Would like to have some guidance... thanks

  • Hi,

    I would really like to have a reading regarding to a love issue. I know everyone is probably tired of this topic but I would like to have some guidance if that is possible.

    so here we go. I really liked this guy however there is another girl in the picture right now. I am not too sure where and how I should proceed with this. Therefore I would like to get a reading to see if I should let him go or still have some hope ( I know the "hope" is souding a bit stupid but I really would like to give him a try)

    thanks for your help

  • My feeling is that he is in love with the other woman but sees you as a friend whom he can have some physical release of his tension with and because you make a good 'sounding board' for his problems. He likes you and finds you physically appealing, but he doesn't feel deeply or passionately for you in a romantic sense. He wants to be with the other woman for life but sometimes feels insecure about his attractiveness and needs reassurance so he turns to you. You deserve someone who won't use you in his weaker moments for comfort.

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