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  • Dear Captain--

    Your insight would be appreciated in a particular situation here---

    Lover from 15 years ago born Aug 2 1969 would like to get together--- I would love to see him

    We caught up and have been in contact weekly since Dec 2009--

    what is going on with him? where is this friendship going?

    thank you,


    Jan 3 1972

  • CapricornCat, your card is the starsign Gemini. Gemini relationships are based on a mind connection - they are generally light-hearted, witty and don't tolerate any more serious commitment. They can involve power struggles over who has the most willpower or cleverness and it is often best when the people concerned don't see or communicate very often. Daily interactions would bring serious conflicts and rivalry over who is going to dominate the relationship and lead it forward. More infrequent and lighter relations makes this relationship more equal and less likely to sail into trouble. There is not a lot of deep emotional connection in a Gemini relationship.

  • Thank you Captain--- I appreciate your reading and this all rings true-- thank you for always bringing the reading so promptly-- thank you for sharing your gift with us all.

    Peace and Blessings,


  • Hello again Captain 🙂

    Pondering relationships this morning I have some questions that I would love for you to respond to because I love your generous and gentle expression of insight.

    These were my questions. When someone comes to us (in this case I am thinking about this ex lover) how do we figure out if they are in our lives (and I am referring to our relationship from years ago, not now) to test us (with learning to discern) or if we are meant to grow with them in relationship through challenges-- sometimes it's quite difficult to know --- it takes me a while to figure it out-- do I meditate on the relationship? Do I base all decisions on intuition? A reader gave me a harsh reading on this particular relationship (a reading about my friendship with him now) and it never dawned on me that I was abusing this relationship because of love! I would never intend on doing this, but deepening my awareness I realized that the reader was right!-- and now with that new awareness I have only to make things right otherwise I will continue this "selfish" path. Help Please !

    and along these lines, please if you can share insight into my future relationships-- I would love to know--- When, and any other interesting insight about this next lover.

    in gratitude,


    Jan 3 1972

    born 3:58 a.m.

  • Hello Captain 🙂

    May I ask a question, here goes:

    What is happening between "J" and I?

    I'm trying to move on but something keeps pulling me back to this person. I don't know what

    to do anymore. I'm very confused and I believe is mostly my fault that we are in this situation 😞

    Thank you very much!

    Blessings 🙂

  • CapricornCat, I think many of us jump too quickly into a relationship without first deciding if friendship or love would be the best thing. If we would just slow down our racing hearts or libidos long enough to get to know the person better, and learn to have a little more objectivity, it would soon become clear what sort of relationship (or not) is supposed to happen. How many people have thrown themselves into love (it's interesting that the sensation of love is likened to falling or jumping - why don't we simply stand and observe with eyes wide open?) only to learn that the other person's motives were not the same as theirs or that there was not a lot in common between them? You may say it's easier said than done to retain some objectivity when you are with the object of your desire, but a little early restraint and thought would save so much later heartbreak. I know I am being a wet blanket on the romantic idea of love coming from the heart, not the head. But that sort of romance rarely works well outside of books and films.

  • Captain-- yes, you are right, I haven't had too much experience in objectivity--- I thought I had that with my ex-husband (June 25, 1972) but after 9 years I asked for a divorce. Relationship has been a challenge for me--- I am only now learning to love myself first...

    I tend to get wrapped up in emotion and blinded at times--

    My intention for my next relationship, when I am presented with it is to really do things differently than I ever have. I have a beautiful example of relationship with my brother and his wife-- I recognize it and appreciate it.

    In gratitude, peace and love

  • SunCappyGirl, your card is the asteroid Deucalion. Deucalion, son of Prometheus in mythology, has parallels with the Biblical Noah. Both survived floods sent by the gods to punish mankind. Deucalion survived the deluge because he was a good, decent person who held firm to his principles and beliefs. In this situation, you are feeling 'flooded' or overwhelmed by emotion and are being called to maintain a strong moral position and not sink to a lower level of behaviour, though tempted. You are being advised to follow your intuition and build a 'vessel' of survival to sail away from the evils of man (or in this case, one man.) You worry that J needs saving but his own decisions and actions have put him beyond anyone else's help. He must sink or swim on his own. If you go back to help, you will be pulled under too. You must forge ahead and create a new life for yourself. Don't let false guilt or a misplaced sense of loyalty be your downfall.

  • Dear Captain

    Thank you so very much for your reading. You have released me from the vicious whole i was in. Now i can let go and save myself from the flood. Thank you so very much. I feel so much better now. I can let go of "J" but i can't stop worrying about her well being. All I can really do now is pray so that she finds her way. Hopefully "J" finds peace in her one day and not self-destruct like I'm afraid she will but I know "J" is strong enough to pull herself back up and fight for what she wants. I'm ready to move on thanks to you. Thank you so much once again.

    Many Blessing! 🙂

  • Hello Captain,

    It has been a few weeks and life keeps changing, always for the better. I am wondering, if you have any idea of what is coming my way for relationship. Do you have any knowledge of when or with what sort of gentleman?

    Any information would be appreciated.

    thank you,


  • CapricornCat, your card is the asteroid Sappho. This card indicates someone who is prone to experiencing the depths of emotional highs and despair regarding romantic unions, often because they pick the wrong person who is totally not what they need. They will fall from the highs of mad love to the lows of heartbreak in a blink of an eye because of their lack of discernment in a partner.

    Drawing this card suggests you have a strong attraction to the artists, poets, and philosophers of the world. It advises you not to be bound by the usual constraints of society when it comes to love - don't let things like gender, age, social or financial status, career choice, or other prejudices hold you back from finding real love. Expand your consciousness and open yourself to the right person in whatever form they appear. Go with your heart, not with your mind or any restrictive traditional behaviour and beliefs. A narrow focus on love will not bring you a compatible partner.

  • Captain,

    Thank you very much for this insightful reading. I feel as though I am heading down this path for relationship. I experienced recently 2 very strong but different feelings towards two people. I am hoping you might share what you may think of them. I felt powerful magnetism toward a woman whom I had never met before. And I had what I felt was a powerful, soulful connection with a man probably twice my age. It was unlike anything I had ever felt. Can you tell me a little more about the gentleman, as I will be seeing him again in an academic setting.

    thank you once again,


  • Dear Captain,

    I would like to add that I was not physically attracted to this man--- I did not feel the physical magnetism that I have felt before with other individuals. Discernment can be tricky for me at times.

    thank you,


  • CapricornCat, you need to learn that an attraction to someone is not necessarily meant to become a romantic relationship. An intellectual or a shared-interest friendship can be just as stimulaitng and perhaps less stressful. Don't get into a habit of expecting a romance to come out of every situation when you feel drawn to someone. Get to know them first as a friend before you jump into anything more intimate. Use your intuition, not your impulses.

  • Captain,

    thank you once again. I feel completely brand new to "relationship" - I am just going to continue to enjoy the journey and trust.

    with gratitude,


  • Hi Captain,

    Could I please ask you a question.

    My boyfriend of 3 years ended our relationship suddenly in October.

    I just want to know what is happening with him (Ross) and what future holds for us?

    Thank you in advance Captain! I appreciate it 🙂

  • MissJLibra, the first card concerning what is happening with Ross is the card of the asteroid Chiron. Chiron represents our deepest wound, and our efforts to heal that wound. It indicates that Ross feels badly hurt and cheated and is trying to get over it. He is searching deeply wthin himself for answers and is also looking to the past to find out if there are negative repeated patterns in his relationships. He is wracking his brains to find out why he keeps making such wrong choices of partner - why a relationship starts out well but then it becomes unstable or loses its momentum and passion, and then he becomes disillusioned and bored and wanting his freedom.

    The second question of what the future holds for you as a couple is answered by the card of the asteroid Ganymede. In this situation Ganymede represents socialising or people meeting at parties or catching sight of each other in passing. There is no indication of any deeper involvement or reunion here. Ganymede suggests you both will move on to other partners and may see each other occasionally at shared social occasions but nothing more than that.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for the reading and your reply.

    I dont really understand why Ross would feel hurt or cheated as I was the one who he had left and has left twice before. If anything, I would be the one who has felt cheated and betrayed as he planned a future with me then left without a warning.

    I am in the process of writing out the whole relationship in detail and posting it, maybe that will be more helpful in explaining.

    The second card reading has a sad result for me but I can understanding if we're not meant to be.

    Once again, Thank you very much for your reading, I really appreciate it 🙂

  • MissJLibra, Ross feels cheated becasue you turned out not to be the person he thought you were. That is his problem (which always happens to him), and is not your fault.

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