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  • Mariplatnum, I can see a man standing between you and what you are trying to achieve. He has his hand out for money but you mustn't give him any until he delivers on what he promised.

  • Hi Captain!!

    A man? Oh my gosh. Do you vibe any initials? (sorry I don't know if that is even possible) There are three men at the moment who is involved in my business I'm trying to figure out which one is giving me the blockage (some bad negative juju) or just trying to sabotage me. Thank you...I can't say it enough...thank you. I'll start a thread after your reply for this.

    Thank you again. I appreciate your help sooooooo much.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Mariplatnum, this man thinks a bit too highly of himself - he may come across as somewhat arrogant or superior. Possibly name of James. He wants more money than his services are actually worth.

  • Captain,

    I have another question which maybe your cards can give insight in to. It is with regards to our situation here. I am on the point of making a decision which may or may not be a success. Could you pull a card for me? Maybe then I have a pointer. The last card you pulled for me was Jupiter.

  • Hi Captain,

    can you pull another card for me please??

    what is happening right now??

    thank you,


  • Paddifluff, your card is the asteroid Diana. Diana represents a strong need for individual expression & freedom. She indicates an extremely sacred place, a place that no one can touch. This may or may not be religious, but it is spiritual, and private, a sacred and personal element of the psyche. Drawing Diana indicates a time of protection and withdrawal into the home environment. Diana is not needy, except for space and for the opportunity, quietly, to nurture the inner needs of the soul. She helps you to figure out what you want, but without any emotional baggage. Detached, disinterested and dispassionate, Diana energy helps you to engage with life on your own terms, as a fully fledged adult. With Diana, you put away childish things and come into a richer fullness of being. She indicates a deeper connection to the natural world, a getting back to basics approach and a tightening of the personal faith connection. There is also a possiblity of pregnancy and childbirth so if that is what you want, fine and good but take extra precautions if you don't.

    There is withdrawal encouragement here, a calling to become introspective and find solace from your spiritual connection. This influence is all about building and reconnecting with your senses and a reassessment of your present sense of worth. Diana energy can be austere, but she does not show a lack of sensitivity as such. Indeed, she can be almost hypersensitive in her way, which is to acknowledge feelings and immediately put boundaries in place to contain and protect them, so that Diana can sometimes seem cold or hard where in fact she is simply looking after herself. Of course, she can help you to be tough if circumstances demand it. She can also point to intense fear responses, which in turn stimulate the 'fight or flight' reflex, which in turn makes you either combative or prone to head for the hills. Ultimately Diana tells you a lot about how you develop emotional maturity, although she can also say something about the distortions and setbacks of this process, too. She shows where you are able to rely on yourself rather than depending on others, and also points to ways in which you can help other people become mature.

  • Arsia, your card is the asteroid Anteros. Anteros indicates a feeling of having met 'the one' when it comes to true love - a longing for love that appears to have been answered. But there is also the caution that the lover might be unrealistic in their expectations of the other person. Love must be answered if it is to prosper. And this situation might involve the loved one scorning or not returning the lover's deeper feelings. The love may only be spoken of as friendship. Some level of attraction exists – but it needs more time and clarity to see how it manifests. Here one is called to revise one's romantic expectations to see if they are perhaps not overly idealised. If one can be more realistic about the person or situation involved, then a clearer picture of the relationship's direction can be achieved.

  • Thank You Captain!

    So I see, I feel here is a high degree of truth. for more understanding on it may i have a question from his perspective on me, like :

    How does he feel and think for me??

    or what do I symbolize for him??

    Thank You again, a

  • Arsia, your card is the asteroid Delphine. Delphine was an oracle which suggests that intuition and emotional sensitivity is called for here on your part. Coming across as pushing too hard or being desperate will bring you negative results. She implies that your friend wants to escape from what he feels is too much pressure on him emotionally.

    Consideration of other people's feelings is the goal here from Delphine. It's a question of what your friend needs at the moment, not what you need. And he needs you to just be a friend who gives him the space to think and doesn't put pressure on him in order to get something from him.

  • This sound so perfectly right ! amazing!

    I am in a difficult position, and I totally understand giving him time and space. I only worry if too much time and space, would help forgetting and move things apart.

    thank you Captain!

  • Captain to refraise my ?. About my business. What is up with the sale of my biz? Thank you again.

  • Millcab90, your card is the asteroid Thereus. Thereus was a Centaur hunter who hunted very big game and brought them home alive to his cave. He represents the need to maintain healthy boundaries between personal and professional activities. Drawing this card indicates that you may tend to identify with career, relationships or material acquisitions. The erroneus "I am what I do or have" belief and the "If my career/business/relationship fails, then I am a failure" false principle. He urges you to separate your essential self from your business and not see yourself as being unlovable or rejected if your business is not bought. Thereus people must find a balance between relationship and work, money and sexuality in order to be happy. Once you understand that you are not your business - that it is merely one manifestation of your whole life's work - then you will be able to wish it well and let go of it.

    Another side of Thereus relates to the wilderness, the hunt, nature, wild animals and concern for the environment. He also stands for people who are blinded by the glamour or beauty of others and fail to see their flaws or those types who are constantly attracted to hopeless people or situations.

  • Captian, Thank you, Ive never thought of it like that. Im just ready to move on and relax alittle.

    :0( Have a wonderful day and bless you.

  • Thanks Captain! Interesting card...does that mean our relationship is doomed... ha ha I sound like a right "biddy"!!

  • Hi Captain... Can you give me a reading on what kind of relationship if any I will have with S?

    New guy 🙂

  • Hiprincess, your card is the asteroid Vesta. Vesta represents platonic relationships, ones where a person is attracted to another because of a similar mission or path in life or common interests. Vesta tends to be focused on the inner & more mental spiritual experience of relating, rather than anything physical. She is the good friend who asks nothing in return for her devotion, help and support. She can also represent a fear of intimacy that must be addressed at some point.

  • Captain could i have a reading also regarding a relationship i have with L? my Ex's mum shes a very good friend of mine and we have a lot in common.

    Best wishes and thanks again


  • Thanks Captain!! You are right again 🙂

  • RebeccaAnn, your card is the starsign Libra. Libra indicates the need for more balance or equality in your relationship. One person is asking for more than the other can or wants to give. Libra calls for harmony and lightness in a relationship - anything too heavy or pressurized will destroy it. Your friend does not want to hurt your feelings by being too forthright here but she doesn't want to take on the responsiblity for looking after you or taking the place of your mother - she feels it is not fair of her to do this or for you to want her to do this. Libra advises you to wait for your friend to make contact with you and in the meantime 'weigh up' your real reasons for wanting to be friends with her.

  • Thank you captain again for you're reading, i think you're talking about someone else though because i already in contact with her a lot talk to her on the internet everyday, this could be mentioning someone else though.

    The woman who i was talking about his my ex boyfriends mum called Louise i only know her birthday September 16th or something like that don't know the year.

    Im going to be staying with her for two weeks this coming Friday.

    so maybe its about my soulmate friend, who i still have not spoken to for a month or so know, i thought friends were at least suppose to talk to each other lol.

    Best wishes


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