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  • Hello Captain,

    Can I have a reading on how this relationship between me and him is going to proceed in the near future??

    thank you a lot!!

  • Tacur, your card is the asteroid Thetis. This card says that there is an element of the parent-child in this relationship. In the near future, the 'child' will rebel against the over-protective or possessive 'parent' figure. Problems and conflict will arise unless the 'parent' gets control of their insecurity or stops trying to push the 'child' or the relationship further than it can or wants to go at the moment. In the relationship, there is a feeling of disappointment, inferiority, or a need to prove oneself.

  • Hi Captain,

    you told me earlier:

    Brick1, I feel this person is not right for you. You don't really know what is right for you in a partner because you have been so used to the one way of relationship for a long time. You have entirely the wrong idea of what your compatible partner is like. But you must deal with the past before you clearly see your future.

    you are totally right in every thing you say. I am working with my past. but this needs time for healing and moving on.

    I have two question for you: 1. what can be wrong about this person, that is not right for me?

    2. how could I speed fast getting back in finding my compatible partner. you're right I have no idea. I have isolated myself for a long time.

    now I feel i can fly...hahaha 🙂

    thank you a lot!!

  • Brick1, your cards are the planet Mars and the asteroid Psyche.

    Mars suggests your partner may be too physically-oriented, driven, or temperamental for you. His energy may be too strong or you may not be able to deal with his aggressiveness, anger, impatience, or forcefulness.

    Psyche speaks of a deep emotional and/or psychic connection that you need to be happy with someone, but that you don't have at present. You want someone with more gentleness, who makes you feel complete and whole. She urges you to persevere in your search for true love.

  • Thank You Captain!!

  • Hello Again TheCaptain, could you give me a reflection on what Planet, Astroid, etc., etc. it would be for me, handling enemies and jealousy in the next two months or so?

  • hi captain Can I have a reading on how this relationship between me and my ex will go he is02-24-58 im 11-20-1954

  • Thank you very much Captain. I was actually reflecting on actions and reactions last night. And my biggest fear is stepping outside my comfort zone to get further but I know it is unavoidable. So your cards pretty much hit the button I think.

  • Well Captain, as usual your gift always make me think deeply, lol, not a comfortable place for me/ i do not say anything that i am feeling because i don't want to hurt anyone, i guess that i have been hurt so much in my past that i don't want to hurt someone like Ive been hurt,

    thanks again Captain


  • Captain, my husband asks if you can pull a card for him too or if the one you pulled for me is meant for him too/us as a unit.


  • Hi Captain!

    "Mariplatnum, your card is the asteroid Lillith. Lillith is the Dark Moon and indicates some form of inhibition or frustration, a powerlessness of the psyche. She shows where we question ourselves, our lives, our jobs, and our beliefs. She indicates an opportunity to let go of some inhibiting belief, self-doubt, or the unwillingness to reach a compromise."

    ***This is true Captain. I’ve had my share of disappointments and failures. I have to admit I don’t think I’ve bounced back from it – yet. I’m working on it. ***

    "The Dark Moon shows where we can let the Whole flow into our selves, without putting an "I" in the way, without putting up a wall in the form of ego."

    Hmmm.. “without putting an I in the way” what does this mean? Wall in the form of ego. How can I have an inhibition/frustration and a powerless of the psyche and at the same time have an ego? How does that play? I don’t understand.

    "At the same time, she doesn't indicate passivity - on the contrary, she symbolizes the firm will to be open and trusting, to let spirit flow through one, relying entirely on the great laws of the universe, on that which we name God. "

    ***Yes with my current situation and past tribulations I’ve stopped praying. But I’ve gone back to my praying and getting in touch with my spiritual side. I’ve been meditating and praying a lot and lots of positive thinking. I do see changes in me and with those around me. ***

    "To prepare us for this opening, the Dark Moon creates a necessary void in some way"

    *What does this statement mean? What is the meaning of “necessary void?” How does it benefit me?

    "Asteroid Lilith also indicates a repression of the feminine spirit. She is a classic depiction of the fragile feminine, with strong elements of male domination somewhere in their lives – despite public or personal levels of individual achievement and success."

    *LOL Captain. Either you remember me from your previous readings of me or that Tarot card is stuck on reading me as a repressed feminine spirit. (j/k) Repressed I think only because I’m stuck in my circumstances at the moment and not able to do what I want to do.

    "Lilith indicates where there is the natural predisposition for suppression and sexism. It seems that the individual MUST find a productive and non-self-destructive expression of their natural talents, outside of the personal relationship realm. Inequality within business and love connections is more noticeable than usual and there is a strong desire to be noticed for one’s individuality and talents."

    I’ve thought of revisiting my plan B of going back to grad school. What does the cards say I should do regarding this?

    Thanks Captain as always. Appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.

    Blessings to you,


  • Thank you dear,

    Makes sense I hear ya on the love = healing. I am very emotive I need to be kinder to my body, yes. I know it's listening. Find a gentler loving way to walk the walk. (Vs crashing into objects rushing to work on my bike) ouch!

    I am pretty focused on my health but there is room for improvement. Now wasn't Tristan and Isolde a doomed love story? 🙂 Just kidding.

    Thanks so much and thumbs up on your deck. Are ya thinking on publishing it?



  • Thank you for the additional feedback. (Don't we Geminis always strike "twice"?) I think you are correct. I can see a more materialistic need for security for my friend.

  • Thank you Captain for your guidance. I have had two ectopic pregnancies and long to have a child to love. I believe I will need medical help to get pregnant so I can relate to the cards chosen. Thank you.

  • Pilot007, your card is the Moon. The Moon cautions you to listen to your instincts before you react. She asks you to call on the feminine side of your personality to be sensitive, calm, and peaceful. Be content within yourself. A happy person will integrate well with others and this can lead to success. Any irrationality or impulsive unthinking behaviour on your part will bring you trouble. Do not react with aggression if someone attacks you. Take several deep breaths and ask your intuition to guide you.

  • Should I go to see my relative now or wait a few weeks? Will everything be okay?

  • Debalou, your card is the asteroid Diana. Diana is all about a retreat into a sacred place, whether that be inside yourself or an actual physical setting. She indicates a time of protection and withdrawal into the home environment and a deeper connection to the natural world, a 'getting back to basics' approach, and a tightening of the personal faith connection. There is a calling to become introspective and find solace from your spiritual connection.

    She is sensitive in her way, which is to acknowledge feelings and immediately put boundaries in place to contain and protect them - she is not being hard or cold, simply looking after herself. Of course, she can help you to be tough if circumstances demand it. She can also point to intense fear responses, which stimulate the 'fight or flight' reflex, and makes you either combative or prone to head for the hills.

    Ultimately Diana tells you a lot about how you develop emotional maturity. She leads you to understand how you are able to rely on yourself rather than depending on others. Diana is not needy, except for space and for the opportunity, quietly, to nurture the inner needs of the soul. She asks you to figure out what you really want, leaving behind any emotional baggage that had previously weighed you down in your relationships. Detached, disinterested and dispassionate, Diana energy calls you to engage with life on your own terms, as a fully fledged independent adult. With Diana, you must put away childish ways and come into a richer fullness of being.

  • Paddifluff's husband - your card is the starsign, Aries. Starsign cards ask you to take on the strengths and leave behind the weaknesses typical of that personality type.

    An Aries personality expresses his vital energy in a very cut and dried way, he does not resist taking the driver’s seat, but he may come across as arrogant. Charging ahead also implies hurting himself and being suddenly overcome by doubt. As a result, his courage, honesty, enthusiasm and straightforwardness may turn into aggressiveness, rebellion, and a vulnerability that no one ever suspected. Fortunately, the level of his energy is very high and his instinctive and pugnacious side will not leave him helpless for long and will set him back on the often perilous road to conquest and glory. He is dynamic, quick, extroverted, warm, and adventurous. But he may also be gullible, dominating, self-centered, impatient, thoughtless, childish, reckless, with a 'foot- in-mouth' disease.

  • Mariplatnum: Hmmm.. “without putting an I in the way” what does this mean? Wall in the form of ego. How can I have an inhibition/frustration and a powerless of the psyche and at the same time have an ego? How does that play? I don’t understand.

    The 'I' is the ego, the place where we put ourselves first. Sometimes it is OK to do this but not in this particular work situation. Consider others (your customers) and their wants and needs before your own desire for the business. See it from their point of view, their requirements.

    *What does this statement mean? What is the meaning of “necessary void?” How does it benefit me?

    It means your plans are on hold at the moment so that you can rethink your approach and make adjustments.

    I’ve thought of revisiting my plan B of going back to grad school. What does the cards say I should do regarding this?

    Your card is the asteroid Zeus. Zeus suggests the need for affirmative action, not a retreat into study. He is a leader, a person who is willing to be assertive and aggressive if need be to achieve the goal/dream/vision. For a woman, it is the "Amazon" stereotype - being a gutsy warrior. Zeus represents high creativity, versatility, and the use of innovative ways to get projects off the ground. He blesses owners of their own businesses and urges them to forge ahead with drive and enthusiam. He has a sense of duty and responsibility to those he employs but isn't afraid to ask others to supply ideas for his business. Highly motivated himself, he is excellent at motivating others to do his will.

  • Pfree, I doubt I could publish these cards as I also have to use my intuition to pick out the specific answer from each card to suit each particular question.

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