The Ring of Fire and 2012 Predictions

  • a message from Adele Linsalata

    Channel Message from Master Jeshua…The Ring of Fire and Predictions

    As always I start writing on one subject and then I am channeling those within our lives. I am amazed how this channeling came about and I am guided to share with you as it may seem long but I am told to do so and here it all is. You will see how this goes from what is going on to that of Master Jeshua words with the Ring of Fire and what he tells us shall come about in our world. Have a seat for Master Jeshua has spoken and I am simple a Messenger to deliver.

    What’s up Adele?

    Yes it has been a long time since I have been writing and then again has it?

    I will never stop writing as long as I am guided to do so, and I have been writing so much that I am very excited as to my New Book that will be released this year of 2012. It’s back into the studio next month recording new Guided Meditations that are divinely guided in a new direction of the energies right now and creating workshops that will take you to the next level. All New Channelings are here and so too are the Angelic Wise ones eager to see each of you. At the same time as a recording artist I am going behind the cameras to bring to you the life and times as we know it in my weekly energy updates live on a whole new venue that I know you will enjoy.

    I did though; take a break, move to a new location, I met new people and connected with old friends which has brought much joy and fun into our lives in a new way, created a new spiritual group, enjoyed the sights and sounds that was all around us. Took even more time to be and give to my family and myself to enjoy life in peace. All the while working with the Angelic Wise Ones to travel the world to understand what is in store for the world as we know it.

    Thank You again to everyone who wrote with well wishes, with their own stories and with love deep within to share with us.

    Just like you, the year of 2011 was very revealing. If you caught a few of my post you found that I was going through so much the past two years and some of which I shared with you and some was surrounded in too much ugliness by others that; Just as I Teach to not do readings as a Medium and or Psychic when you are not feeling well or have things going on, as to not be a clear and clean channel to your clients, I found that I could not be a clear and clean channel for my writing with the Angelic Wise ones. It would not have been right to them or you or for that matter to not practice what I preach. As most of you know, I am a stickler for those whom do this work or say they are a Light Worker to be just that and to be responsible in all you do.

    I found all that is thrown at me was an enormous test of Faith one that no matter what others would say or tell me to do, I had to be who I always am and do what I am guided to do by my Spirit Guides and my own free will of choice. Why would anyone lower themselves just to do as others do? When you say you are love then it is to be that love.

    Jeshua once said to me in a channel this past year…

    Ring of Fire

    “even though it is to be of faith the living light while you extend your time here on the earth plane even though your heart shall grow heavy from all that shall be shown to you, all that shall transpire for you to experience, all that shall present itself to you, it is then to not discount you are living a physical existence that shall not be one in which you shall be alone. The darkness which seeks out your light to destroy is to descend you to be one with the darkness. I have no alarm where your heart lies for you are a child of my father. Realize that you have been leading the light for so long that you have caught the notice of the darkness in such a way that which I am proud and at the same time I am with you to see how you walk that journey in the light of your truth. For many shall come at you and there shall be many at the same time. For they are of total surrender to the darkness deep within their hearts, for my father has looked away and they have not been found wanting my love.

    So to you I say I have given to you all that I AM all that you take you take by my side for I walk with you. Do not listen to those around you but sit back and watch and wait for the time shall come that I shall rise up within you to give you the strength that is there as long as you hold my love in your heart. You shall be driven to depths that others shall not survive and you shall be seeking to where you do not understand why I am with you and stand to the side to be seen and not touched for if I touch you then the world shall know no mercy for those around you shall bear the pain and they shall not survive. But with the living light within you shall survive and rise like never before my child.

    For you are the living light of God and many shall know your name before all is through…be vigilant and patience for I am always with you”.

    I sat back and thought of all my clients and students who bring so many wonderful questions to me as I was writing this and decided to take those same questions straight to the source and I am asking it of Master Jeshua and then I am once again sitting there right beside him…

    The Passages of Jeshua; so I turned to him and said: "why Lord? Why Me? who am I to be the one that has your voice? who am I ? Why at this moment and time? Why did I go thru this? Why did others have to go thru this too? Why Lord?"

    “For it is to be exposed those who say they are of my name, those who stand there and say they have the love in their hearts and that I am their savior. Those who would lower the love that I gave to all for all to have peace in their hearts to be forgiven of all things. They have what many man has before them, they have that which they can do and be through me all things and they have turned to that which is not of my name. They have forsaken the love that I gave to them and they have said they can do better. For I say to them what can you do other than destroy all that is around you? For the time and day shall come that I stand before you and what do you have to say for yourself? What do you say to those I send to you? For indeed I send them to you in my name and you have forsaken me to that which is greed. That which you can not do for your own self so not then say it is in my name for you have no name to call out.”

    I sit back and stare… here he is right before me and he is as loving, patient, generous and living in all things that he speaks to me even though I can feel the pain in which he talks and sees all that the children of God are doing. He has a heavy heart with so much promise he gave to the children for in it I can feel his pain and it is very consuming very sad and painful to acknowledge that here we are living on earth and saying we love God, we love Jesus and still we show it by bringing pain upon another.

    And so it is done. The world in which we live shall never be the same. We have had our eyes opened up and we have had many callings and still we seek the lowest form to make us feel good. But for how long does that goodness fill us?

    So I ask you lord “what now? What is it that we shall see before us that we have not experienced before? What is it that we shall need to see us through all that is going to be going On? What is it”…

    Jeshua turns to me and says “let me show you exactly as I have done so many times before. It was you who came to me when you were at a point of your physical life when we said now and you said ….not just yet. You were at a point when we said now and you still said not just yet and then we waited no more brought you home and showed you. What do you remember? What is it that you remember as you did not deny me then do not deny me now”.

    I sit here and see that time as many times before when my life was going along and I thought I was doing what I was to be doing here on earth and then the accident happened the accident so many want to use against me now. And I remember.

    All of a sudden being on the mountain with Jeshua looking out across the lands of the worlds in all directions, not just this world we live in, but all worlds. And I was talking to Jeshua about all that was going on all that was going to happen when it hit me that I was really there sitting next to him as we discussed the world and all that it holds for each living being. I noticed looking around and my family was still my family that I had left before I incarnated and I was overwhelmed that everything was just as I remembered and at the same time I knew I was also living a physical life on earth.

    As I looked at Jeshua I knew I was home and I was content and loved. I knew I had a family that still lived and still loved me. Once I totally got used to the idea that I was back home Jeshua turned to me and said. “Your thoughts? What do you think shall happen to those who seek to destroy much that had been given to them?” Automatically I said “I see that they shall have a time in which the ring of fire shall consuming them”. He followed with “what is the ring of fire for as a master this shall be known in your whole being”.

    I could see into the ring of fire “The ring of fire is that which is made by the creation of the lies and falseness that is created by one who is not of the light of Gods will and love. It is what shall cause the soul to burn in its own misery and the ring shall be opened to expose their darkness and that is why they need the fire to keep the light burning not within them, but outside of them for they cannot find the light of God inside their hearts, for the darkness that has permeated their whole being. So in this they shall create a ring of fire to stand into falsely to show they are of the light of God, and when they do find a true light they shall open the ring to have it extinguished as they suck the life out of the one who has the light”.

    “If they shall succeed in sucking the light of another to greedily take within their own?”

    “They shall burn from the eternal light of God for taken what was not their own.”

    “Very good, the one whose light is to be taken what shall come of them?”

    “They shall be born again in the light of God which is pure”

    “Why is that?”

    “Because in truth the one seeking the light who stands in the ring of fire cannot hold the light of God within when they took what was not theirs to take, only that which is Gods to give to all beings. And when a being of light disowns Gods light and then seeks it through another it is not a permanent light but one that was taken with malice and the one who it was taken from was not taken at all, but feely given in the love that God has shown them to give. So in this case the giver is then reborn in a purer light of God and the knowledge that only God can give. This then brings them to the plateau of light that shall be the living light to behold in an essence that only Gods word shall travel through. This then marks the end of their time as being a being of the planet and one of the soul. This begins the time of the illumination that has been talked about for as long as I can remember being taught to me. It is marking this time when all souls of Gods golden light shall rise upon the planet and to be the lighthouse a beacon to show the way to all lost souls of light”.

    “Very good…now what shall you do, stay here with me and oversee like the others have chosen to do at this time? There is no shame as a master knows when to do and when to be”.

    I sat there and thought of all the things that were going on in my physical life and I asked of Jeshua. “What of my children?”

    In his gentle way he took my hand and said “they shall have a life of hardship and pain without you there by their side, for it is you that told them you would always be with them just as I promised you. They shall have to learn all that you did and who you are on their own and it shall take them many lifetimes to then find. They shall have the pains upon them to decide if this is worth staying for any longer or to come home with you and wait for the time in which all things begin”.

    “But have they not begun already”?

    A light so bright shines from him as he stood looking out over the worlds to say. “Yes it has how thoughtful of you to remind yourself. How does humanity believe I shall be resurrected to walk the earth plane once again, if not through those who I send before me? How do the worlds population think that shall be accomplished if not for those I send before me? When you look at the scrolls of souls, millions upon millions coming together for this great wonder that shall befall all those upon earth plane you can see where your agreements are many". Laughing he continued…"I had explained to you that those that shall present themselves to you are those with whom shall ask for much and shall you be ready for what the seek?”

    I sat straight up and remembered each living contract, each soul within whom I signed their contacts to say I will be with you and I will show you the way…..and then I felt it once again that yes I can do it. Yes I signed those and from the beginning with my physical children I taught them your word is your bond that bond you do not go against it. If you make a promise always keep it no matter what you believe may be better offer that comes along.

    I then looked to see what the future held for my own physical children if I was to stay away from them and just stay home.

    And I knew I could not stay, I could not just leave them to learn who they were on their own. Running toward me was the future of myself. Boys and girls laughing and playing making me re-sign their contracts as they see me. Everyone talking at once they knew I would be here right now and before I could leave once again, they wanted to make sure I knew they were coming soon enough.

    Jeshua laughed at them and asked them gently to sit and hear what was being said as he needed them to understand that they too still had a choice in all that was before them…he then waved his arm and what was to be in the future was displayed before us…and I have to laugh as it is not far from what individuals draw or use in cartons…a huge magnifying circle that open before us to show the earth plane in the years to come.

    It was like never leaving as I sat there seeing all before us…never leaving his side and those around me. Knowing that this feeling of love was going to be leaving me soon, like being surrounded in a cocoon of much love that you knew nothing that was on the physical plane of earth that could ever compare and this is how I know what we are seeking on earth…love…we are all seeking this love, this feeling because it is the feeling of home.

    The knowing that I have eternity here to choose where I shall go and what I shall do next and at the same time knowing that there is nothing more than I want to do but be right here and then again I need to be apart of what is going on in the earth plane to do what I do best.

    Which is? What is it that I do best? What is it that makes me different than those around me?

    Nothing and everything was his response.

    “You are the whole alpha and omega and you are nothing at all”

    Why would I want to be nothing at all?

    “That is what you have learned as a master is it not?”…I laughed, sometimes we too can ask even though the truth is there the whole time.

    Hence the deep knowing inside of you…

    I am nothing as I am whole in all things and all things are nothing compared to the whole. So there for… I AM

    Jeshua in which I sit, I thank you for taking this time with me.

    Looking deep within his yes I see the truth of all things. I see extended in time how we shall survive and we shall destroy, I see more than what many will ever know the light of day with and I see and feel the depth of love that Jeshua has for all of us.

    I am reminded that he is no more than you and I. He is just who he is and so am I. He is all things and he is none and he is the one I shall always call my son.

    Oh my did I just day that? he laughs again…”yes for when you see that which is to be seen and known you shall know I am that which you are I am that which I AM. And so too are you, we are not separated by law or decree we are here together and never shall we be separated as those wish to do so from you. As you travel back in time you shall be given many test to see your faith is there and living but you shall never be without me all you have to do is look inside. Look within each soul you behold for there you shall see me and if you do not, then you know I am not a living light deep within their hearts that they are serving a ring of fire of illusion to reel you in.

    You shall go back with no words to say and when the time comes you shall sing like a beautiful bird in flight, for I shall show you the way. You shall be condemned for speaking my name and you shall be tried for being that which you are not and thru it all I shall be the living light within to guide you to see I AM you and You are Me. keep true to who you are a Master of ascended radiance and you shall prevail for the world needs that which you and others bring. Your ascension is to be delivered upon the souls who grace your door, keep it close to you, who you are and then there shall be more. You shall know when the time is right for there shall be the three that take from you what they believe is your right to have and to own. But never fear for you shall never give to another for your love of God is where it is to always be. Many will not understand as you are a giver of love, your radiance is what they fall in love with but never to own. They shall be false as can be these three and you shall not know until it is time to deliver them to me. For you as a true master will need to be drawn away from what you are to be reborn to what you own.

    There shall never be one to capture your heart until the time comes when you are at peace and they see you for who you are, not thru you, see me. For when that time comes you shall be not where you are but far away. The one shall not be one you know, but one that I say. As a master you shall rise above to live your divinity and tell no one that which you are until it is time to see me thru all things.”

    Oh My Goodness I need a break, as I get up, I am told to sit back down and write…

    “You are never alone for the time is present that I shall bring them to you, the ascended. They shall show up at your door and you shall know them through the living me. You will know the meaning as they present themselves to you. You will then know it is time and that time is upon your earth plane that shall be no more.

    It shall be at the time of reckoning that all children of God have been seeking and regretting. For they shall soon see the might of Gods Love is not with those within whom seek him. They shall see all their words and worlds crumble upon them and they shall seek on bended knee for God to restore all that they have taken from those who asked not for much but to be forsaken.

    A time when the ascension shall be more than what others have even glimpsed but to those the ascended you shall know one another by the purity of God and thru me. For we shall over come all oppression and we shall find those who hold us close within.

    The Vatican shall crumble and fall and this is not the time to be happy or sad but a sign of times when God has had enough with those who speak his name and turned away when no one knew they did so.

    The Vatican does not hold all that you believe.

    The Vatican is a ding of times that all and none are taken from the reckoning… they have had their time to clean and fix all that they have begotten upon the world and their time of secrecy is over. For the people have more love of me than those behind the frozen walls.

    This is not to say that the enemy will show itself before it is all thru for it is not going to give to you what can be done in secrecy, this shall show you that all things are exposed no matter who you are.

    Humankind written structure of beliefs have been used for both good and evil and just as the Vatican crumbles so too do all religions all words that have been spoken falsely in my name. They shall see the light of thunder from the sky to strike all in the path of righteousness. For God said unto them do not do as I have given do as my son has been.

    World leaders will find themselves fearful as they gather to commiserate all that they have done and they shall all be stricken down to where they expose more than ever before. For they shall be thrown into an arena of light so bright that they will have to defend for themselves and it shall be the people who shall organize it all.

    When the right of humanity gave permission for the world leaders to be taken out by other world leaders the door shall be open game to all world leaders no matter who they are.

    Now as the people believe to take matters in their own hands I say DO NOT do this for you then take away what I have given to thee…you take away all that I have taught and continue to teach through my light.

    You shall wait for me to give to you the words through those who I send to you, do NOT take them down for being falsely accuse of not being me for I shall then rise up and take each one of you as you have taken from me. For the false prophecy in which is exposed are those with whom say they have my name through all the years you have walked with me.

    Where humanity has taken that which was to never be separated ... humanity has created that ring of fire and it is flaring as never before. Where you have taken the life blood of your planet of earth you have taken that which sustains you, where you have taken the source of ever lasting life and drained it to the extreme you have taken that which sustains you. You have allowed through your greed to separate those who you believe were weak and allowed those to rein upon you all their desires you have fallen. The atrocities in which you have taken not through humility shall there for bring humility to those who have taken.

    You explore your atmosphere as it was your very own denying all that is to be found and not given the truth for which is there for all of your humanity to understand only when the time is what is to be your approval. I say to those now that time is done, you have not disclosed what you have found and believe it is your right and not as a whole in which to give. as this is the want of humanity then it is the want of God to expose from the corruption that is being laid for the very foundation to which was given to you , you have said you are mightier than those before you and through your ignorance you have taken and separated that which sustains you.

    Where you see progress you shall find nothing, where you see hindrances you shall find walls, where you so give to those around you with greed you shall find that I will be rising as never before…this is the year of reckoning and there is more to be reckoned with than you appear to know.

    The earth plane shall have a time in which through their own time of years shall bring them to the place where it is a stand off of eliminations. Those that shall wield a ring of fire around their own as they take more and more from those who call out their names. Many will gather and many will voice their rights of beings and many will find that their voices shall be shut off without a way to even be heard as they continue to believe in me.

    For when they shout their voice shall be that which rumbles forth the heavens in their stead and these times ahead will need all and everyone to be heard as one.

    You shall see many come forward to cry foul play, to these shall be taken to the place that they can scream and never be heard for they have caused enough damage upon the earth plane.

    Many will notice that things are amiss but still continue on as living blissfully unaware even though it is they who do not like confrontations it shall be delivered in their laps for turning their heads and hearts away.

    It shall be the majority shall rise up and bear arms.

    It shall be a time when Gods name is stricken in the history of humankind to be replaced by world leaders believing they are God.

    It shall be that many will have their voices stilled in the night as to not cause alarm to their fellow breed.

    It shall be when the young become angry over what they do not understand for the old shall turn a blind eye believing they are doing the right thing, to this then shall be the downfall of the old for they shall be no more.

    The earth shall have a time of unbalance when many will call my name, they shall seek me in all things but that which has be shown.

    There shall be false prophets that say they know the end of time and that time shall be proven false time and time again.

    It shall be that nations against nation shall destroy all that was created in God name and that God shall be taken away from their lives to be no more. For they do not even know my father as they say.

    It shall be the same who shall take Gods name away that they shall be standing in the ring of fire seeking followers to take the light for their own light is no more.

    It shall be where they feel the cold of death breathing and drawing nearer to them as they seek the ring of fire, but nothing shall help them

    It shall be that famine and plague shall rule and there shall be many who hunger for more than mere food.

    It then shall truly be a test of time to see what that means to you.

    These things I give to you now and say do not shun me from what you have written, do not shun what it is I give to you. Glorify in the knowing that these things shall be as it is written knowing that all things are created to then please me as I am you. What please me also pleases you, you have asked for the time of the ring of fire to be exposed. You have asked for my mercy and my might to show, you have asked for answers and these I give to you in saying all things I do, so too do you. And the times in which the rule of humankind shall know I am here, I have risen”.

    I was giving some test and the revealing was so great that at times not only I stood there with my mouth open, so too were those around me. We stood there as to see and experience the degradation that many will go to in their greed and ugliness, so much so, that my mind could not comprehend all that was happening on so many levels. Even though I had seen it all coming on many other levels, I did not think others could stoop so low as to escape their own issues. We still want to think that there is good in others and the world as that is all we know. We know there is good in others and the world as we know it. We know there is a reason for everything and it is to be in your truth no matter what is thrown at you.

    How humanity showed itself this time was the beginning to an end of what 2011 was all about...revealing…revealing what others were truly like, revealing what others can do in the name of greed and to not do their own work. So much so they kicked and screamed and instead of doing their own work they worked real hard to take from others, to take others work from them and to then believe they were the good guys. When you look around at all that you have experienced all these years until now. What is being exposed and revealed to you and what is it that you believe is going to be reckoned with as we walk farther into 2012?

    I stood with those around me and watched as the window closed to what was given to us. I turned to Jeshua with tear stained eyes and said thank you. “Can we not change that which is given?"

    He looked deep within me and said “when I gave to you forgiveness I gave to you the power to seek and find all the goodness that is the radiance of God within you. The opportunity for not just you but all of humanity to know they are cleansed of the soul the fire within is the fire of Gods eyes. Do you understand this? For within each living soul is that of God, for you are Gods eyes, you are Gods creation to see more than what has been utilized before. You were given the freedom to see and experience more so than any living being and what have you done with it all? All of that was taken for granted, that was given dictation to rule you in ways that was not truly given. Yes, you do have that which allows you the freedom of will and spirit. It was not to improperly use against the good but to use for might of that which you would be living in your time upon your earth plane. You have chosen this game called will and you have exercised that will power for the betterment or the destruction of all that is around you. What have you chosen then that which I should take for you and change? For once again I gave to you and I hear what is called out in my name and that of God and what has been done with all of it that you shall keep calling now for me to change once again?”

    I say welcome to 2012 and all it holds for you …

    Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

  • This was really deep, reminds me a lot of the book of Revelations. Take from it what you will. 🙂

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  • Amen, everything that is written down is true.

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