhile!! I'm debating about shutting this down and moving it to a different city or just moving on and doing something completely different. Getting tired of making decisions, or maybe I'm just tired... lol Thanks for the reading

  • Hi Captain,

    I've been reading posts for hours and have lost track of time and I came here and couldn't resist. I must ask now that we have that other matter somewhat handled, will I still be able to find love and pursue my dream of having a law degree which I'm currently studying for? I guess I'm asking if it's possible to have both as I adjust to new attitudes and adjustments?

    as always, Thank you so much!


  • Dear Captain ,

    If you are still taking questions , i would like to ask will my kids do well at the new school that they are currantly going to? Thanks Lilac

  • Wow Captain! Thank you (again) for all that you do!

    You mentioned "family" in your response, and I forgot about that! My husband's family has suffered with obesity & then anorexia... My family as well!

    You nailed it. It's tough to hear, but so true.

    One question.. When you mention abuse, what form are you talking about? Neither one of my family or my husbands has had any sort of abuse of any kind. So that startled me. Can you elaborate?

    Counciling.... hmmm. Don't like the idea, but willing to anything to help my family.

    Thank you again Captain!!

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  • Actually IStillBelieve, I think I answered your question about love and work in the Photo Readings.

  • Lilacrose, your card is the asteroid Pallas Athene. She encompasses learning the skills of relating to others, warriorship, justice, learning by experience, and wisdom. She describes how we face the issues of education, creativity, the arts, politics, healing, alienation from relationships, competition, and the fears of success. Females will do especially well here. Males may struggle a bit more to learn. With Pallas, you find natural creative talent and heightened intellect being brought out in the individual. Pallas brings gifts of understanding, insight and skilfulness, and helps one to take things to a higher level than may have been thought possible.

    So Pallas says that although there may be battles for your children to overcome, the school will ultimately be a good place for helping them make friends and bring out their thinking and creative abilities.

  • Dear Captain,

    Thankyou so much you have put my mind at ease as its a brand new school with many teething problems which is why i have had my doubts about it ,you were spot on about males and females my daughter is doing very well and my son is struggling finding it hard to cope at times .Thanks again for taking the time to do this for me many blessings 2u Lilac

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