Captain/Tarotred...Reading please???????

  • Could I get a reading on my marriage. The past couple of yrs have been rough. Wondering if I should keep working on it or just give up. My dob is 9/02/68, His dob 5/18/70

  • Responsibility is the keyword of this relationship, but it is of a rather uncustomary type. The emphasis here is on responsibility less to others than to oneself, and in particular to one's self-development, perhaps in a spiritual or moral sense. The relationship may have a single principal slogan, which is "Be the very best person you can be." In pursuing such a path of self-expansion, your pairing will demand determination.

    A friendship or love affair can be extremely close here. Your partner has an interesting way of ignoring your defenses and going right to the heart of your personality. You two may share a sense of fantasy and of comedy, but your tendency to withdraw emotionally will periodically frustrate your partner, especially when it occurs during intimate moments. He can go far however in convincing you of the need to be truly present and honestly involved.

    In marriage here, the idea of self-development and personal achievement is extremely strong. There may be a problem with responsibility however when it comes to discharging duties and doing chores. Both of you will benefit from the relationship's self-actualizing orientation, but you will also be there for each other in times of need. Thus, while both of you will be able to progress on your own individual developmental and spiritual path, your partnership will also evolve and grow in stature. In other words, you can stress self-development but grow together as well - just remember to share what you are going through and lessen critical attitudes, both of you. A little adoration and attention to your hubby will go a long way because he loves to be appreciated. You yourself can have very high hopes in relationships, which may only mask your fear of being unable to sustain them. Ask yourself if your expectations of the marriage are not too unrealistic for any partner to live up to.

  • Could you give me a reading on a friend? His dob 11/14/72. Last yr the friendship went into a friends w/benefits for a few months. He kept telling me that we were just friends. I was ok with that. My husband and I are working on our marriage (for real this time) and he (friend) has re-married. Now when friend see's me in public places like a diner or casino, he lets my husband see him looking at or watching me. Friend is confusing. His actions dont match what he says. Whats going on with friend?

  • Outwardly this guy is looking for sex again and you present him with an exciting challenge since you are back with your husband. He hopes to break you apart again by trying to upset your spouse. Inwardly he is still a child fearing abandonment by his mother or someone he looked to as a mother figure - you. This guy is not really your friend.

  • That sounds exactly like what is going on right now.

    Thank you so much for the reading Captain. So glad I asked.

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