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  • No RebeccaAnn, the advice is for your ex's mum but is also like the situation with the other woman. You are seeking a substitute mother but it is not right to press these women for more than they want to give you. Let Louise talk to you if she wants but don't intiate contact. It makes you look desperate. Plus it seems a bit odd to be friends with the mother of your ex. Was it him or her you wanted to be with? It might be making both your ex and his mum feel uncomfortable.

  • i want to just be friends with both of them, my ex boyfriends mum invited me down i know i need to get away from my family for awhile and just wanted a break, im really not looking for anything else lol just having a holiday is good enough and a holiday with friends is nice.

    even my ex thinks it will do me good to get away.

    Best wishes


  • You are lying to yourself, RebeccaAnn. You are desperately looking for a mother substitute because you can't or won't resolve your issues with your real mother.

  • Captain even if i was that still wouldnt stop me being friends with her, i have loads of friends who are adults that are male and female, i am accounted for as an adult myself even if 18 is still a younge age, they will always be my friends no matter how i see them, or how they think i see them it wont make a difference. If we love one another thats all that matters, we are all a family in someway dont you think? it doesnt matter if you're not blood related were all still human beings the same race it wont matter weather i am looking for a mother substitute i know i will always find love whever i go.

    you can have a family outside you're family. you dont always have to stick with your blood related family to be in a family, if you feel you dont belong then you dont belong there, even if you're related you should still look for people who will accept you and become part of a different family. Thats just my view anyway captain i have something to ask you im not making an acusation but you seem by the way im reading or maybe im just asuming that you might be fustrated with me in someway like i said im just trying to figure out by the way im reading you're replies you seem to me like you're fustrated with me?

    if so could you state why. if not then again im sorry must just be me.

    Best wishes


  • It's unfair of you to try and make other people into your new mother, RebeccaAnn - you are using them for your own selfish purposes. Why should they have to take on another child when they have their own to look after? And it will come back and bite you if you don't repair your relations with your own mother.

  • And I am not frustrated with you - just trying to stop karma from bouncing back on you in a hard way because you seem so desperate to replace your mother. You even use me and others here as replacements to give you 'motherly' advice. It's anot friends you seek but parents. Give your mum a chance by trying to walk in her shoes for a while. Get to know her and what her life has been like.

  • why don't you look onto the what i am thankful for thread and have a read there, i think i know what im talking about, im not using them and i don't expect them to look up to being another mother.

    if that's what your saying. I dont think there's a problem here captain, i think you have a problem with me and i want to know why?

    go on i dear you to read the whole thread of what are you Thankful for and you will see many smart people there who appreciate me and know what im going through and know what im talking about.

    IM NOT USING MY FRIENDS FOR MY OWN SELFISH REASONS BECAUSE I AM NOT SELFISH PERSON NEVER AM AND NEVER WILL BE. whatever you say i don't care this is my life not yours and i dont think it will bite be back. i care about my friends and i don't and will never use them.

    that's you're view not mine, you don't know everything or anything about me not really.

    and that's sad because if you did you'd know im a great person to be around and id give you love like now one else would and i think that scares you

    Best wishes and lots of love you're way


  • Thats type was meant to be dare!

  • and actually yes i do know what my mothers been through because iv been through it with her and she was never there for me when i needed her most. never ever.

    and even know she is never there for me i try and i try and i don't get anywhere you don't know how hard i try even today i tried look im not perfect nobody's perfect but i swear to you from the bottom of my heart im not using my friends to look for another mother substitute and even if was im sure they wudnt mind they even said to me they were proud of me and loved me like a daughter thats there words not mine, i didnt put those words in there mouths, they did. they now and believe in me anyone can have that feeling of having someone else to look up to it doesnt always have to be you're mother.

  • Only children play the 'dare' game, RebeccaAnn. If you choose not to see the patterns in your life, then I cannot help you.

  • maybe you just dont understand what iv been through, and are only looking at my mothers point of view you probably couldn't help me anyway. if you think im using my friends for a selfish reason

    then that's your view not mine. they love me and i love them.

    iv got nothing against you and i really dont see a problem.

    this is all i really want. this is a post i posted on what i really want thread even if i did get a lone with my mother in some way it wouldn't stop me from looking for someone else to love just as much i don't think there's anything wrong with that!


    What i really want may someday happen because what i really want is not much.

    I just want to belong somewhere, somewhere and to feel wanted i feel people at my home don't appreciated me much and they don't know what there missing out on. they are extremely judgmental people and i don't get along with any of them really, its a struggle for communicating around here, i cant get out what i feel and i cant say that people here will care.

    i thought id join in this thread to and share what id really want.

    its not much really just to feel something, to know the feeling of being wanted in a family to know the feeling of being loved.

    Best wishes


  • Yes captain i do want a relationship with my mother, and yes i have been trying how much harder do you want me to try? could just tear my heart and and make her listen to me.

    no she don't listen to me much but yes she sometimes does stick up for me.

    i dont hate my mum and i never want to replace her at all, im just looking for someone else to look up to, like everyone else does in life and no matter wat you say im not going to give up looking.


    here is another post from Ramonita on what are you thankful for addressed to me.

    From Ramonita

    Rebecca, from all you say i firmly believe you want to have a good relationship with your mom,

    all relationships require work, even the good ones, because if the relationship is good and you dont continue feeding it like a plant eventually it will fade,

    you dont have to start a long conversation with your mom, in a few words, you can show her your concern for her,

    maybe she will be the one to start talking alot, if she does, dont stop her, let her release what is inside,

    one example i can use, mom you look like you had a hard day at work, if she starts and tell you all the aggravations she goes thru, just throw your arms around her, simply express to her that your sorry she has to go through that, you don't have to use what i am telling this is simply one idea,

    eventually she will open up to you.

    unfortunately some parents, reflect the teachings they had when they were children, maybe she was not shown love either.

    but little by little talk to her something that will make her stop and think my daughter rebecca cares about me,

    in my life they been things that i remember till this day, when i graduated from ninth grade one of our songs was climb every mountain, search high and low, it is a beautiful song and its meaning is deep.

    the second song was, when you walk thru a storm hold your high up high and dont be afraid of the dark, walk on walk on,

    a song with a very deep inspirtational meaning.

    living in new york i was fourteen, i was riding the bus going to my cousin house, at that time thier was a poster on the bus,

    that read

    a winner never quits,

    a quitter never wins.

    these words i pass them on to my children, now i have pass them on to my grandchildren.

    no matter how sweet, kind, charming you are there's always going to be someone that dislikes you, Zepagain made this point to you, and it is very true, it happens to all of us, it could be envy because you are sweeter, smarter, prettier, than them, but it does not matter, it is their lost not yours.

    i will continue to pray for my becca, your mother is a very lucky lady to have you for a daughter, one day she is going to realize it,

    i would be very proud to have you as my flesh and blood and so would a lot of mothers on this forum,

    before i close up for now, there one antidote, i want to share with you when i was young, about eighteen, i would always say i want one boy friend,

    i want one boyfriend, the universe gave me the boyfriend and later two sons and later three grandsons, all i wanted was the boyfriend,

    i closing for now, i will pop back in later, i still have to write to the girls on the forum, but i am sure they understand.

    blessings light, and may God Guide you and protect you at all times.

  • Goodnight captain 😃 hoping some day you can understand me, but if you don't understand me then Im afraid you cant help me, but for me that's okay because i know people that can!

    Blessings love and may light shine upon you always


  • Captain:

    Have you considered publishing this deck? I collect oracles, and yours seems pretty interesting.


  • Captain:

    What is happening in regards to my relationship with J?


  • TruSpirit, no I don't think I could publish them as I have to use my intuition to know which meaning of the cards applies in a particular situation. I'm not sure I could come up with one general meaning that fits all.

  • CapKim4, your card is the Sun, a major card. The question here is - who will shine the brightest in this relationship? It tells of competition and power struggles between two powerful bright individuals who run the chance of scorching each other or burning up if they get too close. There is too much dominance here for either of you to be able to stay in each other's company for long. What attracts you also drains you. There are father or father-image issues here for each of you - the other person represents the paternal or authoritarian figures in your lives - in terms of dominance, strength, control and power. And the way you relate to each other - through rebellion, competition, compliance, frustration, or struggle - reflects your relationship with your own father in some way and any unresolved issues with him will come up here. The Sun is the ego, and egos are at war here. It also represents our basic identity, our consciousness and our willpower - all these things will be challenged by this relationship. Only if one of you yields to the power of the other will this endure as a lasting relationship but I don't see either of you being happy to give in for very long.

  • haha ahh i can't stay away from your posts, Captain 😄 they're always so enlightening and interesting.

    What shpuld i do regarding current friends in my life? Some of them are doing a lot more harm than good in my life.

    thanks captain. 😄 😄

  • Danielleissmiling, you don't need a reading to tell you that you don't need harmful 'friends' in your life.

  • well, that's true. but.. i'm confused. i have one friend in particular that says very mean, hurtful things about people to me and even about me, behind people's backs. but she's also been a very dear friend, and understands a lot of what i'm going through, and we've experienced soooo much together. i'm the only friend that has stuck around all throughout middle school, and she says i mean alot to her.. but i'm confused as to whether i should just drop her like some people say i should, or see the good in her and stick around, we have so much fun just the two of us.

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