Heavenly Bodies Reading

  • I have never felt absolutely comfortable using someone else's version of Tarot cards so I have created my own pack. They are based around the planets, asteroids, houses, and starsigns - I call them my 'Heavenly Bodies' tarot cards. There are over a hundred different cards covering many aspects of life so hopefully I can get a more specific answer for you than from other cards. If you would like to ask ONE question, please do so and I will pick a card for you. If one card doesn't completely answer or clarify your question, you can then ask for another drawing.

    Like any Tarot method, the types of questions that work best are:

    • What is happening with .....(a situation or relationship)?

    • What is the best way to approach ... (finding a lover, getting a raise, finding a job etc.)?

    • Why can't I ....?

    • What should I do regarding ...?

    Types of questions that don't work with the cards :

    • Questions to which you require a 'yes' or 'no' answer, or a specific answer like 'What is the name of my soulmate?" or "Where in the world should I live?"

  • Okay 🙂 In what month will my friend (G) contact me?

  • That is one of the specific answers that don't work with tarot cards. Please read my post for what sort of question to ask.

  • Okay..What is happening with (G) in regard to us finally siting down and talking this Summer.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Pilot007, your card is the asteroid Lillith. If you and G. do manage to sit down and talk (and this card is not predicting that this discussion will definitely happen, but gives only the results if you do both talk seriously) then you can expect issues of power, anger, sexual tension, and a refusal of one or both persons to compromise their beliefs. Lillith shows that this discussion will cause you to question yourself, your life, your job, and your hopes. This is important, since it gives you the opportunity to "let go" of something that you have been holding onto for a long time. It represents ruffled feathers, female rebellion, the karmic result of your deeds, desire and denial, and dissatisfaction.

  • Hey, that is pretty good!!! Yes, I did have a lot of female rebellion in our relationship. He likes to be able to control the woman. However, I do not like to be controlled 😞

  • CoffeeGem, your card is the asteroid Panacea. Panacea represents the gift of healing. She advises seeking the productive long term ‘big’ solutions regarding problems in life. There is little consideration for the 'quick fix' and the ultimate aim is for permanent healing. It's time for a deep investigation of the problem, even if it involves pain and suffering. Nothing trivial or superficial can work here. The truth of the matter - its heart - must be penetrated. The tumour must be excised. Hard relentless work must be injected to the problem and you must not be afraid or turned aside by negative responses. A lasting cure must be found - now. This is a positive time to start working on solutions regarding the health of the body and the psyche.

  • TheCaptain

    How should I handle my situation with an old friend,

    Since im convienced the friendship is dead, move on ?


    You really are a Jack Of All Trades lol, good to see you working with the cards now.

  • Addictd, I like to stretch myself. 🙂

    Your card is the asteroid Ganymede. Ganymede indicates an area of life where others are attracted to you, not as an individual, but because of a particular ‘aura’ that they desire. This isn’t envy related and they’re not interested in the entire package of you – they’re just drawn in and want you around them as some sort of trophy achievement. This can relate to appearance, intellect, social skills, social standing, fame – whatever – just something unique about you that they are intensely attracted to. So much so, they want you to become their ‘possession’. Whilst it can be easy to be swept away by charm or flattery – keep in mind the hidden agenda that this asteroid brings. Other considerations revolve around immaturity and eternal youth, so there could well be a connection relating to children or teenagers or just childish behaviour. Ganymede urges detachment from the emotions and the intimate environment – forsaking closeness or personal desire for the greater good of one's own salvation.

  • Captain


    This was my first card reading & OH MY GAWD,

    Right On the Mark, Not reffering to my friend

    but THIS CONFIRMED a situation ive been observing

    lately with people every word was CORRECT!!!

    Im So Surprised, You Just dont Know.

    I wont even begin to go into details.

    Blessings, & Keep It Up!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Captain,

    What is happening in regard to financial situation? Is this too vague?



  • This post is deleted!

  • Captain



    I hope all is well with you.

    My question is when will I begin to see - feel the results of some of the test results my new doctor has been performing ? Will these tests detect all which is affecting this body.

    I hope you will be able to answer generally, as I am not requesting a diagnosis, just if there will be some diagnosis from my doctor through the testing.

    Lovings silver wings

  • Hi Captain

    Regarding my relationship w S, what should I do?

    Thanks for your time & energy

    Blessed be


  • Hi Captian

    What is the best approach to getting a job. for me. I had a few interviews but don't get the jobs..


  • Captain, I have problems witht he ground my house is on, seeing things, orbs, etc . So my question is, is this place safe to live?

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