Virgo Man - interested or not?

  • Hi guys! I'm new here, registered to find out more about tarot card reading 🙂 been into it for awhile but haven't been able to get down to exploring it. Anyway, I need some help on my situation. I'm a capricorn sun girl. taurus rising, mercury in aquarius, moon/mars in aries and venus in capricorn. There's this Virgo guy. Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars in Virgo but Moon in Capricorn.

    We are both in the same college and met about 2.5 years ago at some events. Long story short, I used to sort of suspect he was interested. Like I'd catch him staring/watching me if we were near each other. And trust me, if we weren't that near or didn't happen to be facing each other I wouldn't have noticed. He'd also glance my way when I passed him, or when he leaves a place I'm at. He couldn't hold my eye contact though. Once or twice, he appeared out of nowhere to help me carry some things to another destination.. pretty shocking. I tried talking to him then, but he was extremely subdued and gave very monosyllabic answers. He'd come stand near me at times as well. He's a very good dancer, and at a dance event once when we happened to end up near each other, he stopped dancing and left the place entirely. However, at other times, he'd completely ignore me or act as if I don't exist.

    After that when I saw him around school, it was the same. At times he'd sneak those usual sideway glances he's so fond of.. instead of direct stares. And then after that, proceed to ignore me totally.

    Now we share two classes. He still does similar things though. like when class ended on the first lesson, he came to where i was, stood in front of me and stared straight at me. On some occasions, I'd find him standing directly behind me as i was waiting for the lifts after class. That's provided he isn't caught up in some work on his computer or rushing somewhere after class. Cause that's when he totally ignores me - which he usually does in the second class we share. He also has this tendency of doing certain things to get my attention (seemingly), like standing in front of me and speaking real loud to a friend, or walking right in front of me when theres tons of space where he is.

    He's pretty high profile in school and sociable, though he said he was very shy/reserved in the first 20 years of his life and he wanted to change that. My friend says his behavior around me is pretty odd cause he's usually in his own world and doesn't really observe people. he also has this standoffish vibe and tends to keep to his own physical space.

    Sorry for this long wall of text, but is he interested or not? He's been single since forever though. And it'd be interesting to know how to interact with someone of his chart.

  • If I were you I would not assume he is interested based on what you are describing, which seems non consistent and totally random. I would go on about my business and if he is really interested in you, trust me, shy or not, he will find a way to approach you...It is my honest opinion. I hope it helps...

  • ^ I personally find it inconsistent and a little strange as well. I don't believe in the "if he's interested, shy or not, he'd find a way to approach you" thing. that statement is just a gross generalization. there are a multitude of men who won't approach a woman they are interested in for various reasons. and yes, shyness if one of them. guys are more passive where I live too.

  • I meant no disrespect. In my humble experience when I guy likes you they will do anything to have you. Good luck to you. I did not say he is not interested, I said that if I were you I would assume that and not pay much attention to it, there are not enough signs. I have dealt with shy before, and believe me, he did not talk, but when he couldn't hold it anymore he just came over to me and grabbed my hand...Just my 5 cents.

  • Haha, I didn't think you were being disrespectful at all. And thanks for your 5 cents. But the thing is, your sample of men don't reflect my sample of men. And they don't represent all the men out there, thats what I'm trying to put across. Your "shy" guy may have approached you, but that's just what you experienced. I've dated shy men, been in two relationships with "shy men" whom I could never tell whether they were interested or not, even after becoming friends, they never approached me. I initiated casual lunches with both and it went from there and turned into relationships. I asked them if they were showing interest at the start, all said yes. One was inconsistent, the other barely looked my way as well. So what I'm saying is, a guy may not be "putting out" enough signs or whatever (how much is enough anyway?), it doesn't mean he isn't interested. And not all men who "like you are gonna do anything to have you". Another gross generalization cause "men" are made up of so many differing personalities! half the time, those come across rather desperate actually, and only seem to like the chase but aren't relationship-material, again, merely from my experience.

    but i digress, was actually more into knowing a Virgo's way of expression of interest or whatever. And especially someone who has almost half his/her chart in earth signs.

  • To Mardepp - I'M WITH YOU. Beside Virgo guys are complicated people anyway.

    To Lilmizsara - If you are that interested in him just go for it and you will find out. Thats the only way

    Also try to read the thread for VIRGOS gives you some clues about them.

  • It seems to me he is interested, but possibly unsure whteher he should approach you or not. He might be very scared of getting rejected, so he waits and waits. It could be that he is waiting for you to take intiative, although if you do, he may just run away.. lol

    A Virgo man would be quite shy when it comes to love, and probably won't take much intitiative...Capricorn is the same. They have lots of patience and can wait for very long before they make a decision to act.

    I think if you are interested in him, then try developing a friendship...ask for his help with homework or ask to borrow his book., ask fo his advice..etc. A friendship will get you two talking and maybe something more will come from this....

  • Hi Lilmizsara,

    Plutomoon has good advice...perhaps you can open up a friendship...I do not know if we can generalize with experience with the Virgos: one was shy and I approached him first, we became friends and then we dated for 4 months. He ended up dumping me. Second Virgo I went out on couple of dates, he was very forward and pushy and I run away. Third Virgo is my guy now, but it is very new and I am trying to go slow with it. So far he is awesome, really awesome... But like I said, things are very new so only time will tell.

  • Virgo men are shy in my libra opinion and have u guessing alot about their feelings for you. But i would think this one is interested because he seems to be consistent in an inconsistend way lol.... he keeps coming back.... so he is interested.

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