What's your opinion? Inter-culture marriage

  • If you married into a different culture, would you ever allow them to tell you that they would never allow your children to marry into your culture, that they could only marry from thier culture? Would you ever tell them the same? What would you do if this happened?

    What if you'd agreed to this previously, before marriage, but now think you'd should have known better and want to change/evolve, but they refuse to think the same?

    In your answers, please let me know what country you hail from ❤ Thanks all

  • I would say you are stuck with what you agreed upon because a culture who lays down these rules. will not agree to a divorce unless the man wants it. I would hope my children are male.


  • It all depends on the circumstances, such as whether the decision was taken out of concern for children's safety ( like daughter marrying into radical islamic community), or out of xenophobic feelings on behalf of one or both of the parents. Whatever the reason, hopefully children will have some say about it, when they grow up.

  • I would never marry into a culture that would of limited my growth & my future children.

  • 😞 none of this is good! LOL aw I don't want to live this way. No other advice anyone can offer?

  • Sometimes a person can be just a good person, no matter from what culture (he may have modern upbringing for example and he and she could have much incommon) - in that case if there is a love and understanding between each other - i think there are no problems.

    But sometimes a very independent girl, that likes freedom, can marry for example a person from the culture when husband is the head of family and the woman must obey him in everything. Well in this families the girl will have to change eventually herself and in this case i think quiet happy family could be! but not every girl will want to change herself - and i don't know what to do in this case(

    But if you think that love does not warm anymore your heart, some changes must be.

    This is my opinion.

  • but what is seen on TV -such marriages are not stable and if a baby was born in this family there could be problems with whom to leave the child after break up.

  • sorry, not actually understood your question at first.

    I would help my child if he will fall in love with someone from my culture. I think it's very selfish from the husbands part to limit love of their children. I think the only way for children is to live separate from parents after maturing.

    I don't know what to do( if you decided to change the mind, but husband refuses. But will you be happy to realize that your child is very very unhappy because of this prohibition.

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